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Essential Marketing Tips for Running an Ecommerce Food Business

The only way for food businesses (especially ecommerce stores) to cut above all the noise is by executing a solid marketing strategy.

It’s quite tough to market food. For one, the competition is typically pretty intense for most food niches and differentiating may require lots of additional effort. The only way for food businesses (especially e-commerce stores) to cut above all the noise is by executing a solid marketing strategy.

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First of all, is e-commerce a good platform for selling food? Yes, it is. According to Business Insider, online food and beverage sales have steadily grown at a rate of around 21% over the past five years. There is a reason to believe that this growth will continue to happen with the emergence of start-ups that offer concierge shopping and prepared meals (on a subscription basis) as well as the growing popularity of same-day delivery services that could enable perishable groceries to be delivered quickly to the customer.

Now that we’ve established that e-commerce is a great platform for a food business, let’s look at some marketing tips to help make yours a success:

Know Your Demographic

All successful marketers know that it is pointless to carry out any marketing campaign without first tailoring the message to your target demographic- the people who are going to be buying your food. A very effective way to do this is by making buyer personas, which are essentially profiles of your ideal buyers. They can be either hypothetical or based on real people. The typical buyer persona contains the following information:

• Buyer’s demographic information

• Buyer’s backstory

• Buyer’s needs

This way you can found out things like the age range of your ideal buyers, their financial and living situation, their food preferences…etc.

Create an Excellent Website

When shopping for food, people always taste with their eyes first. Therefore you’re the website for your food business needs to look incredibly appetizing, ideally to the point that people are convinced to buy at first glance.

In addition, your website will need to function without a hitch. If there are any problems with the ordering process or when claiming a promotional discount, your customers may leave and never return. Therefore we highly suggest using a reliable e-commerce platform like Magento to host your website. If you’ve never worked with e-commerce platforms before, don’t worry. You can always hire experienced Magento developers to perform the setup.

Create Engaging Content

A good way to appeal to your target demographic is to put out content that resonates with them. For example, if your catering to a highly health-conscious group, then putting out blog posts, videos, e-books on health tips can help establish you as an expert in their eyes.

Make Use of Social Media

Social Media platforms are perfect for marketing your brand to all sorts of demographics. Highly appetizing shots of food posted just before lunchtime or short videos of dishes being prepared can really help grab your customers’ attention.

Social media is also a great way to directly engage with your customers. You can listen to what customers are talking about which may help inform your next marketing strategy.

Marketing an e-commerce food business is not an easy task. You want to make sure that you know who your customers are, create an excellent website, put out engaging content and harness the power of social media. 

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