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The Ultimate Summer Biking Playlist

We thought we would put together the ultimate summer cycling playlist, a collection of upbeat, summery songs to keep you and your party .

No matter, it is summers or winters, there is literally no excuse to go on a treat of a womens bikes ride, but what tunes should you add to your playlist to make your tour extravagant and exhilarating? Here are some of the best picks for cycling, you can draft a perfect playlist for you.

Demi Lovato- Confident

The song will certainly give pace and pleasure to your bike ride. When you are striving hard to cycle uphill, this amazing song about self-empowerment will boost your confidence and make you go on pedalling till you reach your destination.

Calvin Harris & Haim- Pray to God

Calvin Harris surely never disappoints his fans when you talk about amazing anthems and his amalgamation with Haim, Pray to God is certainly a dynamic release. The song will give you the power you need when you striving hard to move on the challenging cycling tracks with the best beach cruiser bikes.

Missy Elliott- WTF

Who else would you want to listen to if you are looking for some amazing music tracks for cycling. The divine queen of hip hop, Missy Elliott has come up with her track WTF to help you get through to tiresome and long distance cycling. Be sure to include this quirky hip hot number to your playlist, if you are literally serious about your biking adventure.

Jai Wolf- Indian Summer

The song connects to your mind, heart and body. All you need to do is enjoy your pleasurable ride and feel the beat.

Rihanna Don’t Stop the Music

If you are going on a ride with your friends, then this song is ideal for a fast track racing.

Jamie XX- Obvs

It is more like a warm up song. So, if you are biking in some park, then just relax and lose yourself and follow the beat.

Safri Duo- Samb Adagio

If you are going for mountain biking, then this song brings the perfect smoothness to you during your resistance to bike through those long, hurdled beautiful hill.

Demi Lovato+ Louis Fonsi- Echame La Culpa

It is a perfect song for long distance riders. It is a complete mood recovery song and will boost your happiness.

Owl Vision- Holy Shit

Crawl your way and fight through the rough tracks while listening to song.

Britney Spears- You Dive Me Crazy

Just plunge into the Britney era and go wild while biking. Get your heart racing while biking with amazing beats and music.

Skrillex +Diplo- Beats Knockin

This incredibly fast paced song leaves you breathless in the end. Drive your bike and enjoy the leisure song at high volume.

Jennifer Lopez vs. Britney Spears- Dance Again Till the World Ends

The song is renowned for its amazing tempo and is a worth inclusion for endurance rides with presses and jumps.

Brand X- 99 Problems Can’t Stop

It is an awesome track to energise your mind and body and give you brilliant mood while biking.

Ebony Bones- I see I say

It is an amazing song to enhance your focus and concentration on your ride.

But, before making your bike playlist, make sure you choose bicycles for men wisely, consider your budget, need, requirement and preference. 

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