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A Quick Guide to Messages That Work on Dating Sites and Apps

Ever had first message paralysis on a dating site, or app, like Tinder? Haven’t we all?! It’s actually really simple though. Truly.



It’s a new year. Everyone’s trying to start the year on a good foot. I.e. score a date if they’re single. So, how do you approach someone online?

The online realm is much easier in one way than a bar. You don’t have to try to catch someone’s eye and then be brave enough to walk over, interrupting their conversation with someone else, to have a chat. All you have to do is click yes on their profile or swipe right. You know immediately if they’re interested.

The thing is, online we all have access to thousands of profiles. That means that if the opening line isn’t right…well, we move on. Some people get more messages than others. It means they’re even pickier.

Personally, if a guy is really interesting, or hot, or both, if he opens with “hey,” I may not reply. I mean what a time investment! Hey! Imaginative. Interesting. Sign of great personality. No. Absolutely not.

Then we’ve got the whole “hey, you’re hot.” Too much, too soon.

And let’s not forget the people who send your their own bio in the first message. Or just go on and on and on. Looking like they are putting in massive effort in just the one

So let’s look at what works.

Mention Something in Their Profile

Oh my goodness! You read the profile! You cared enough to do that. You get points right off the bat.

“Well, hello there! Your profile made me do a double take. Riding an elephant?! In the jungle?! Someone’s got a taste for adventure…”

“Hey! I’m curious: was the milkshake in that shot as good as it looks?”

“I see we have a shared love of Oreos. You’re getting plus points already ;) Trick question: do you share your Oreos? Or do you keep them all to yourself?”

“Your profile made me stop in my tracks. Hello interesting!”

“Your pictures tell me you like nature?! :)”

“Am I right in saying you like outdoor adventures? :)”

If there’s something in their profile you have in common, you can always point that out. Keep the message short. Not too much. You don’t want to seem like you’re trying too hard. It should be casual, friendly, maybe a little flirtatious, but not too much, too soon.

The Shortie

There is one very short message that might work: "Name!" I.e. their name and an exclamation mark. It’s cocky. And it might only work if your profile is good, but it’s a lot more personal than the standard “hey, how are you…” 

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I understand my friend, you are now lost and without a direction on how to get a boy/men to like you again after breakup. A break up is very painful and heart breaking moment. I know because I experienced before. It takes time to heal, sometime it even will haunt you back after some time later. A lot of people cannot let go of this nightmare and experience and hence it changes their life, into miserable and undesired life. Hey, I believe that you definitely do not want to go through this kind of life changing process and trap yourself in this bad situation. Why don’t you do something to make yourself better and learn how to get a guy to like you again. Yes, the guy who leave you will come back to you if you know how to do so..

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How to get a guy to like you again

On the other hand, I hereby provide a few proven relationship advices on how to get a guy to like you again that helped not only me but lots of people to recover from a sad break up and eventually get back with their love one.

1) Let Him Be

You have to understand one concept that if you want to get a guy to like you again, you have to accept the fact that you all have broken up and adapt the new life you are having now. Live happily and temporarily pretend that he did not together with you before. Let him chill out and alone for sometime while you gotta check out what is the real course of the break up and how to get a guy to like you again without memorize too much on the break up issue.

2) Try Something New

My friend, take a time off from this relationship and let yourself live a new life first. Check out new stuff that you are interested in but did not able to try out in the period of last relationship. You should know that when you dive yourself in the new and great thing, you will show some kind of attraction to the people around you because you are having your own great life. Let your ex guy see what you are capable in, not to impress him but just to let him know naturally that you are able to be good in something other than loving him! You can also present him a small gift to show him that you are normal and not deperate.

3) Do not show desperation

This is an extremely important point that you should bear in mind, do not show desperation to the guy. If you want to know the core of how to get a guy to like you again, this will be one of the major one! Not only guy, everyone of us do not like others to be desperate to OWN you! If you keep calling him back and message him to show that how eager you want him or how much you miss him, the final result will be he trying to escape from you as far as he can…. If you want to see him, you may get a group outing or party, do not try to force him to be alone with you (unless he date you again~)… For a period of time, it is best that you can busy with your own healing or enjoy your single life.

4) Open to other dating

Hey, do not have the wrong concept that you must remain single to get your guy back to you. it is a great action to show that you are available to others now. Showing that you are single and available to others not only will not defer you from getting a guy to like you again, rather, it will lift up your social status and create value to yourself.

Just imagine this, if you are the one who dump your ex boyfriend, and he remains a miserable single who live a miserable life for 1 whole year, will you want to get back to him? Of course not, rather, when you see that your ex boy friend is close to some pretty girl, you will have a feeling to get him back to yourself rather to other girls! Vice versa, it is extremely important that you know how to maintain or even raise your social value to your guy. This is one of the great trick on how to get a guy to like you again that most of our fellow girls are not aware of…

5) Have a happy mindset

One of the reasons of having a breakup may be led by unhappy relationship. Hence, it is time for you to refresh yourself and make yourself a more happy person. On one hand, you are able to live in a better life that you did not have during last relationship, on the other hand, you are able to create an impression to your ex boyfriend that you are having a great life, if he is able to get back to you, he will be able to enjoy and share your happiness as well!

Moreover, be a cheerful person rather than a sad one will definitely help you to become prettier and more attractive in every aspect. Do not give any excuse to yourself and take the action to implement the above stated advices, they are great on how to get a guy to like you again. Personally I did manage to get my guy to like me again, hence I really hope that you are able to benefit from them as well.

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