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10 innovative web design trends for 2019

We are discussing web design trends for 2019 and website design examples which can amaze you. Make sure that your website design puts the user first. Trying out something new. Following website design trends in the blog can often be worth it, but paying attention to your visitors is always more important.


2019 is almost here! And with the new year comes new digital trends, such as the ever-changing world of a website design company in India. If you took a little moment to think back through the last few months and your experience with websites, you would probably be able to think of a handful that fastened out to you based on their user-friendly interface and appealing layout.

Here, we highlight new design trends we think will make a major impact in the web design world this year.

1. Attention-Grabbing Titles

Nowadays, users seem to have less and less time to spend on the website. Thus, the design is adapting and including large, bolded titles and shortened messaging to capture their audiences fast and expedite their time to convert.

2. Flat Design

This doesn’t rely on pictures to be captivating, it doesn’t have large amounts of extra data to load when a user navigates to the page. This means if they’re browsing on mobile or otherwise, will have an enjoyable, quick-loading experience on the website.

3. Add website animation

Forget about intrusive pop-ups or opt-ins! If you want your website to appear modern and relevant in 2019. You should definitely consider adding the video or other animated elements. The new thing for this year are animated graphics, a still image with a single moving element.

4. Use asymmetrical design

If you want your website to appear stylish and modern, and still provide a great mobile user experience? Web Development Company in Australia always try to give your site a fresh new look with another of the emerging and innovative web design trends and incorporate asymmetrical design.

5. Bold and Colorful

The best innovative web design trends for 2019 is to get colorful! Build visual interesting elements by adding more color to your website and make the important elements stand out more. Feel free to add gradients to the mix. Just don’t overdo it!

6. Include fun in website

Doing some creativity with your website is absolutely essential for any innovative web design trends, regardless of the year. If you really have fun with your website it becomes much less of a chore which means you may very well create a very innovative and fun website.

7. Chatbots

Chatbots are a technical function that creates an automated chat-style communication between consumer and business that uses automated or predetermined responses or functions. It provides several opportunities to help users have more valuable experience on a website

8. Load Speed

This is something most users expect when it comes to browsing your websites. With the amount of information available and sources for that information, users will only spend about three seconds waiting for a web page to load. So, Minimize the loading speed of the website.

9. Material Design

It is another stand-out website layout trend for 2019. This material design concept includes the strategic use of geometric shapes to create a new visual flow to a page.

10. Responsive Design

Designing of websites having flexibility among all the screen resolutions and the devices are the most important approach among all the website trends. The viewing experience makes it easy for the viewers in reading the content at their ease, resizing, scrolling etc from desktop to mobile is not an issue now.


If you want to thrive and survive in the digital age you should constantly update your online presence. These innovative web design trends are intended to keep you on top of current web design standards and functionality. FutureProfilez works hard to build your online presence or e-commerce store simply to watch it become updated and interesting. If you are interested in giving your website a new and innovative look for 2019, contact FutureProfilez.

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