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Share Your Untold Story - Release. Let it flow. Don't hold back

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”

― Maya Angelou

It's been a long time since you thought about it, you knew that your write-up would eventually see the light of day, but you still needed a little time to get started. May be you feel you are not prepared enough or you are waiting for the perfect inspiration to write. The inspiration you are seeking is already within you. It's time to unlock the writer within you. Remember, if you wait till you feel like writing, you will never write at all. Write to keep the memory, to testify, to feel lighter, to take stock ... or perhaps for all these reasons at the same time?

Write to keep the memory ... and transmit it!

Last year I met Ms. Marry, a 83-year-old woman who just published her first write-up, when asked about her motivation taking a deep breadth she replied "it's my 6-month-old grandson Alex. Like every Grandma, I want to tell him stories, share with him the family values. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time as I am suffering from some serious illness. However, my thoughts will still reach him through these write-ups". Like Ms. Marry, many want to give their children and grandchildren a record of their own lives. Conscious of the fragility of the memory, they wish to shelter it once for all and for several generations by inscribing it in blogs or in the pages of a book.

The initiative can also come from children. This is moreover the case more and more often. Realising that memory can be lost forever, they encourage their parents or even their grandparents to write their story. A nice gift idea!

Writing can also be an opportunity to portray a picture of a loved one who has gone missing too soon.

To testify

The people who write to testify are far more numerous than what we think. It is often a cry of the heart, a need, not only to tell each other, but to share the experience with the world. Most often their purpose is to denounce an injustice or, at least, what they feel is an injustice. The range of testimonies is broad enough: narrative of a battle against the administration, divorce that goes wrong, fight against the disease, etc. Fortunately, some testimonials can relate to a gay reality such as, for example, a beautiful love story or a reunion after years of separation.

Write to feel lighter

There is also the writing that liberates. The one that allows to discharge by putting on paper the thoughts and feelings that are too heavy to wear. So for some of us, writing can be a therapy.

But writing down one's story, especially if it's tragic, takes courage. It means plunging back into the torrent of past pain and reliving it. Events that had been forgotten, or more accurately tried to forget, come to the surface. It is a process that may jostle you, to bring down certainties, to bring you to painful observations, but also, when the work is finished, to feel freer, lighter, more in keeping with yourselves.

Write to take stock ...

For some, writing is a way to take a distance from their experience, to take stock, in a word to see a little clearer. "I'm going to rediscover my past," a gentleman once told me, comparing her pen to the pilgrim's staff.

Write to be reborn

Writing about your life is not an end, it's a beginning! We think that by writing our life, we are putting a final point. Surprisingly enough, it is often the opposite that happens. People reborn after writing their story and even prepare for a second life, filled with the energy they had just drawn from those writings.

Have you ever written a life story? If so, what were your motivations? If no, then don't hesitate or wait for the right time. Just register FREE to below link and create your Masterpiece!

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Anyone can become an e-book publisher. And when I say anyone, I mean literally anyone at all. It’s really much easier than you think. Mostly, what stops us from writing is our lack of confidence in our own work, our lack of knowledge, not knowing where to start from, our lack of skill and grip on the language, not knowing who our audience is, not knowing how much you’ll charge for it, not knowing what to write about and not knowing about how you’ll promote and sell your work/e-book. There might be other reasons, to each his/her own, but these are the most common reasons I could find.

If you’re having thoughts like the ones mentioned above then this actually means that you’ll be able to publish the e-book because in order to first solve the problem, first one must identify the problem and you’ve already done with that. This, believe it or not, is actually a positive sign. You’ve already started the thought process and all you need to do now is to organize it and deal with these thoughts one by one.

After reading up and doing a little research, I’ve basically come up with three very simple steps that, if followed, can help anyone to publish their own e-book. All you need to do is break down this, obviously huge task, into three simple steps and you’ll see how easy publishing an e-book can become even for someone who has never published any content before.

Step 1

Planning: This is the first and most important step. In this step, you’re going to plan and create your content. This is where you’ll decide what you’ll write about, who your audience is and whether you’ll write it yourself or hire ghost writers to write it for you. Not having the required writing skills might not actually be your biggest setback. As mentioned above, you can hire ghost writers to write the content/e-book for you.

If you’re writing yourself then you’ll need to think about the title very carefully, making sure it’s very attractive and captures the attention of your audience. You’ll also have to be very careful about the topic that you’ve chosen. On the other hand, if you’ll hire someone to write it for you then it’s not something you should be worried about yourself. You can simply have the ghost writer do all this for you. You can, however, give the writer your input on what you’re looking for if not in detail then at least a vague idea.

Step 2

Writing & Publishing: Now, in this step, you need to do the actual writing. Again, if you’re writing it yourself then you need to follow some guidelines, a set of instructions, which varies from website to website. Different websites have different guidelines on different things such as formats, promotions and placing images and etc. If you have a little bit of common sense, can read, understand and follow instructions then it’s not something that’s very hard to do. In other words, it’s not rocket science. Anyone can easily do it, provided they pay attention to the guidelines given by the website where you’ve decided to publish the book.

However, if you’re not writing the e-book yourself and have hired a ghostwriter than it’s not something that you need to worry about. This is something the writer has to be careful about and if you’re paying someone to do it then it’s simply their responsibility and not yours.

I would advise you to read the final product and give feedback to the ghostwriter you’ve hired and made changes that you think might make the final product better but even if you don’t than it’s probably alright, that is if it’s written by a professional writer only. It’s better to check the final product before it gets published because once it is out there than it would be a matter of your reputation and you wouldn’t want to spoil it.

Step 3

Selling: Now, this is the final step. This is where you’ll actually be selling your e-book, using the website you’ve chosen for publishing, in the previous step. You need to remember that for selling something, you first need to make your target market awareness about the existence of your product. You can’t possibly sell anything unless people you want to sell it to know about the product.

To market your e-book you can use e-mail marketing, you can use social media sites where you can either have blogs written about it or have some paid advertising done. In any case, your target is to make your audience aware of your product’s existence.

Once your target market knows about the existence of your product/e-book then all you need to do is sit back, relax and watch the magic happen. 


Hiring a ghostwriter might seem like an easy thing to do as the business has become so common and it is now very easy to find the ghostwriters everywhere, but hiring the right one is truly tricky business.

Some helpful tips are mentioned for you below to learn the right protocol for hiring the best ghostwriter for your book.

1. What Do They Know About the Ghostwriting Work

A professional ghostwriter must know how ghostwriting works, and also aware of the work ethics of this field. They should understand that maintaining the confidentiality of the client is the leading priority of a ghostwriter. It is important for you to know whether you are hiring the right person or not. Sometimes people make a mistake while appointing the right person, and instead of hiring a ghostwriter, they hire just a writer that cost them in the failure of getting the quality work.

2. Which Writing Style They Follow

Just like any other writers the ghostwriters also follow any one of the two writing styles; either a ghostwriter writes fiction books, or they are non-fiction writers, who write memoirs, autobiographies, academic material, technical manuals, or anything that is reality-based. It is essential to know the writing style of the ghostwriter before hiring them so that you would see whether they can do the work with the quality or not.

3. How Many experiences They Have In This Field

Knowing the experience level of the ghostwriter is also very important as it shows how professional and credible the person would to continue doing the work that long. Also, it will help the client to make a judgment call that the ghostwriter will be more likely to provide very high quality in work if he is a very experienced person.

4. Do They Carry a Sample Contract With Them

It is also important to ask the ghostwriters whether they have a sample contract that you can have a look at, if the ghostwriter is a professional and had been providing the services for a long time, then they must possess a sample contract to show the client.

When the ghostwriter will show you the contract make sure that all the points are valid and if you want to add or remove any clause, better discuss that with the ghostwriter on the spot rather than facing any trouble in the future.

5. Have a Look At Relevant Sample Work

Even though if the ghostwriter has nothing to show about their previous ghostwriting projects, they must have the relevant sample work of their own that they can show at the time of interview. It is essential that you should take a good look at the sample work so that you know that the quality of their work is acceptable and your project will be satisfactory.

6. Ask Them to Show Any of Their Published Work

Sometimes ghostwriters also get to be named for the work they do, they either get the credits for being the co-author or the editor of the book. Similarly, sometimes ghostwriting clients does not give credits to the ghostwriter, but they allow them to show some portion of the work to their other clients as their sample work. It would not harm you to ask the ghostwriters to show you any of their published work.

7. See If The Book Cover Designing Is Included In Their Package

Some ghostwriters and ghostwriting agencies include the book illustration services in their packages as well, so their customers do not have to bother looking out of the book illustrators for hire. It would be great if you ask them if they also include the illustration services or not to save yourself some efforts.

8. Confirm Their Charges Before Hiring Them

Ghostwriters usually don’t quote any price in the interview, as there are many aspects that they look into before they make up their mind to charge the client. Research, revisions, and editing require in the project ultimately help them to quote the price. It would be great to discuss all the crucial aspects so that they could provide you with a quotation in the meeting after making their calculations.

9. Deadline Needs to Be Decided In the Beginning

The duration of the project is entirely dependent on how much work is required, the list of requirements, the research that it includes, etc. It is necessary that you provide the basic information about your project so that the ghostwriter can share the approximate time by which the project will be delivered to you. On the other hand, you can also let them know the deadline that you want them to follow to get your work completed, but make sure that you are being realistic with the timeline.

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