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What is the procedure for boarding a flight in Pakistan?

Before moving to the procedure of boarding a flight, first we clarify what boarding actually is. Boarding process refers to the time when a passenger boards the aircraft.

Before moving to the procedure of boarding a flight, first we clarify what boarding actually is. Boarding process refers to the time when a passenger boards the aircraft. Once, the airport staff is done with check-in, the passenger and his luggage is send to the departure lounge where he can board on to the aircraft and fly.


The boarding process in Pakistan is most alike as that in other countries. The airport can be divided into three parts or sections including ‘the outside the departure lounge’, ‘briefing area or inside the lounge’ and finally ‘the departure lounge’. A passenger has to pass all these three lounges in order to get to his final destination i.e. the aircraft.

Before moving to the procedure, let us state the necessary travelling documents for both domestic and international passengers as they will not be able to pass the boarding without the presence of these documentation.

For pia online booking domestic flights, passengers require only their CNIC/ identity card and a valid flight ticket. However, a passenger of an international flight requires his identity card, a valid airline ticket, valid passport, valid visa, photo ID, health certificate and NOC or Ex-Pakistan Leave that is necessary for government employees only.

A passenger is recommended to reach at the airport 1 to 1.5 hours before his flight if the flight is domestic. For international flight, reaching to the airport 2 to 3 hours is safe and convenient. When the passenger arrives at the airport, he first steps-in at the ‘outside the departure Lounge’ that is the first lounge at the airport. Passengers can arrive at the car park or departure gates, specified for the purpose. Then the passengers can move to passenger facilitation or Porter services, if required so. Porter service includes providence of Aviserv porters used for managing heavy, bulky or numerous items of luggage at the airport. This makes to carry the luggage convenient and congenial. Other than porters, baggage trolleys are also available so if a passenger wants that, he can proceed a little further and grabs one.

When the passengers are done with their luggage handling, it is now time to move to the next lounge which is the ‘Briefing Lounge’. In briefing Lounge, there are two sides or sections where the luggage is screened; one is for the domestic department lounge while the other is for international department lounge. The luggage of the passengers is checked and screened at these two entrances. When screening is done, it is now time for custom and ANF clearance. Custom or ANF clearance includes submission of documentation required for goods exchange into the country. It includes examination, assessment and payment of duty for the customs. Custom clearance is essential to be passed by the international passengers however domestic passengers directly move to the Boarding Card Issuance.

The passengers of international flights go to the airline check-in where the passengers are issued with Boarding Card Issuance. After having access to the boarding card, the passengers then move to the immigration department. The job of the immigration department is to verify the accuracy of the documents. If all the documents submitted to the department are authentic, only then they will be verified and passed.

After clearance at the immigration process, the passengers proceed to the ‘Departure Lounge’ where the domestic flight passengers sit at the domestic departure lounge whereas the international passengers at the International departure lounge.

After waiting, when the Cheap Flights Karachi to Peshawar is ready, the passengers are called out for boarding to the aircraft. On-board, passengers can take up to 10 kg of luggage which can be anything including a laptop bag, a personal bag, handbag, brief case or any other article that does not exceed the wait of more than 10 kg. Although this luggage limit varies from airline to airline but it is almost same for all.

Guidance about the boarding is easy but if a passenger still wants to get updated or needs more information then visiting the site of Travel for Umrah is recommended. Travel for Umrah is best travel agency of UK where you can find all of the information regarding travelling instantly. The hard working staff members will respond to your questions at the very moment so contacting Travel for Umrah will make it easy and convenient to board hassle-free.

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The city is huge:

Not only is London a big city regarding population but it’s also huge concerning size. If you like to get around and view a lot of the town, from hip Shoreditch to large Notting Hill, you should use public transportation. If you take your vehicle you cant view much locations due to some confusion. So, better to follow public transport during a London trip.


Free museums and art galleries:

London’s top museums and galleries are free for visitors. It also includes the Science Museum on Exhibition Road in South Kensington, the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum around the edge from here on Cromwell Road. But some museums have special displays which will have a cost, and you may require to book them in advance.

There are lots of parks to visit with kids:

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