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The Vigyaa Mentorship Program for Lifestyle Writers

Dear readers and writers, we’re excited to announce the launch of our mentorship program for Vigyaa Lifestyle writers. It’s a program designed to help mentor up and coming bloggers and thought leaders in the Lifestyle niche.


Vigyaa is an open platform for mesmerizing, inspiring, bright, compelling, unusual and somewhat crazy thoughts and ideas. Anyone can submit a story, but only the best make the front page. It’s a platform set up to promote thought leaders, or those wishing to become thought leaders. Anyone can submit a story, but only the best make the front page.

By means of a clever back linking system we call “tagging," anyone with a great story will land themselves plenty of traffic. Because we promote the front page content. Self-promotion, on Vigyaa, isn’t seen as blasphemous, but smart, and it should be relevant. A link should lead readers to the writer’s site because the readers are so in awe of the thoughts presented in the article.

Having “soft” launched in November 2018 (about four weeks ago as we’re writing this), we’ve already started to see incredible content and steadily growing traffic; reaching 10k views per week. We expect that number to more or less double week by week as we start marketing the platform properly.

It’s an impressive start, but we want to find more writers. Writers who make us think. Writers who inspire us. Writers we can help grow. That’s why we’re starting a mentorship program for select writers in the Lifestyle niche.

Already a writer who just want to write? Start uploading your articles to Vigyaa right away -- you can read the guidelines here.

The Mentorship Program

We are looking for writers with unique ideas; probably writers who have fairly recently started a blog and have shown they’re serious about building a following, but haven’t had time to amass a massive one yet.

The Perks of the Mentorship Program

For everyone who we mentor we offer the following every month:

- one front page post that gets promoted (paid promotion) + shared across social media

- 30 min coaching call with the Lead Editor for the Lifestyle section about writing and/or working as a freelance writer

30 min coaching call with the Head of Marketing for the Lifestyle section

you’ll also have access to our social media manager to ask questions

- $20 voucher for Amazon

We also arrange giveaways for our mentees: the person with the post with the most views that month wins a prize.

Each mentee will be coached for a total of six months, during which they’ll also have their profile featured on the front page once.

The aim is to help you set yourself up as a thought leader in your field. You will have access to our team and we will help you as much as possible in every way possible during your time as a mentee.

Guidelines for Mentees

As a mentee you will agree to upload a minimum of one original post bi-weekly. You’ll have access to the Lead Editor to discuss the topic, if you wish.

You may also repurpose old content from your blog on Vigyaa, but it’s limited to two posts per month. These posts will not be promoted on the front page, but people who enjoy your work will be able to find them and read them. Plus, it’s great SEO for your site, or other sites you wish to promote, as you can link to what you discuss in the article.

Who You’ll Be Coached By

Maria Montgomery is our Lead Editor for the Lifestyle section (and currently the person penning this article, talking about herself in third person — horrors!). She trained as an actor and director at KADA in London and as a producer at UCLA Extension in Los Angeles. After graduation, she became the Sales Manager for Eyestorm, the UK’s largest online contemporary art gallery, but quickly got tired of selling Damien Hirst’s fabulous dots.

Instead, she set off to South Africa, where she ended up an honorary board member for a not-for-profit focused on child education in the township of Hangberg. Simultaneously, she became a digital nomad, working as a freelance writer focusing on content, copywriting and branding. She’s worked with everything from start-ups to big conglomerates and ad agencies, as well as blogged for a number of online publications, including the Huffington Post. Apart from writing, she’s currently busy with a number of film projects, dabbling in entrepreneurship and raising three kids from the township. You can choose if you want her to regale you with tales from around the world, or sound advice about writing, directing and branding. The latter would be recommended.

You will also be coached by our Hean of Marketing, Daniel, who owns a marketing agency and is a whizz with editing. He used to work in marketing for the BBC before heading out on his own and has been known to make videos go viral. He has an excellent understanding of implementing marketing tactics across all digital channels. 

Lastly, you'll have access to our Social Media Manager for the Lifestyle section, Marco. He will be able to answer any questions you may have about marekting your blog on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Marco loves working with start-ups and small businesses to drive traffic, clients and repeat sales. 

How To Apply

To apply for our mentorship program simply email us with 1) a link to your blog 2) links to the social media accounts you’re active on 3)  a sentence or two about why you want to join this program. Please note that it's a six-month commitment. 

Please email us on:

We look forward to your submissions! 

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