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Best Things Every Web Developer Should Know

It’s intended for those who are interested in becoming a web developer. It is far better to get a good base understanding of web concepts that can be applied ...

In today’s digital era, there is an increasing demand for professionals who possess web development skills. The fast-growing field of web technologies has evolved significantly over the years. With changing trends and advancement in technology, this field is far more competitive than any other. For a web developer to achieve success in today’s time, he or she must possess a host of skills and have an in-depth understanding of various web technologies. With skills and knowledge, entry-level as well as seasoned web developers can gain a competitive edge.

Here, we’ve created a list of best skills required for a web developer to succeed in today’s time.


First and foremost, the best things that every web developer should know about are HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets). Both, HTML and CSS are front end technologies. A basic understanding of HTML is a must for web developers as it helps them gain an understanding of how most of the websites online function. In fact, given the fact that most websites are written on HTML, it is safe to say that it a necessary skill for every individual who wishes to thrive in web technologies. CSS is a stylesheet language that its understanding is critical for mastering coding.

2. WordPress

WordPress is one of the most preferred content management systems in the field of web development with more than 50 million websites built on this platform. It is easy to use and offers incredible flexibility to web developers. It has a host of plugins and other resources that web developers can use to perform multiple tasks like developing the website and making required modifications. Add WordPress skill to your portfolio to grab the attention of potential employers.

3. Product Management

An understanding of the business objectives is another crucial thing for web developers. Beginner or expert, every web developer needs to build a website that meets the requirements of the clients. Hence, the need to know about product management as it helps developers create websites that suits the business objective and is adept with the latest trends. Moreover, clients prefer individuals who know product management.

4. JavaScript

JavaScript is a programming language that every modern web developer should know as it is essential for building responsive websites that ensure enhanced user experience. As per the reports, a majority of the websites in today’s digital world use JavaScript. With this programming language, you can develop websites that offer better accessibility to the users and is more optimized. Due to all these reasons, nowadays, JavaScript web developers are on high demand and knowing about this programming language is bound to help you land more projects.

5. Web Development Frameworks

An understanding of web development frameworks is equally important for developers to build top-performing websites. Some of the top frameworks, both front end and back end, that a web developer should know about are NodeJS, Bootstrap, Ruby on Rails, AngularJS, and ReactJS. These web development frameworks can help you write codes faster. You can find a plethora of online tutorials that provide training on these frameworks. Invest your time in learning about these frameworks and become more productive and efficient as a web developer.

6. Browsers

Browsers are essential tools and possessing an in-depth knowledge about them is incredibly important for a web developer. It is one of the skills required for web developers to excel in this field. Some of the most popular browsers in today’s time are Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari. Everything from learning how a particular browser interprets your codes to fixing cross-browser problems, there are plenty of things worth knowing. Get well versed with the requirements and specifications of different browsers to hone your web development skills.

7. Responsive Design

Among other traits, the ability to create the responsive design is also essential for web developers. The current trend of a vast majority of people using their smartphones has made this responsive design the newest web technology that everyone from entry-level to seasoned web developers should know about. One must know how to make mobile-friendly websites that work optimally on a phone’s browser.

8. Git/Version Control

A go-to tool for web development, Git/Version control is also popularly referred to as Revision control. With this valuable tool, you can keep a track of every change or modification you make to your code. If in the future you need to refer to those modifications, the database of Version Control provides you easy access to all those modifications. As a web developer, you should get well versed with the working of control management systems such as Git and Version Control. Learn about this database that stores your work and helps you out whenever anything goes wrong during the code writing process.

9. Analytical Skills

A web developer who is equipped with analytical skills can better handle changing trends in web development than others. As a developer, you will have to learn to create customer-friendly websites that belong to diverse industries and cater to a wide array of audiences online. Also, nowadays, a majority of clients prefer hiring web developers who possess analytical skills essential for creating better websites.

10. Testing and Debugging

Testing is a crucial step in the web development process and knowing about it is extremely important for entry-level as well as an expert web developement services. Irrespective of the type of website you develop, testing is part of the process as it lets you recognize potential threats and bugs. Debugging is among the core web development skills that enable you to fix bugs and ensure the website’s functionality without any problems. Add these two skills can help web developers analyze the root cause of defects and get better at coding and programming.

From learning about content management system to improving coding skills, web developers need to stay on top of their game to be able to land web development projects and deliver top results. Upgrade your skill set and build better websites that grab the attention of users.

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