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In this fast pacing world, where every second person you meet has a health issue to worry about, be it physical or mental, we as a human race is failing to take care of its members. The doctors have developed a vast range of antibiotic, homeopathic medicines as well as ayurvedic medicines to cure people, but it is astonishing to see how even these are standing on the verge of failure when it comes to bone-related diseases.

The frequency of bone-related treatments is fast increasing, due to many reasons such as poor health care, genetic problems, etc. This is considered to be an important invention as more and more nations of the world are facing obesity, physical illnesses and mental stresses these days, which results in lower productivity and decreasing life expectancy rates too.

However, with the advent of technology, some brilliant minds have come up with Stem cell regeneration process, which rejuvenates the cells as well as cures many other ailments. The degenerative diseases and conditions can be treated by the stem cell treatment, bone marrow transplant being the most common of all stem cell therapies to be used. It is also seen that stem cell therapy, Texas is the first of its kind to be legally used for treatment.



In cases where bone cells have lost their ability to divide and regenerate, the bones become very vulnerable and weak. This is where stem cell therapy Texas comes into the picture. It uses the stem cells of the person herself, as they have a relishing power of diving themselves and differentiating into any other mature tissue or cell of the body (such as bone cells and tissues which have been destroyed), where it is placed. This regenerates the tissues or cells of that part of the body, thus giving it a new life.

However, in humans, the possibilities of this process become bleak as the age of person increases as the cells do not divide with the same rigor as one age.


The first and foremost advantage of stem therapy is that the present treatment options from stem cell therapy are numerous. With bone marrow being the most popular and commonly used to treat leukemia, the doctors in Canada have also approved of stem cells as a treatment to children suffering from hot disease and do not respond to steroids.

Secondly, when looked upon from a wider aspect, as stem cells have regenerative properties, the possibilities for speculation regarding all types of research come out to be infinite it also opens up a sphere of embryonic treatment, while giving us important insights into how life works, at the same time.

The major disadvantage that hinders the development of Stem cell therapy in Dallas is that the cost of procuring stem cells of a person is generally very costly and not all can afford it. Moreover, the stem cells of an adult have particular, determined types, limiting the number of therapies. Another fact that puts the patients in doubt is that the doctors do not guarantee any kind of long term side effects on the process.

Stem cell therapy has surely proved to be a milestone in the medicinal sphere. Where, on one hand, one is very hopeful of the therapy, there are some negative sides to it too. So, it is advisable to let your wisdom decide the possibility of your treatment.

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The domain of fashion illustration is extremely great but many people out there do not know that. The focus of fashion illustration is not solely bounded to human portraits as objects, jewelry and even anything related to the media is considered a part of it. It is a diverse field and if you begin to explore the realm of the fashion industry then you will be exposed to so many new features and details. The notion of drawing illustrations is becoming the norm now and those who think that they want a fashion illustration for themselves but do not know how to get on can always look for fashion illustrators for hire. Working with professional illustrators can allow you to know about the spectrum of this industry better and in turn, diversify your knowledge as well.

Here is what you need to know to draw illustrations that simply stick out:

Anatomy of the silhouette

The one thing that matters the most in a fashion illustration is the proportions of the silhouette you are drawing. Flaws in the anatomy a drawing are easily observable and correctly them consumes a lot of time. You have to practice thoroughly before you proceed to draw the actual illustration and with every stroke of line, analyze if you have kept the proportions anatomically accurate. Once you know how to master the shape and proportions of the illustration, you can easily add a clothing item and adjust it accordingly. The pose matters too and it varies on the kind of clothing your illustration figure is wearing.

Bring purpose to your illustration

Illustrations are generally static visuals but to make your fashion illustration stand out, you have to add a flair of style and persona to it. If it is like any other static visual then it would look to stagnant and boring to the viewer. Analyze what you want to draw first and who your audience then decides how much space you need on the canvas to make it look visually appealing. From the clothing items to the hair of the silhouette, every such little detail matters. If you are drawing a certain pose then it is important to display movement or the illustration would look unmoving.

Use space wisely

It is an art itself to utilize the space you have wisely. You could be drawing a scene of a park and with the extra details; your main design figure would lose its significance. A background that is cramped with too many details is never considered visually appealing so you have to smartly align the objects on a blank canvas and not necessarily consume any space that you see. Try to keep a minimalistic and simple background so that the attention of the viewer does not divert to the background but sticks to the core figure of your illustration.

Patterns in design

Patterns play a key role in clothing and there are several kinds of it. Some patterns have existed as popular trends throughout history and they are still prevailing. Since these patterns have existed for centuries, each of these also has a story to tell. If you master the notion of understanding patterns and understand how to use them in a certain illustration, the process of illustration creation will become easier for you.

Perception varies

When you look at an illustration, you build a perception about it and it is likely that your observation would not be similar to others and other people would have different views about it. That is why it is said that illustrations entirely depend upon perception and it varies from person to person. The viewer is the one that creates meaning for what he sees but if you are drawing a fashion illustration then it is better to use simplistic visuals and try not to complicate the design too much.

Design optimization

A certain style is more often used for the anatomy of fashion illustrations. Some tend to stick to sleek fashion figures while some illustrators experiment various design styles and merge them together. However, you have to create your illustration in such a manner that it brings the attention of the viewer to the exact element you want his focus to be. The anatomy of fashion illustration varies from the standard proportions and you have to chance those proportions into a design that enhances the average anatomy features that we see. 

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