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Tips for Buying Solar Power System for Your Home

All the solar power systems are not of the same quality that is we need to be very careful when choosing and purchasing a solar power system. For the best pick, here is a quick guide when buying your own solar power system.

You will be surprised to learn that going solar does not necessarily involve installing solar panels on your property.

Yes, that's true!

With the take-off of a new innovative concept called shared or community solar, homeowners no longer need to install their own solar panels to go solar. Shared solar or community solar is the idea of installing a massive solar farm from which hundreds or even thousands of people can source their electricity. It is a good option for renters or homeowners with unsuitable roofs. For those who wish to improve their property values, the rooftop solar system is the best option.

Are you planning to have your own rooftop solar power system? Here are 5 tips and strategies for making sure you get the best-quality solar power system at a reasonable price.

1. Ask the Right Questions before Buying

“To ask the right question is already half the solution of a problem.”

– Carl Jung

Proper preparation is the most crucial thing when it comes to buying a solar power system. In order to get the most out of the deal, you need to ask yourself as many questions as possible at every step of the purchase cycle. You must ask questions about the solar installation company itself, licenses and insurance, maintenance and warranties, replacement/repair procedures, solar leases & power purchase agreements. Whether you go for a purchase or lease model with cash or by financing with a solar loan, the first thing you’ll want to know is how much money you will save.

Some questions that will help you compare the value of the various offers:

 How much money will I save (over 20 years)?

 How much will it cost? (…after parts, labor, installation and rebates)?

 Is the warranty on my solar panels 25 years?

 How many kilowatt-hours will the system produce the first year?

One more thing,

Do not hesitate, even if you have silly questions to ask like -- Do solar panels work better when you put them higher up on the roof because they are nearer the sun? -- This may initially sound a bit stupid, but these are actually quite revealing.

2. Do not Buy Cheap Product

“I'm Not Rich Enough to Buy Cheap Things.”

This famous proverb might not sound like the most budget-friendly tip in the book but believe me, it really is the whole truth and nothing but the truth. You get what you pay for.

You’ll agree with me on this one…when buying health products, we all focus on the brands, even if those are costlier, as you don’t want to compromise with your health. The same goes for the solar power system.

Research and get multiple quotes. If you come across a must-grab offer for $5,000 but everyone else is charging closer to $15,000, you should give a pause. Finding ways to save money is good but don’t forget, short-term savings can actually cost you more money in the long run.

3. Do not Neglect the Warranty Terms

Good performance and reliability are what you expect when you buy precious products. The universal thumb rule, in and beyond the solar panel industry is -- the length of a warranty indicates the confidence of the manufacturer in its product. In other words, a shorter warranty often interprets as a cheaper and lower quality product.

Most of the solar retail companies provide a 25-year warranty on their solar panels.

Sounds Great! But there’s a catch…

The companies provide a 25 years manufacturer's warranty on modules (parts and labor). Some companies do not have good service or business hold in the country and when the time comes; you might not get the deserved support and service. So it is advisable to go for a reputed company that offers replacement warranty.

4. Do not Mix Various Brands

Some people think that they’re so clever that they can mix-and-match different components from different manufacturers to cut down on costs of the solar power system. Though mixing different components is not forbidden, but it’s not recommended. When you intend to wire two components produced by different manufacturers, the manufacturers actually are not the problem. The problem is in different electrical characteristics of the components like voltages, wattages, and amperages, together with different performance degradation.

5. Solar Panel Incentives, Rebates & Tax Breaks

The last but not least important thing to remember.

A solar power system for a modern home is probably going to cost you somewhere between $15,000 and $30,000 — but depending on the state in which you live, you won’t have to pay nearly that much.

Governments, utilities, and other organizations offer solar tax breaks and financial incentives to encourage its continued expansion making it more accessible for today’s homeowners. As a result, the cost can be reduced to anywhere from 30 to 50 percent of the net cost of the solar power system.

All in all,

The phrase “Measure twice, cut once” is very apt for solar power system as these are expensive and you cannot afford to end up taking a wrong decision by buying an inefficient or non-working system. Remember, every manufacturer has its budget-friendly alternative – that’s for sure. But every budget-friendly alternative has its cheap, rock-bottom priced version too and it’s your responsibility to realize the point in which smart economizing starts turning into wasting money. Research on the credibility and expertise of various providers and don’t forget about financing options!

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With the increasing population in India, the demand for energy is also on the rise. To fulfill the requirements, there is an urgent need to switch to solar power. Solar energy serves as the key to a clean energy future. The Sun provides enough energy to meet the world’s energy needs. Unlike the other sources of energy, it won’t run out anytime soon.

The scope of solar power in India is rapidly increasing as it offers several benefits. Apart from being good for the environment, solar energy also enables to make serious savings over the lifetime.

Solar energy helps in saving on electricity bills and also reduce carbon footprint. India’s solar industry stands at an exciting intersection. It is beneficial to promote the Sun as a viable source of energy. One of the leading players in the industry is MYSUN.

The advanced solar calculator by MYSUN is an advanced solar system sizing and savings calculator that is specially designed for Indian energy consumers. The advanced calculator gives all controls in the hands of the user. The consumer can assess solar system size, solar panels, savings as well as the financing options with ease.

The consumer only has to input details of electricity consumption pattern to get the completely accurate picture of what the savings would be like for the solar rooftop PV plant. It enables the user to adjust sanctioned load, electricity units consumed per month as well as any diesel generator (DG) backup power that might be in use.

MYSUN Advanced Solar Calculator allows to size solar system and accurately see the annual solar power generation for any type of roof. One can also change the direction of the panels with regards Sun and see the impact of the solar panel directly on the energy generation. Therefore, the Advanced Solar Calculator gives an accurate picture of solarization potential. Moreover, it also tells what kind of appliances one can run with solar for how many hours a day.

The leading company in the solar industry helps in progressing towards an eco-friendly society. It also gives a chance to save up to 70% on monthly electricity bills.

In current times, solar energy is cheaper than grid electricity. With the rising effects of global warming, there is an immediate need for alternative energy resources. The renewable source of energy, solar power is altogether environment-friendly, sustainable and the cleanest form of energy.

Do you want to paint your home? Do you love the environment? Do want nature essence in your home and want to explore new paints that are natural as well as eco-friendly? This is for you!! This new type of paint will mock you with its healthy aroma and properties that eliminate germs from your home. These are the new category of paints that are invented to give a natural feeling with sanitising feature.

Benefits of eco-friendly paints are as follows:

• Very low VOC content that are volatile organic compounds harmful to humans. These paints are very less toxic in nature.

• These have a beautiful aroma. These absorb the foul smell and contain a good smell that gives a fresh feeling.

• These have a very lower health risk for members of family and for your health too.

• These are made up of biodegradable or natural materials which do not pollute the environment in any manner at all.

• Its production is also very economical and very much pollution-free.

• It is very much cost-efficient.

• It does not harm in any manner and also are very good for walls.

• Bio shield paints are very helpful if you want your home germ free. These paints have a coating that acts like a shield to germs.

• For each litre of oil-based or synthetic based paint it almost Creates 30 litres of toxic. So for the sake of environment choose eco-friendly paints.

These are the things you should check to ensure natural and good quality paints:

• Check the VOC levels of the paint. Lesser the VOC level better it is. Most of the VOCs are carcinogens and harm the human body and also they are linked to serious health problems like cancer.

• Milk paints are known as eco-friendly paints as these do not contain VOC. Other name for these is green paints.

• If you are purchasing paints with high VOC level it can release fumes that can harm your health.

• Wait for 2-3 days before moving in your home so that all the fumes are eliminated from the home.

• It should have very low odour.

Now read this following guide to give a touch of nature to your home with these paints:

• Choose a contractor who deals with natural paint and also love to contribute towards the environment. If you will discuss your needs he will definitely help you out.

• Choose a reputable and trustworthy contractor to have the best possible result of your plan for painting your home in new colours.

• Use green paint in your kitchen.

• Don’t care about the colours just check from the shades of colours from the book of a contractor to select colour very wisely.

• Instead of varnishing, polishing of furniture, you can use these eco-friendly paints to any surface and can give it a new look.

• Purchase paints of a good company to ensure its content and its natural essence.

Commercial painting contractors suggest that eco-friendly paints are the best for commercial spaces and hence must be chosen.

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