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Gutter horror stories—how people found the best and worst

Gutters are an integral piece of your home’s. They serve to control the flow of rainwater to protect your walls, roof, landscape and foundation. Here some examples how people found the best and worst to fix gutters problems


When it comes to hiring a contractor to take care of the gutters, the whole procedure precedes smoothly most of the time. We hire a contractor or a company, the professionals come out and do the required repair, you pay them for their work, your issue is fixed, and everything is good. But in most of the cases, things do not go as planned. Sometimes we hire a contractor to fix the damage A and the problem B arrives because of the renovation.

Amy’s unplanned remodeling:

Amy a single mother, decide to get her gutters repaired when she faced an unpleasant choking issue. The contractor she hired for the repair came in to inspect and told Amy that the whole sewer has gone bad and she needs bigger pipes as drains. Having little knowledge of gutters and gutter cleaning, she hired the contractors and invested a big amount of remodeling only to find out later that the pipes were just fine. The choke was just temporary and was fixed the first day. The contractor made her believe that the drain system is capable of taking the load of the dung and she invested dollars replacing a good system. She later sued the contractor.

Robert Cook and his mistreated gutter:

What happened in Raleigh County was just the same. In October of 2013, Robert Cook hired a contractor called GutterExpert to install a new gutter and drain system. Right after the work had been done, Cook claimed to have noticed water overflowing his new gutters. He witnessed a leaking behind them each gutter. GutterExpert speciously tried to make an adjustment but failed to repair the leakage problem. As a result, Cook filed a lawsuit this past December against Gutter Pro seeking damages which include the $5,500 cost of installation. When you hire a professional for the gutter cleaning and repairs, reach the skilled staff for yourself. If the repair isn’t done to perfection, the damage will simply be multiplied. Say if a drain isn’t installed nicely, the water will leak through the system into the concrete and the foundation of the house or the grey structure will be in jeopardy. The same thing has happened to many homeowners throughout the US. The gutters were installed without gutter covers, the installation of the sewer pipes was faulty, or the repair wasn’t done to perfection which caused the water leakage.

Oliver’s bad walls and basement:

Oliver, a young homeowner, hired a company for the gutter repair and found out that the whole wall was rotting underneath. The contractor refused to repair the gutter and asked Oliver to fix the walls first since there was no point in fixing the walls which were this rotting and faulty. This is a common problem with the old houses, you plan to remodel or repair one thing and another expense suddenly appears following the tail. Always keep an eye on the condition of your house. Oliver later accepted that there has been a foul smell where the wall had a hot-spot. Pay attention to little details when it comes to the condition of your house, small things indicate big issues.

Jennifer is still waiting for her life to be transformed:

23 years old Jennifer, a first-time homeowner, decides to give her new house a detailed makeover. She hired a company who claimed to “transform her living experience within seconds”. The company was doing a remodeling show TV show for years and was considered a reliable name in the industry. They demanded Jennifer a 50% of the payment in advance and Jennifer was told it is their standard operating procedure so she paid the company half of the payment in advance. After two good years, Jennifer is still waiting for her house remodeling and plans to sue the company in 2019.

Bonus: Stephen King and the clown in the gutter:

Just when the repair horrors aren’t enough, Stephen kind decided to write a novel in which a demon clown lives in the gutter and pulls little kids down the sewer. The sewerage system described in the book is state of the art centralized sewer because of the centralized main canal, all of the dead bodies gather on one single point. If you want to understand how the sewer of your house works, watch the movie IT or read the book by the same name. You will instantly learn why your kitchen gutter chokes when your two years old flushes squishy toys through his toilet.

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