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How to Express Love

Did you know that people have different ways of expressing love? Probably. Did you also know that people don’t feel loved unless you express your love in a way they understand?


We all need love to flourish. You may be a monk, living in solitude, focusing only on self-love. However, most of us have personal relationships. Friends, family, lovers and co-workers. All of them want to feel loved, or at the the very least, appreciated by us.

Sometimes you hear people say: “I don’t feel like so-or-so loves me anymore,” yet if you ask the other person, they think it’s obvious they love them. Why is that?

Most likely because some needs have been left unfulfilled. We have ideas about what a person should be doing if they love us. Sometimes we aren’t even aware of those ideas ourselves. We just feel loved, or we don’t feel loved. We don’t necessarily know why.

Gary Chapman wrote The Five Love Languages many years ago. I still remember reading it and being completely mesmerized by what I learned. I’d just come out of a relationship where I couldn’t figure out why I hadn’t enjoyed the relationship that much. Because technically there hadn’t been anything that wrong. But I had felt unfulfilled because I hadn’t been loved in a way that I understood. Now, that’s not to say there weren’t other things wrong with that relationship, but this was definitively one of them. And reading the book, I felt confident that there was a ay of creating great relationships. It gave me hope.

Below are the five love languages Gary Chapman came up with when working with couples; ways in which people love and feel loved.

Acts of Service

Ever felt good when someone offered to mow your lawn, do the dishes, or help you with homework? They performed an act of service for you. They gave their time to a task just so as to help you. That’s one way of showing love for you.

Words of Affirmation

When we first meet someone, it’s natural to compliment them. We tell them what we like about them. It’s that first, magical, part of romance. Then, as time wears on, we think they know what we like about them. Maybe they do, but that doesn’t mean the don’t need to hear it.

When someone does something you like, whether it’s showing they’re a good human being by volunteering, or doing something that drives you crazy in bed, compliment them. When they look sexy, or cute, tell them. When you enjoy what they are wearing, tell them. When they do something that impresses you, tell them. In general, tell them about the good traits and looks they have that you enjoy, as well as the tasks they do that you enjoy/are impressed by.


For some people, a gift is a sign of love. It could be a homebred cookie, it could be a diamond, or a single red rose. It could be a shell you found on the beach, or a box of chocolate pralines. What people desire is different, but as a general rule, the gifting itself is important. And the fact that you stopped long enough to ponder what they may like.

Quality Time

You sit next to each other watching movies, you sleep next to each other, you have breakfast next to each other, you clean the house next to each other, you go shopping next to each other…but do you actually spend quality time together? Doing something together that you both enjoy, or having meaningful conversations? For many people, to feel loved, they need to know you set quality time aside for them.

Physical Touch

It could be holding hands, it could be hugging, it could be having sex. For some physical touch is the biggest sign you love them. They need to be close to you to feel loved.

In Closing

While most people have one, or two, love languages they prefer over all others, some have no preference for one, over another. They need a little bit of everything to feel loved. The truth is, we all need a little bit of everything, but some need more of one thing.  

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A wedding anniversary is the only celebration that a couple truly shares between the two of them. Anniversaries should be celebrated because they mark every milestone the couple makes in their journey of married life. With divorce being not too uncommon these days, anniversaries confirm the couple’s strength and commitment in keeping their relationship. It is a usual practice to give your partner wedding anniversary gifts. If you are a wife in need of ideas, anniversary gifts for men can be hard to choose.

Men are essentially harder to shop for than women. The stuff they want are usually too common or too expensive. But there is no need to fret. In this article, we have made a list of the best anniversary gifts for men. Remembering that no one knows your husband better than you do will give you the confidence that you will find great anniversary gifts for him. To be inspired about the prospect of looking for wedding anniversary gifts for him, just think about the way he makes you feel and the wonderful things you love about him. We especially dedicated this list to wives who need anniversary gifts for men so we are sure it will be of help to you.

Gifts can either be traditional or modern. For example, traditional first anniversary gifts for men are paper, while the modern way is giving a watch. It doesn’t matter if you go the traditional or modern way; your anniversary should be about the both of you and your relationship. Over the past years, your anniversary gifts for him will be the expression of your love and will serve as a memoir of the years you have spent together.

Gadgets As Gift Anniversaries For Men

At this age of modern technology, gadgets have become a necessity. Men, both young and old, all have their preference of toys. A gadget like a smart tablet, a new laptop or bluetooth audio speakers are all good anniversary gifts for him. Another option would be an LCD TV, which you can use to watch your favorite movies and TV programs, especially on your date nights. Almost everyone seems to be crazy about the latest iPad or iPhone so that will be a great anniversary gift for men, too. If your husband is a music lover, anniversary gifts for him include a playlist of his favorite tunes in a new iPod or a good-quality audio system fitted in your living room. These are just a few of your options, and there are other gadgets you can choose from as men’s anniversary gifts.

Romantic Anniversary Gift Ideas For Husbands

Are you familiar with the quote “The best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach?” You could use that as an inspiration to have ideas on what to give your husband on your anniversary.

Probably the easiest would be a romantic candle-lit dinner for the two of you. You can have it in your home so you won’t have to spend too much. If you prepare the meal yourself, it would be even more meaningful. Cook his favorite dishes ahead of time and surprise him when he comes home. You can also prepare the meal together as a form of bonding. Make sure to pair your meal with a nice dessert and a good bottle of wine. If cooking isn’t your liking, giving a box of chocolates and other gourmet food as anniversary gifts for him would be romantic too. Chocolates not only have good health benefits but are also proven aphrodisiac.

On a grander scale, nothing would beat a romantic vacation for the two of you. It is undoubtedly on top of the list for the best romantic gifts for wife.

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

If you want to be more conservative in your gifts, there are certain things that are considered traditional anniversary gifts. On your fist anniversary, traditional anniversary gifts for him would be anything made of paper. It can be personalized notepad or journal. You can also write him a poem, a love letter or a love song. Another idea would be to quote a line from your favorite love verse and write on a stationary. For second anniversaries, gifts made out of cotton is traditional. For example, you can give cotton shirts or shorts. It is up to you if you want the fancy brands or the simple ones. You can also buy him a pillow so he won’t miss you too much when you’re away. Whatever anniversary you’re celebrating, you can always find something romantic, sentimental or extravagant traditional anniversary gifts.

Giving Something That Was Lost

There might be a chance that the gift you have given him in the past has been broken or lost. If this is the case, you can buy him exactly the same one as anniversary gifts for him this year. It is a thoughtful thing to do and will mean he is more important to you than any material possession in the world.

Custom-Made Anniversary Gifts

Nothing spells special more than personalized anniversary gifts for him. There are tons of options to choose from. Personalized anniversary gift ideas for men range from the simplest things such as mugs, handkerchiefs and photo frames to the more luxurious ones like jewelry, mother of pearl cufflinks and watches. You can personalize just about anything and everything so this is a very convenient anniversary gift idea.

Home-Made Treats For Your Husband

There is no need to worry if you have a tight budget for your anniversary gift. What would make your anniversary and your gift special will be the effort and thought you have given it. You can bake your husband his favorite cakes and pastries and that would be sweet anniversary gifts for him. You can also make a hamper with all his favorite things inside like Blu-Ray copies of his favorite movies.

As a wife, what matters most is the dedication and love you give your husband all through the years of your union.

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