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Best Flower Picks That Every Mom Will Love Undoubtedly

It is no mystery that women love flowers, yes, even the most important women of your life too. I am talking about your mom. Women have a thing for flowers, maybe because they can relate themselves to these blooms. I can literally list down the similarities that your mom and flowers share. Sure, many of you present flowers to the women of your life, but have you ever wondered why do we do so? Why do we opt for flowers when it comes to gifting those ladies something. Well, the reasons can be endless, like to name a few, she is as beautiful and unique as a flower, and she also requires a little love to bloom and prosper, she is as sensitive as a flower. That is why we cannot think of any better option than a flower for her. But the bigger question is, which flowers to opt for?

Sure your mom deserves the best, and you wouldn’t want compromise on that, but still, you have no clue which ones to finalize. Don’t worry; it is not that difficult. Well, personally, I gift my mother flowers on her birthday without fail, and that helped me analyze the list of flowers that all moms love. Though she always recieved all flowers with appreciation, you know some flowers communicate better than others. Discover the list of blooms that every mom will definitely love.


Let us start the list with people’s flower- tulips. Tulips have a rich history, and this will give you every reason to love them. Like the sultans added them into their turbans and costumes, as a sign of glory and even today this flower holds the position of being the national flower of turkey. But obviously, that’s none of your mother’s concern.

But seriously, why wouldn’t anyone love tulips? Because just look at them, they are so beautiful. Also, this flower is allergy-friendly, as they produce very fewer pollens, making them perfect for allergy sufferers. You might not know it, but moms do pay attention to such things. If your mother catches allergies really quickly, try tulips this time.

Red Roses

Here comes the universally loved flower- Red Roses flower. Not only your mother, but the entire human species love it. That’s the reason; this flower is called the queen of all flowers. If a bouquet is constituted of a variety of flowers, roses appear as the star of any bouquet because every single time they manage to attract attention. You can simply order roses online to your loved ones.

We all are aware of the fact that roses are considered as a symbol of love, so those roses are surely going to your mom, because hey! Its mom and love we are talking about here. As we have a vast option of colors when we talk about roses, you can totally opt for white and pinks ones, red being the all-time yes!


I guess my rose fever is still not over yet because here I mention another flower that is similar to roses- peonies. You can call them as roses blown up to the size of a cabbage. They might resemble roses but believe me no other flower symbolizes maternal love more than this tender and delicate flower.

Peonies might not be easily available as it blooms only in May, but the good thing is, it is just in time for a mother’s day bouquet. Peonies are famous for their scent as well, as they emit a beautiful fragrance and are even used in hair and beauty products. So, if your mom is into fragrances, she will definitely love them.


My mom told me that she feels gerberas spreads cheer whenever around, so we call it happy charmers. If you look at gerberas carefully, you’ll notice they have a happy face. They totally spread a sense of celebration and festivity so you can give it to your mom anytime you feel like celebrating her. Gerberas are available in a variety of shades, each shade as unique as your mom, providing you options to choose from, so you can opt for your mother’s favorite color.

Next time you are about to gift your mom flowers, hope this list will save you from a brainstorming session. Just shortlist the ones that match her personality. Send flowers online to your mother and show her your appreciation for all that she has done for you in life.

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Why vitamins are so important


Because metabolism can not synthesize 11 out of 13 vitamins, we need to absorb it with food. Only two vitamins can be produced by the body itself: Vitamin D is produced in the body under the influence of solar radiation that hits the skin. Intestinal bacteria that live in symbiosis with us produce vitamin K. Vitamin B3 (niacin) can also be used the body itself produce under certain conditions.

All other vitamins are obtained from foods, especially fruits and vegetables, but also legumes, oils, meat, fish and animal products such as eggs and cheese. Due to their different functions, vitamins can not be interchangeable, but sometimes they complement each other in their effects.

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There are fat-soluble (lipophilic) and water-soluble (hydrophilic) vitamins. Fat-soluble means that they can not be chemically broken down and used in the body without additional fat molecules. Soluble in water means they can not do their job without water.



You should always prepare foods high in vitamins A, D, E and K with an oil such as olive oil rich in unsaturated fatty acids, otherwise your body will not be able to handle it. A lack of vitamins is as unhealthy as an overdose. In particular, an excess of lipophilic vitamins can have a lasting adverse effect on health.

Treat vitamin-rich foods gently. Wash them only briefly and do not use too much water for cooking. Pay attention to short cooking times and comparatively low temperatures. You should not leave sliced ​​vegetables and fruits in the air too long.


What are vitamins anyway?

Vitamins are organic molecules that are vital to the normal functioning of our body. We need them for our growth, our vitality and our well-being. Vitamins bring our metabolism to life as the spark plugs the engine. Vitamins can - with a few exceptions - not be produced by the body itself. So most vitamins have to get into our bodies with our food and are part of the natural foods. Probably the most important exception is vitamin D, which the body can also produce via the skin if there is sufficient sunlight exposure if the diet does not contain enough D-vitamins.

A distinction is made between water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins.

The water-soluble vitamins, eg. B vitamins (except B 12) and vitamin C are not stored by the body and therefore need to be replaced daily. Water-soluble vitamins form part of enzymes as coenzymes and thus contribute to the regulation and regulation of bodily functions as well as the generation of body energy. B vitamins such as choline and inositol, as part of cell membranes, perform certain functions in the cells.

The fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E and K) can be stored in the body - especially in the liver - and given to the cells as needed. Vitamins A and D have hormone-like properties. The vitamin E protects the fatty acids in the cells from oxidation, which is mainly caused by the attack of free radicals.

Vitamins are sensitive substances.

Vitamins can be easily destroyed by external influences (light, air, heating). In fact, it has been proven that e.g. Canteen and preprocessed foods contain only 60% of the original vitamins. Of this then over the preparation again well half lost and the small remainder enters only in the cells, if the enzymes and mucous membranes in the intestine work properly and the intestinal flora is intact; All this is the exception today.

Which vitamins does a person need?

The still common classification and naming of vitamins is historically conditioned. In this case, newly discovered vitamins and vitamin-like substances were sorted not by their chemical molecular structure but by the function that they fulfill in the organism, or by the corresponding deficiency symptoms in the main groups A-E (later also K). 

Thus, each vitamin fulfills its own unique functions in the metabolism, which are characteristic of the respective vitamin and therefore by definition can not or only to a limited extent be taken over by other vitamins.

Accordingly, despite certain overlaps (especially within the group of B vitamins), one can assume that a healthy body should be permanently supplied with sufficient amounts of all vitamins. This recommendation can also be pragmatically justified by a statistical comparison of the general health and fitness status of people with or without vitamin deficiency.

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