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The Greatness Behind Chewy's Customer Service

According to Forbes, Chewy was once one of the fastest growing private e-commerce companies in the US. The big-ticket item pushing Chewy past its competitors is their impeccable customer service.

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As a pet parent, you’re always searching for ways to better care for your furry baby. Competitive prices, convenience, and product selection are a few factors sought after in a pet lover's world. With e-commerce growing at an extraordinary rate, and more companies expanding into the pet supply industry, it comes as no surprise there is a significant increase in the presence of online pet suppliers. 

This brings about a challenge because companies must remain visible in today’s expanding market. However, one company that has remained up for the challenge is Chewy


Chewy was acquired by PetSmart in 2017 and underwent leadership changes shortly after in 2018 with Ryan Cohen stepping down as CEO. Many customers were concerned the merger would destroy the company’s originality. Nevertheless, the newly appointed CEO Sumit Sighn states:

“We will remain focused on Chewy’s founding vision, core values, operating principles and goals. Our business momentum remains strong as we continue to scale while improving our customers’ experience and lowering our costs. We will stay focused, keep moving forward and continue with our vision of making Chewy the best pet retailer on the planet.”


Chewy makes customer service of immense importance, since it is the reason for their success, states the Co-founder Ryan Cohen. Ryan openly discussed how he used Zappos business model as a shoe-print for Chewy.

The focus is quite simple:

• To ensure customers feel important and cared for

• To make sure people are connecting to people

• To establish lifetime relationships


There are layers to the customer service system including: reps, agents, WOW team and so on.

New hires go through an on-boarding which is a 2-3 week process. During on-boarding, customer service reps are taught the system and are encouraged to make decisions instead of relying on a script, like most companies heavily rely upon.

Customer service reps collaborate with agents to provide customers with an extraordinary experience. This is where agents are encouraged to tap into their empathy to “WOW” the customer. The WOW team is responsible for operating on an agent’s request.

Chewy is known for being thoughtful enough to send flowers to customers during their times of bereavement. Also, this team is able to randomly select customers to receive oil paintings of their pets, if the customer has provided Chewy with a photograph.

Also, there is a team that responds to negative reviews. Cohen was known for searching reviews in the wee hours. Chewy customers receive a quick survey after they have received their items and the data is used to gauge how well Chewy is performing. Also,  the data helps Chewy observe where there is room for improvement. Ensuring customers are being heard.

Other perks include:

• Chewy offers 365, 24/7 customer service via phone, email, or chat. Yes, so that means holidays and weekends someone is available to answer your questions or concerns. 

How awesome is that?

• In the spirit of making you feel like family, Chewy sends out handwritten cards. Chewy has designated staff to offer this thoughtful gesture. As a Chewy customer myself, I can vouch for the handwritten Welcome and Christmas cards. I just received my Christmas card a few days ago. Did I mention they are handwritten? That is pretty considerate.

• Quick delivery is provided with most orders shipping within 1-2 days.

• Free shipping with items over $49.

Many do not fully understand the love a pet parent has for their pets; however, it is evident that Chewy “gets us” and understands that special bond.

Acknowledgement is a passkey to great customer service and Chewy does a great job at offering the human component needed to build and maintain loyalty from its customers. 

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