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How to Clean Laminate Floors

While laminate flooring can give a stylish look for your home in Broward County Florida, it requires care and maintenance more so than other kinds of floors.

It is certainly true that these floors are comparatively easier to clean and much more durable; though they still require special upkeep. So, while you are cleaning these floors in your house, keep these important factors in mind!

Never Use Wet Mops:

Water and laminate floors do not make a good combination! Especially if they are also wooden floors in the picture. That is why you should never utilize any wet mops, excessively damp hard clothes or steam cleaners when cleaning these special floors. It can even cause irreversible harm to the Laminate Flooring of your residence in Broward County FL. You might have to get a new Tile Installation if you are not careful enough!



 Get rid of Liquid Spills Immediately:

You may have dropped some wine or sauce on the floors. Do not leave the spill as it is! Get a mildly damp cloth and get rid of the spill quickly before it becomes a permanent stain. Afterwards, remember to use a dry cloth to swipe over the area where the spill occurred.

Life hacks for Hard Stains:

Everyone encounters hard stains on the floors of their house. Common examples include lipstick, oil, tar and marker stains. It’s mainly normal for those homes where kids are present. But you don’t have to use any harsh cleaning agents to remove those! Just utilize nail polish remover. Apply the nail polish remover on a clean white cloth and use that to remove the stains. Later, use a mildly damp cloth to get rid of anything that remains behind.

Daily Sweeping of Dirt is Essential:

Make sure you or someone else in your home is sweeping the dust off these floors on a regular basis. It’s something you should not neglect because the buildup of dirt and dust can ruin the look of these stylish floors over time. Then you would have to have another Flooring Installation in your home at Broward Country FL. Flooring services in Broward County FL are not that expensive. But if you keep getting them, then it does become rather costly, especially if you happen to also invest in Porcelain Tile Installation in Broward County FL.


Use Cleaning Products Specifically Made for Laminate Material:

This is significant because if you use a material that isn’t made for laminate materials, then it can completely tarnish the look of your flooring. So, whenever you are applying cleaning products make sure to buy ones with this tip in mind. Do not use any oil-soap detergents or other strong cleaning agents that you are not sure of. You should particularly avoid strong ammoniated or chlorinated cleaners.

Avoid Polishing Machines:

Homeowners often use polishing machines on their floors as it’s an easy way to renew the appealing look of the house. However, you should never use this kind of machine on your laminate flooring as it can ruin them!

If you follow this detailed guide in mind whilst cleaning the flooring of your beloved house, then you will have nothing to worry about. You wouldn’t even need to replace your floors or hire any professional cleaners for them. This will definitely help you save costs in the longer run. 

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