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Best Digital Marketing Courses In India

You are possibly reading this article due to the fact you're one among individuals who believe in either getting to know from the Best Digital Marketing Training Institute in India. Here are Digital Marketing Training center in India with 4.9/5 rating in google.

Digital Trainee, the first Practical Digital Marketing Training Institute in Pune, India was established in 2016 and now provides with many courses through which you can learn digital marketing and make an illustrious career in the field of digital marketing.

Why Digital Trainee is Best in Industry For Digital Marketing Course

  • Courses provided at Digital Trainee:

Digital Trainee provides courses in a way where at the end of it, one can take up a job right after. Or even can start freelancing! Digital trainee has a unique way of delivering the courses which makes one responsible for decorating their own venture! Digital Trainee provides with the following courses:

  • Digital Marketing Training Program

* Advanced SEO Program

* SMO/SMM Training Program

* SEM (PPC) Training Program

All the above are certified at the end and Digital Trainee also helps with the Google certification!

Faculty and Quality of the Courses at Digital Trainee:

Digital Trainee holds broad industry experts as a faculty. Thus the faculty is very experienced and the lessons are taught in an interactive way. The faculty shares more than just the regular training programme. They also share the nuances of the real industry, you are going to further lean into. The courses are completed in a way where:

  • Individual, as well as overall growth, is considered
  • Maintaining a mutual relationship and working on an individual skill set of a student
  • Providing industrial exposure to the students

Digital Trainee- Why?

Besides the regular benefits, any normal institute would pitch, i.e. Friendly Atmosphere, Flexible timings, and efficient teaching, Digital Trainee would go through and excel by providing even better benefits and how! Digital Trainee doesn’t only focus on the overall growth but also works on the individual skill set of a student which makes them even more efficient in their working style, and also in their way of thinking. The ideas in the field of digital marketing stand tall, thus it is a major help, Digital Trainee provides going beyond their way. Other than this, the digital Trainee also makes sure that they provide the best education on:

100% Practical Digital Marketing Training. Learn All 30 Modules of Digital Marketing.

  • Digital Marketing Overview
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Google Search Console
  • Local SEO
  • Content Marketing
  • Website Planning & Creation
  • App Creation
  • App Store Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Online Display Advertising
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Video/ YouTube Marketing
  • Remarketing & Conversion
  • Social Media Optimization
  • Facebook/ Instagram Marketing
  • Twitter Marketing
  • LinkedIn Marketing
  • Social Media Automation
  • WhatsApp Marketing
  • Google Analytics
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Making Money Via AdSense
  • YouTube SEO & AdSense
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Freelancing Projects
  • Lead Generation
  • Growth Hacking Overview
  • Influencer Marketing

How Digital Trainee is Different From Other Institute?

* Free Domain & Hosting

* Wordpress Website & Mobile App Designing

* Individual Focus On Each Candidate

* Only 12-15 Candidates Per Batch

* Complete 30 Modules Of Digital Marketing

* 60+ Live Project Assignments

* Students Portal (LMS) For Study Material, Backup Training Videos, Placements Etc.

* 100% Practical Delivery Method - Focusing On Implementation & Execution

* Creating Portfolio For Every Candidate

* Job, Freelancing And Business Learning Point Of View

* 100% Job Placement Assistance

* 07+ Years Experienced Trainers

* Live Money Spend On Social Media Campaigns

* Live Money Spend On Google Ads Campaigns

* Google Analytics Access

* Google Search Console Access

* 50+ Latest Digital Marketing Tools

* Placement Preparation: Resume Building, Mock Interview, And Softskill Training

* Guaranteed Internship

* ISO 9001:2015 Certified Institute

* 9 International Certificates: 7 Google,1 Hubspot,1 Course Completion

* Lifetime Learning Support

* Lowest Fees For Advanced Digital Marketing Training

And beyond this, Digital Trainee provides maximum placement to students in the biggest brands in the field of Digital Marketing. Placement at Companies like GoMo Group, Infosys, Capgemini, Wipro and many more are provided by Digital Trainee - Best Digital Marketing Courses In Mumbai, India.

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Whenever someone spends time on social media, they could end up looking through what their friends have been doing. Furthermore, they could look into what certain celebrities have been doing.

​When this takes place, there could be times when they end up feeling happy and times when they end up feeling sad. There could also be a number of other emotional states that they go into when they look over what other people have been doing.

One Reason

Now, if one of their friends was to share a happy picture of themselves or some good news, it could result in them also feeling good. If the opposite took place, one could end up feeling bad.

What this could illustrate is that this is someone who they are really close to. Then again, one could just be someone who has a lot of empathy, which is why they have the tendency to experience strong emotions when go online.

Pulled In

Another reason why one could experience a strong reaction when they see what another person has been doing is because they have made a comparison. If one believes that their life is better than one of their friends, they could feel good; but if they don’t, they could feel bad.

They might not simply compare their life with other people’s lives, though; they could also compare their appearance with them too. If this was to take place, it is likely to show that one looks to what is going on ‘out there’ to gauge how well they are doing in life.

A Losing Battle

The trouble with this approach is that one didn’t start from the same point as anyone else, and they are on their own path in life. Taking this into account, it would be far healthier for them to compare themselves with where they started.

By looking back on their own timeline and seeing where they started from, they will be able to accurately assess how well they are doing. When one compares their life with someone else’s life, it will be similar to a dog comparing their life with a horse.

A Waste of Time

What will have most likely played a part in why one would compare their life with someone else’s life is the conditioning that they have received throughout their life. Their time in the school system, for instance, will have most likely played a big part.

This would have probably been a time when they were just seen as another child who needed to be educated, as opposed to a child that already had knowledge within them. But if they were taught by people that had also gone though the same programming, this is to be expected.

An Illusion

At the same time, even if one did start off at the same starting point as everyone else and was also on the same path, it still doesn’t mean that it would be a good idea for them to compare their life with others online. The reason for this is that what they see online might have very little basis in reality.

One can then believe that one of their friends is doing really well, yet it doesn’t mean that this is actually the case. In the same way that someone can edit their pictures to make themselves look perfect; they can also edit their life to create the impression that everything is perfect.


Just as a house can look great on the outside but be in complete mess on the inside, someone life’s can also be the same. It is not as though it is hard for someone to make out that their life is perfect online.

To create this impression, the only thing that they need to do is to upload pictures where they are on holiday and are smiling. The areas of their life that are not going well can be kept offline.

No Better Off

One can then compare their life with someone else’s life, believing that this person’s life is better than theirs, and the other person could be in a very bad place. This person could even be looking at what one has been doing and wish that their life was like theirs.

But even though this person’s life is not going well, they might be too ashamed to open up to anyone about it. Their need to maintain the image that they have created is going to be more important than their own happiness.

A Big Trap

What this shows is that not only can one suffer if they get too caught up in what they see online; they can also suffer if they use social media to try to make out that their life is perfect. One way for one to stop themselves from getting too sucked into what they see, is for them to think about what they are not seeing.

Ultimately, no matter how good someone’s life is, there are bound to be things that they are not happy with. Everyone on this planet has stuff to deal with, and even if someone is rich, famous and talented, it doesn’t mean that they don’t have problems.


If one finds that they are not happy with the direction that their life is going, it will be a good idea for them to look into what they can do to get back on track. The time and energy that goes into comparing their life with others can be directed towards their own growth.

They owe it to themselves to live a life that is fulfilling, so fulfilling that they no longer need to compare their life with the edited lives that they see online. There is plenty of information online when it comes to what they can do to transform their life.

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