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The Surge Of Growth And Development In The Electronic Manufacturing Services

The Electronics and Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry is undergoing rapid expansion in spite of market challenges.

The Electronics and Manufacturing Services (EMS) industry is undergoing rapid expansion in spite of market challenges. Controlling costs through incorporating innovative and sophisticated technology, and strategic planning in the development and performance of EMS services remains as the top priority for the EMS providers. The electronic manufacturing services market is gathering momentum due to growing urbanization, developmental activities, and commercialization of various sectors across the developing countries. A large number of EMS providers are partnering with technology giants by sharing their vision of spreading skilled usage of innovative technologies in various verticals of an organization. Partnering with technology giants also helps EMS providers in broadening their scope of services beyond their principal focus.

A General Overview of The Global EMS Industry And Their Functionality

At the core, EMS is thoroughly a Business-To-Business (B2B) service under which the company designs, transports, builds and repairs an electronic machine. Due to double-digit growth rates in the technology industry, the EMS industry is expected to boost profits and trade across the world. EMS companies usually proceed in developing and manufacturing a product after receiving the design from an OEM (Original Electronic Manufacturing) company. EMS companies develop the prototype after procuring the components from distributors before testing and assembling the final product. Some EMS agencies manufacture the prototype with the design, manufacturing material, and skilled labor provided directly from the OEM manufacturer. Few EMS companies may also provide additional services of PCB etching and training services to employees in any new EMS plant that gets set up in a geographically different location.

The industry is foreseen to optimize and capitalize on the current technology trends by aggressively employing skilled and professional human resources who are able to expand the market for EMS by bridging cultural differences. Operations are envisioned to be cost-effective, robust and efficient in client servicing. They are strategized to make client communication more effective in order to cater to the challenges of a dynamic technology sphere. The demands of the customers are ever evolving and this is pushing EMS industrialists to devise fool-proof execution that yields in favorable as well as customized results. EMS services are increasingly evolving with changing customer demands. The industries are conducting eco-friendly and sustainable operations to ensure minimal electronic waste and a reduced carbon footprint.

An Expansion In the Demand For Automated And Sophisticated Technology

The demand for small devices is growing and with that, EMS providers are working on designs and ideas which provide smarter and more sophisticated electrical appliances. Areas such as healthcare, telecommunication, transportation, pharmacy, agriculture, and entertainment industry are making use of machines which are run by the Internet of Things (IoT). The global demand for technology is urging technology-driven companies to manufacture new-age instruments that aid in the ease of operations. Technology such as Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Artifical Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and Natural Language Generation, etc are used in conducting everyday operations. Additionally, the trend of using predictive analysis is expected to grow and develop newer EMS partnership opportunities with OEM and end-user companies. End-user companies include organizations such as leading hospitals, government security agencies, metrological departments, etc. However, experts have noted that in spite of the EMS providers merging with technology providers, there still exist challenges of securing scalable and well-connected products to the consumers.

The EMS providers are establishing branches in their operational services by tapping on growing technology and product design trends. EMS providers are employing product designers, visualizers, and technological futurists to come up with a prototype which is innovative, cost-effective, visually appealing, and environmentally sustainable. Already established and widely used appliances such as televisions, mobile phones, healthcare machinery, etc are being transformed to become robustly efficiency to provide an improved user experience and interface. Futuristic versions of such appliances are occupying a large share of the current electrical appliance market in developing as well as developed countries.

Trends Dictating The EMS Industry

Trends such as growing inter-company competition in the EMS service providers, demand for sustainable operations and machinery and a robust supply chain mechanism are dictating the current dynamics of EMS industries. The release of any new technology or product in the market leads to an inevitable surge in its consumer demand. This directly impacts the EMS organization to manufacture that product with a promise of time-sensitive and faster deliverables, which in turn additionally leads to out-sourcing of selective EMS services such as packaging, or production of semiconductors or procurement of feedstock, etc. As another trend, the EMS services are executing contractual transactions over the web. Organizations from developed countries are establishing and fulfilling contracts from developing countries due to the easy availability of cheap and skilled labor.

EMS services are becoming more comprehensive in the technologically driven world. The service providers are expanding their services by providing consultations through persuasive communication.

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While many of us may not know what cybersecurity is all about, it has already become a snarling issue. From countries to global corporations, everyone is in the race to get first grade cybersecurity measures.

What do you think of when you hear the term cybersecurity? Someone trying to attempt a bank fraud by accessing your account details, or does the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica data scandal seem to ring a bell.

Keeping a long story short, cybersecurity is extremely important and messing with could cost you a lot of money. Although this seems to be a major downside of living in the digital era, but it is amply clear that all our private information more vulnerable than ever.

If you ever wondered what people do with the hacked data, then they could either be trying to harm you individually or may be trying to do something as devastating as trying to shut down an entire country.

While there have been many headline-grabbing cybercrimes, some of the ones which we all remember are:

As mentioned earlier, social networking giant Facebook’s data breach scandal exposed the data of close to 540 million users. This was a huge blow to not just the network, but also Mark Zuckerberg’s reputation.

First American Corporation’s data breach exposed people’s bank details, social security numbers, wire transfers and the numbers were a whopping 885 million records.

Global credit ratings agency, Equifax experienced a data breach which affected 147 million customers.

What may shock you further is that on a daily basis, there may be over 4000 hacks affecting systems globally every day.

Now, to know about some common threats:

Network Intrusion: These intrusions not just steal data, they also consume bandwidth and it is an unauthorised activity on a computer network from an external source.

Ransomware: It is a malware that denies access to your own system. It spreads by visiting a website or clicking on a spurious link and can be devastating for the organization or an individual.

Phishing: The attacker will use a stolen identity and dupe you into opening an email, text message or instant message.

Spyware: This is a kind of software that gathers information about you or an organization, without your knowledge and send all the information to an unidentified user without your consent.

Rootkit: This program allows hackers to hide other malware like spyware and viruses on your computer.

Trojans: Named after the Trojan horse, these are malicious programs in disguise and don’t replicate but create a backdoor entry that gives hackers more control of your computer.

Here’s what to do to protect yourself and fight against the growing threat:

Get insurance: Cybersecurity is the need of the hour and with the growing digital age, all companies are opting for it. A data breach to an organization can cost it dearly, so experts and damage control specialists can help you with providing insurance for your company.

Antivirus is not enough: Modern threats cannot be controlled just by antivirus. Technical teams have more requirements, they need many more tools, resources, solutions and the cost involved is not as high as that of dealing with that of a cyber attack.

Backup & recovery: to keep your business continuity in place, it is imperative to have backup and disaster recovery on points. A reliable backup protects your business like nothing else.

In order to operate a successful and sustainable business, it is important to protect your organization from online attacks.

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