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Patola Sarees- An exquisite royal piece to grace up all occasions!

Best Patola sarees is one of the legendary traditional sarees made up of pure Patola silk.

Best Patola sarees is one of the legendary traditional sarees made up of pure Patola silk. Initially it was worn by women of royal families and were known to be one of the prized possessions. These are only worn on special occasions like wedding days and festive rituals. Patola sarees take a year to be made with tedious work and each piece is unique and cannot be made again. These saree is not only famous for its beauty but also because of the skill required to make it. Patola sarees originated in the town of Patan, Gujarat. The Patola sarees were brought in the lime light in the Solanki Empire, but even after its decline these sarees managed to stay in fashion. They instantly became the status symbol for Women of Gujarat.


Weaving process

The very first stage is to tie the thread to the yard in the desired pattern. This is done by an experienced artist, and is skill and time consuming. The measurement that has to be made can be very small, and therefore every minute detail has to be taken care of.The yarn then undergoes the process of dyeing in a particular sequence of colors. The displacement of a single yarn, and the whole pattern has to be redone. Each design has to be made very carefully and placed in the sari carefully. It takes about six months or even upto one year for these sarees to be made.


Special features

Because of the unique technique involved in making of these Patola sarees, these sarees are reversible meaning they both look same on both the sides and one can wear it either way. They usually come in vibrant colors with beautiful motifs and designs. The Patola sarees are dyed of natural colors like turmeric, indigo, harde etc. The usage of such products results in patterns of bright red, green and yellow.



The stitching part is a mammoth. One has to take care of the length while maintain the design code and not ruining the color. A single wrong cut and the saree is devastated. The tailoring work is done by specialists and it takes almost one month to complete these task.



Originally there are two types of Patola sarees available. One is the Rajkot Patola which are single ikat weaves and are vertically dyed whilst the second when is the Patan Patola which are double ikat weaves and arehorizontally dyed. Patan Patola are said to be the most complicated textile design in the world which costs fat, hefty money. The modern designers are infusing lot of colors, fabric combinations and prints that are completely feasible for pockets too. You could buy sarees online at best prices in designer range and vivid colors.


Current state

The Patola sarees are still in trend. But the amazing fact is that only four families in India have the special skills of Patola weaving. With the raising demands manufactures are replacing natural dyes with the chemical dyes and thus the essence of Proper Patola sarees is slowly fading away. These sarees can lasts upto 300 years and are regarded as a part of the wealth of a family.

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