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Writing for the Vigyaa Lifestyle Section

We are constantly looking for contributors and if you have great ideas, we want to see your articles on our platform.


Vigyaa is an open platform for mesmerizing, inspiring, bright, compelling, unusual and somewhat crazy thoughts and ideas. Anyone can submit a story, but only the best make the front page. Those also receive n extra promotional boost. It’s a platform set up to promote thought leaders, or those wishing to become thought leaders.

In any article you submit, you can link back to your business and other websites through what we call a “tag.” When people hover over a tag, a pop-up window appears where you input text to describe the link. Self-promotion, on Vigyaa, isn’t seen as blasphemous, but smart, and it should be relevant. Your link should lead readers to your site because they’re so in awe of the thoughts you presented in the article.

Having “soft” launched in November 2018 (about four weeks ago as we’re writing this), we’ve already started to see incredible content and steadily growing traffic; reaching 10k views per week (editor's note: this has already increased by approx. another 10k per week as of January 9). We expect that number to more or less double week by week as we start marketing the platform properly.

In other words, publishing content on Vigyaa that links back to your site is clever SEO. Writing an article so good it ends up on our front page, is great marketing. We will promote it for you.

We also hand out prizes to contributors who have the most viewed post of the month. If you have some great ideas and a brilliant headline, that could be you.

The Mentorship Program

We offer a mentorship program for aspiring writers. The program runs for six month at a time, where each mentee receives various perks, as well as coaching form the Vigyaa team. You can read more about it here.

Contributor Guidelines

Vigyaa is a platform that was created to highlight ideas that make us think. We are looking for articles that solve problems, rather than get caught in the problems. We seek inspirational stories that give people hope. We want thought-provoking ideas that will turn us into better humans. We want fun and playful and crazy entertaining too, but we want it all to make us think. Think thoughts that actually move us forward as a human race.

Brand Guidelines:

  • inspirational
  • thought-provoking
  • looking for solutions
  • backed by facts/science/studies when relevant

Tone of Voice:

  • casual
  • inspirational
  • funny (if you feel like it)

Guidelines for Submitting a Post:

All posts must be at least 200 words, but we prefer longer posts (around 1,000 words).

You can import posts from other sites that YOU own the copyright to. I.e. you can repurpose your old content. However, we prefer new content and that’s, most likely, what will end up on our front page and get promoted by us.

Use relevant, high-quality, images for your posts — you need to own the copyright to the images, or use copyright free images (images in the public domain). You can find free images on sites like www.pexels.com. Please state the photographer’s name where possible.

You can import videos from a URL when relevant.

You may use outbound links that improve the overall experience of our community. No more than 3 do-follow links should point back to any particular domain. While lots of internal links make sense on your site, on ours they can come across as being spammy. Articles with more than three links to one domain risk being deleted.

Don't make claims that can't be backed up; focus on facts, and not opinions. Opinion pieces that don’t make claims are, on the other hand, welcome.

Always cite your sources at the bottom of the article, numbering them within the article (use AP style).

You may not copy someone else’s article and pass it off as your own. We use Copyscape to check articles and any articles we find that use plagiarism will be deleted from the platform.

“Spinning” another person’s work is strictly prohibited.

While not required, it’s recommended you write in short sentences, break up large blocks of text with bold headings and bullet your major points.

We adhere to AP (associated press) style editing. That’s not to say we are the grammar, or editing, police (really, we’re not), but for a chance of getting featured on the front page, use spellcheck and Grammarly to check your post before submitting it. While we may contact you with an offer to edit your article if we are interested in featuring it on the front page, chances are that poor spelling and grammar will ensure your article does not end up on the front page.

Your headline is important. Make sure it’s interesting and check it in TitleCaseConverter to ensure it adheres to AP guidelines. WE DO NOT WANT TO SEE ALL CAPS HEADLINES, nor all lower case headlines.

You may not post content that is hateful, or pornographic, nor link to sites that are hateful or pornographic in nature.

You may not post content that is illegal in nature, nor link to illegal sites.

If you want to be featured on the front page, bear in mind our brand guidelines — we are seeking inspirational and thought-provoking posts. Good luck!








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Hiring a ghostwriter might seem like an easy thing to do as the business has become so common and it is now very easy to find the ghostwriters everywhere, but hiring the right one is truly tricky business.

Some helpful tips are mentioned for you below to learn the right protocol for hiring the best ghostwriter for your book.

1. What Do They Know About the Ghostwriting Work

A professional ghostwriter must know how ghostwriting works, and also aware of the work ethics of this field. They should understand that maintaining the confidentiality of the client is the leading priority of a ghostwriter. It is important for you to know whether you are hiring the right person or not. Sometimes people make a mistake while appointing the right person, and instead of hiring a ghostwriter, they hire just a writer that cost them in the failure of getting the quality work.

2. Which Writing Style They Follow

Just like any other writers the ghostwriters also follow any one of the two writing styles; either a ghostwriter writes fiction books, or they are non-fiction writers, who write memoirs, autobiographies, academic material, technical manuals, or anything that is reality-based. It is essential to know the writing style of the ghostwriter before hiring them so that you would see whether they can do the work with the quality or not.

3. How Many experiences They Have In This Field

Knowing the experience level of the ghostwriter is also very important as it shows how professional and credible the person would to continue doing the work that long. Also, it will help the client to make a judgment call that the ghostwriter will be more likely to provide very high quality in work if he is a very experienced person.

4. Do They Carry a Sample Contract With Them

It is also important to ask the ghostwriters whether they have a sample contract that you can have a look at, if the ghostwriter is a professional and had been providing the services for a long time, then they must possess a sample contract to show the client.

When the ghostwriter will show you the contract make sure that all the points are valid and if you want to add or remove any clause, better discuss that with the ghostwriter on the spot rather than facing any trouble in the future.

5. Have a Look At Relevant Sample Work

Even though if the ghostwriter has nothing to show about their previous ghostwriting projects, they must have the relevant sample work of their own that they can show at the time of interview. It is essential that you should take a good look at the sample work so that you know that the quality of their work is acceptable and your project will be satisfactory.

6. Ask Them to Show Any of Their Published Work

Sometimes ghostwriters also get to be named for the work they do, they either get the credits for being the co-author or the editor of the book. Similarly, sometimes ghostwriting clients does not give credits to the ghostwriter, but they allow them to show some portion of the work to their other clients as their sample work. It would not harm you to ask the ghostwriters to show you any of their published work.

7. See If The Book Cover Designing Is Included In Their Package

Some ghostwriters and ghostwriting agencies include the book illustration services in their packages as well, so their customers do not have to bother looking out of the book illustrators for hire. It would be great if you ask them if they also include the illustration services or not to save yourself some efforts.

8. Confirm Their Charges Before Hiring Them

Ghostwriters usually don’t quote any price in the interview, as there are many aspects that they look into before they make up their mind to charge the client. Research, revisions, and editing require in the project ultimately help them to quote the price. It would be great to discuss all the crucial aspects so that they could provide you with a quotation in the meeting after making their calculations.

9. Deadline Needs to Be Decided In the Beginning

The duration of the project is entirely dependent on how much work is required, the list of requirements, the research that it includes, etc. It is necessary that you provide the basic information about your project so that the ghostwriter can share the approximate time by which the project will be delivered to you. On the other hand, you can also let them know the deadline that you want them to follow to get your work completed, but make sure that you are being realistic with the timeline.


Creating Wikipedia pages was once a very difficult task, but now many companies are in operation that helps people all across the world is getting a perfect Wikipedia page. If anyone is looking to be a part of this industry and has the urge to learn about the Wikipedia page creation agencies of the world, then some important information has been communicated below for your assistance.

How to Become a Wikipedia Expert?

1. Get a Proper Learning About Wikipedia and All of Its Rules

It is essential for all the Wikipedia experts to learn about the rules and restrictions of Wikipedia. Without knowing the proper guidelines that Wikipedia has defined, it would not even be remotely possible to create a perfect page for anyone on Wikipedia.

2. It Will Be Extremely Helpful to Possess Good Research Skills

It is also compulsory for every Wikipedia expert to own an intense skill set in conducting thorough and in-depth research. Since research is the most important element in generating and writing a well structured Wikipedia page, it is imperative to carry out the study from the trustworthy sources only and extract only the factual data from the sites that you are using to get the material.

3. Writing Skills Has to Be Excellent

It is obviously understood that high quality has to be served in front of the clients. Therefore a Wikipedia expert should have excellent writing skills to offer high-quality Wikipedia page writing service. Wikipedia is very strict about their rules and limits that it has formed. It is a primary job of every Wikipedia expert to follow the instructions of the Wikipedia while inscribing the article for the Wikipedia page. Make sure the content does not sound promotional at all, and only consist of the facts and fabrication should not be a part of it.

4. Proofreading Is An Important Pillar to Get the Wiki Page Content Published

Once you are done with the writing, make sure you proofread the content to deliver an error-free Wikipedia page article to the clients. It is a vital duty of the Wikipedia expert to ensure that there are no spelling or grammar mistakes in the content of the page. Also, Wikipedia expert should be confident the sentences are appropriately structured, and the references are adequately cited in the draft.

How Wikipedia Help You With Technical Writing?

1. Provide Assistance In Writing In Simple Language

Both technical and Wikipedia content is meant for simple and ordinary people. It will be a waste of time to use a complex sentence structure for the audience in the contents. Wikipedia writers are used to of writing the article in the most natural and plain language so that the information can easily be comprehended by the readers.

2. Helps You to Minimize the Use of Jargons

It would be useless to use too much-complicated words in the sentences of the Wikipedia page content and leave the readers confused and tangled in the meanings of the words. It is preferably better to use the global English language in the content to make it understandable by the readers. If the writers have the habit of writing in the easy and clear words, they will be granted when they will switch for the technical writing, as the technical writing demands for the simple and easy language.

3. Very Helpful In Communicating Accurate Information to Readers

Everyone knows that Wikipedia is the best source of gaining information about anything or anyone. Writers who work for the Wikipedia page creation services know exactly how to communicate or deliver accurate details to the readers. It is not a difficult job for them to convey the right message to the audience. Now, if you look at the technical writing, for example, if you want to write a thesis, you will definitely be looking out a way to write the entire thing in such a way that it will provide clarity to the people who are accessing it for the research purpose or for gaining knowledge. If someone knows exactly how to deliver the info to the Wikipedia page readers, then they will also be able to work impeccably in the technical writing department.


Ghostwriting is one of the most amazing fields of writing and people these days are relying on this career popularly. In spite of being a good career option, there are also some bitter truths that revolve around this occupation which one might not want to believe. Some of these myths are discussed below as well.

1. Becoming a Professional & Famous Ghost Writer Is Not So Difficult

People believe that becoming a ghost writer is comparatively a very job; whether you have writing skills or not, you can become a ghost writer with ease. This thought is nothing more than a fallacy as ghost writing not only requires exquisite writing skills, but ghost writers must also have the talent to carry someone else’s writing tone in the content to sound exactly like the clients. So the answer is a big no, not everyone has the capability to become a ghost writer, as one might have good writing skills but following someone else’s voice is a difficult job to do.

2. It Is Truly a Challenge to Find a Professional Ghost Writer

Some people have this mistaken belief in their mind it is way too difficult to search for a professional ghost writer. The reality is that either they don’t know how to find a ghost writer or they are looking at all the wrong places. There are also hundreds of trustworthy ghost writing agencies that provides a reliable and high-quality ghost writing services, which can be found without difficulty on the internet or through references.

3. You Cannot Depend Upon the Amount of Money You Earn From Ghost Writing Job

Some people also have this concept in their mind that ghost writing is a low-status job, and it does not pay really well. People who speak of this might not have to get into knowing the matter, which is the main reason they are more than wrong about it. Ghost writing is one of the highly paid jobs of the world, as there are expensive ghost writers who earn around $500,000 or more for each project they deliver to their highly confidential clients. So next time someone says that it does not well, do ask them to get their research done right.

4. Ghost Writing Is Undeniably a Form of Plagiarism

Another myth that is common to human ears is that ghost writing is a form of plagiarism, which is an extremely misleading concept, as it has been proved by legal authorities that it is not a form of plagiarism. Plagiarism is more like copying someone else’s work without the authorized permission of the person, whereas in the ghost writing you hire a ghost writer who is definitely a professional and the one who charges you for providing the ghost writing services, and also in many cases gets to name as the co-author of the book. Different clients have different ways of showing appreciation and rewarding credits to the ghost writers.

5. Ghost Writers Are Only Hired By Celebrities For Maintaining Their Social Appearance

Many people have this thought that ghost writers are only hired by celebrities to write their biographies or memoir or to maintain their social statuses. But this is a complete delusion, as there are other categories of ghost writers as well who provide many other types of the ghost writing services as well, and not only the ghost writing services for the celebrities biographies. There are qualified ghost writers for academic writing as well; then there are speech ghost writers, technical ghost writers, ghost writers for medical documentation, and many other kinds of ghost writers for various purposes.

6. Ghost Writers Cannot Promote Themselves Or Get Business On Their Own

It is also believed by many people that it is a very challenging task for the ghost writers to make recognition for themselves, as they are not allowed by most of the clients to share the work with any other person in order to maintain their confidentiality, so it is difficult for the ghost writers to promote themselves. But it is only a myth because ghost writers have so many ways they can promote their services or the work they do. They can do the side publishing of their own work, or on the other hand, some clients allow the ghost writers to share a limited portion of the work to show other clients as their sample so that the ghost writer can do that as well.

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