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How to make 3 D boxes?

For the packaging of gifts, food, cosmetics, and jewelry items, the 3 D boxes are extensively used around the world. They are used for multiple purposes for their trendy look and handy design. A 3 D box can be manufactured with a number of materials such as cardboard, paper, and transparent or colored vinyl sheet.With the advancement of technology, 3 D designing has become popular in almost every sector. Similarly, the packaging sector has also been affected by this trend. The 3D case has become a demand by the manufacturers as well as the consumers, as a result of which, the packaging boxes manufacturing companies have been producing it to fulfill the growing need of such casings But the most exciting thing about them is that they can also be made at home using paper, cardboard or synthetic sheets with a couple of other items such as glue, scissors or a blade, a pencil and a scale. Making it at home is a fun job, but you should have some time to spare because it might take some time as you are doing it for the first time. Spare some time if you can and follow the below-mentioned steps to make 3 D casings at home using DIE methods.

1. Pick the right material

The first thing to be considered is the correct type of content. Since they are commonly used as packaging boxes for many different items, the choice of the appropriate equipment is vital because the wrong choice of the material can make you feel embarrassed in front of the guests or the recipient if the case is to be used as a gift packaging.


This custom packaging for gift presentation to the guests at a private gathering is an ideal choice as it is economical and fashionable alike. Cardboard stock and paper stock are two commonly used materials for such custom boxes.

2. Draw the box on a paper

Sketch the box on the paper or cardboard by using a pencil and a scale. Since these packing boxes are used for several items that are of different size and shape, take the measurements of the thing that is to be packed inside the container and mark a square on the paper according to the size of the item. This square will become the bottom of the pot. On each side of the square, draw another square, and you will have five squares in total on a single sheet. These four squares will become the four walls of the container. Now add another square on either side adjacent to the squares that are drawn to form walls. This additional square will become the top cover of the casing.


Another thing that can be added while outlining 3 D casing is flaps on each square that is to form the wall. Adding flaps makes the carton stronger and durable.

3. Cut from the lines

Once you are done with outlining of the casing, take scissors and cut neatly along the edges and by the end of it, you will have a flat-shaped 3 D carton with four walls with flaps and a top cover. To make the container look prettier, you can use the cardboard material of custom printed boxes.



4. Do the folding

The next step is to do the folding of the sheet from the markings that were drawn in the first step. Fold the all four squares towards the bottom and if you have added flaps, fold those inwards as well. Folding is not such a tough task, and those who have seen different types of packaging supplies knows how to do the job. By folding you will get the Custom Box in proper but unattached shape. To make it a 3 D protective packaging the sides of the package need to be attached.




5. Cementing the joints

These customized boxes of 3 D shape are now almost ready, and the next thing to finish the process is pasting the bones together. Stapler pins or tape are easy to apply, but they do not give a neat look. So to make the packaging look like the custom boxes online available, you should use a durable adhesive material that can hold all four panels of the casing in an orderly manner.



6. The majestic finishing stroke

Your 3 D custom boxes for small business are ready to use but before wrapping things up, why not give them a finishing touch. The splendid final touch is necessary to make sure that there is no roughness and untidiness that might have been missing from your eyes and can ruin the whole amaze of the container.



Many brands use the same custom boxes with a logo for promotion of their products in an elegant way. In this way, they are using custom boxes for business promotion with trendy and handy packaging.  

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It is a natural phenomenon that everybody is inclined to make an impression by presenting something worth seeing to the people. We are living in the age of such a quick and efficient communication that things and ideas from one part of the world travel to the other within the matter of a few seconds. If you are running a business or are merely interested in the creative and artistic exhibition of your talent, then the packaging designs of your own might get you in the limelight overnight. Various types of models of the wrapping of multiple products are available in the market. But it is such an industry that there is a requirement of a vast and infinite number of designs daily. They make the product inside look unique and extremely elegant in outlook. They distinguish a particular product from the rest of the items presented by rivals and competitors. They can be fabricated into a large number of diverse options because of the latest technologies and advanced software. They can also play an important role in the recognition of any brand, and thus, these designs might act as the very face of the brand itself. Several ideas might inspire you in creating and presenting new and innovational designs to promote your business or express your skills in this field.

Unique styles with Convenience:

The manufacturers always desire that the product must look unique in form and elegant in outlook. It is done to make an impression on the customers so that they are attracted towards the brand or organization. It is quite evident that the first thing any customer or consumer would go through while making a choice regarding the buying or not buying of the product is definitely the authenticity and overall appearance of the items. This display of the item or product can effortlessly be glorified and magnified with the help of the designs of their packing. The technology, in these days, has advanced to such a great extent that new models can be created and implemented within a short period.

The uniqueness of the designs can be exhibited in terms of their color and distinguished prints. In the early days, the packaging designs used to be prepared by hands. It was because the technology was costly and thus the machinery, at that time was out of the reach of the budget of ordinary people. But now, with the advancement of the technology and progress in the industry, it has become possible and extremely easy to create creative and inspirational designs on your own even at home. A large number of IT (Information Technology) firms and companies are providing such software which is capable of making your own unique and distinctive designs at your computer systems or at your own laptops with great ease and convenience. These type of software are user-friendly in their nature and can be handled with great comfort and handiness. Therefore, now, with the help of such technologies, it is straightforward to create super designs for the packing of various products.

Business Promotion:

If you are running your own business, then it is extremely significant to use special designs for the wrapping of the products. Almost all the products of different types of businesses require their proper packaging to make them safe and secure as well as elegant in outlook and display. Especially in the case of the food industry, the food packaging design is of great importance. It is because of the fact that a large number of food chains are operating simultaneously, therefore, to make your product look different from the crowd, it is important to introduce your own designs of the coverings. It would be extremely helpful and beneficial for the promotion of the business. It is due to the fact that a brand or organization is recognized by the outlook of their products. It is highly recommended to use the best possible designs of the packing of the products.

Appreciation All Across the World:

The technology in this age is advancing and progressing at an extremely rapid pace that things, products, and even ideas can be transported from one part of the world to the other within a short period. Especially after the advent and progress of various types of platforms and social media, talent cannot remain hidden from the world. Anything which is unique and is of outstanding significance goes viral on social media within a few minutes and is, thus, appreciated all around the globe. If you create any unique design for the wrapping of a product and upload its picture or short video on social media, then this packaging design online will be highly appreciated by the creative and artistic persons all across the globe. It can make you a famous celebrity from nowhere. It could be a complete turnaround of life. In this way, the packaging design box will be able to grab the attention of the people and captivate the interest of the people.

Scope in the Field:

The industry of designing and styling of the packing of the products is expanding at an exponential rate due to the increased demand of all sort of products and in turn, a significant rise in the competition among various brands producing similar kind of products. The brands tend to differentiate themselves because of the unique designs of the outlook of their products. Hence, if you can create distinct product packaging design, then there is a great scope of progress and development of yourself in the field. Therefore, super designs of the wrapping must be formulated in order to survive in the field. The most important fact to be noted is that, in this way, a passion can be transformed into a profession. You will be able to do something in which you are perfect and also have a great interest. This thinking is definitely an inspirational one.

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