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Simple Steps to Get Better Sleep

At times sleep deprivation is used as an interrogation technique. The lack of sleep can cause a strain to your physical and mental health which basically can be torturous.


Photo by Christian Fregnan on Unsplash

Sleep, many refer to it as the cousin of death. We live in a society that screams “STAY WOKE or Don’t get caught sleeping.”

To sleep implies you’re going to miss something, you’re not focused or you’re not paying attention. Even taking naps equates to laziness. “Who sleeps in the middle of the day? You’re not a baby.”

There’s the thought there’s no time to sleep or you can’t afford to sleep.

People deprive themselves of sleep, yet it is an important aspect of life.

At times sleep deprivation is used as an interrogation technique. The lack of sleep can cause a strain to your physical and mental health which basically can be torturous.

Check out this video explaining what would happen if you didn't sleep: 

How crazy is that? Something as natural as sleep may cause you to become delusional, have anxiety, or even depression.

To think at times the lack of sleep comes at our own hands and we will justify this self-inflicted punishment. Believing by forfeiting these needed hours of rejuvenation we will conquer success.

Culture drills in your head to keep working, pressing, and moving because hard work pays off, but guess what?

Sleep is a necessity not a luxury and for you to be your best you, you actually need to rest. You can get accustomed to the lack of sleep by juggling your life, career, family, and other necessary pursuits but eventually the lack of sleep catches up with you.

The national sleep foundation recommends 7-9 hours of sleep for adults between the ages 26-64 but 6-10 hours may be considered sufficient amounts of sleep, as well. The same recommendation is for young adults ages 18-25.

I already know what you are thinking "oh, I can't sleep that long or I don't need that much sleep." Others are wishing they could sleep period.

There was a time in my life I was not sleeping and when I did sleep I was never at rest. I couldn't detach myself from the day and my issues became an entangled bondage.

I decided this had to stop because I was mentally drained and tired. I discovered ways to regain my time of refreshment by doing the following:

Put Myself on a Bedtime Schedule

I put myself on a schedule and I made efforts to stick to it. I made a list of duties or responsibilities I needed to have accomplished daily.

Of course, there are times I had to be flexible being careful not present myself with too many obligations. If I did not complete something, I wasn't hard on myself.

I made every attempt to use my time more efficiently such as on breaks I made phone calls or searched online for information I needed for other projects. It felt good to see progress by marking off items I accomplished throughout the day.

Invested in Hot Yoga

We all know that performing physical activity helps you release those feel good endorphins; therefore, I had an exercise regime already in place, but by incorporating hot yoga I optimized the benefits.

I was so relaxed at the end of each session. Not only did my stress level decrease but there was a significant change in my blood pressure, as well. I felt refreshed as though I had a detox and this prepared me for bed.

Stopped Accepting Phone Calls after 9 p.m.

I'm one of those people that has the gift of gab. When I reach out to friends and family at times those phone calls can last for hours.

Those phone call are extremely entertaining, but at times, can be overstimulating depending on the topic that particular night.

Anyway, to eliminate being too wound up to sleep, I decided to put my phone on silent. It prevents me from being tempted to answer the phone, search emails, or any other social networks.

Prepared Myself and My Environment for Bed

It's like when you go to a hotel and the bed looks so inviting with the pillows and nice comforter. Those beds look so tantalizing.

I make that same environment at my home. I make up my bed with pillows and all. My bed is appealing and inviting.

I removed my television from my bedroom, as well. That may have been drastic but for me it set the atmosphere for sleep.

Why is Sleep Important?

Giving your body the necessary rest to tackle assignments offers you mental clarity, improves functionality, improves your mood and decreases irritability and agitation. This helps you to feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

Although at times it is unavoidable to sacrifice sleep to conquer a goal, I suggest you find some type of balance. Think about it!

Author -

My name is Kimberly but I usually go by ftstager. I enjoy sharing my life experiences. I have an appreciation for the simplest things in life. In addition, I love being beautiful and fashionably correct. Check out my blog where I share tips on beauty, decor, and fashion.

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