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Online Tracking And How It Can Affect Your Privacy

Tracking online is much more common than you may think. It’s a questionable tactic for businesses to target their desired audience, quite often without them really thinking about it.

Have you ever wondered why the advertisements on websites you visit are often related to websites you’ve recently been on? This is largely down to something known as cookies.

When it comes to privacy protection (or protection vie privée in French), cookies can be small gateways to revealing personal data to individuals who really shouldn’t have access to it. Internet security (sécurité internet) is of paramount importance to millions of people but these tracking systems have methods of keeping pieces of your data online without you necessarily wanting them to.


So what can be done about it?

Getting Rid Of The Cookies

The cookies installed by businesses and third parties, such as advertising partners, can hold large amounts of data with the vision to enhance your online experience. Details of your tracking history, baskets on shopping sites and log in names can all be held with your interest in mind. But having these details online can also have a damaging effect if they get into the wrong hands. No business is 100 percent safe from online hackers and cyber attacks.

Depending on the network or system you’re using, there are many ways which you can obtain from cookies or delete the content they have on you and your history. The ability to activate these processes are usually found in the settings tabs on your web browser.

By deleting cookie history your account will in effect a return to factory settings, meaning whenever you click onto one of your regular websites you will need to re-enter your login details.

How Can Private Browsing Help?

Private browsing is a special setting which can keep your Internet tracking system hidden from other people who use the same computer. When using private browsing there is no facility to allow cookies to do their work or function to track your other activities like logging in details for social media sites.

This type of browsing is particularly useful as it doesn’t store personal data from the off. The only issue with private browsing is that third-party cookies can still function when the computer is in use, so it’s still a recommendable option to not accept any cookies while online.

Can Online Tracking Be Blocked?

The honest answer is yes, it can be. The tracking of your movements online can be blocked but it may also restrain some of your movement.

Some businesses depend upon separate advertising companies to tailor their services to suit their customers. Because of this, there may be some websites you can’t gain access to if you are blocking Internet tracking.

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