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How To Spy On Someone's Facebook Account?

Facebook is one of the most regularly used instant messaging app in the world and it has users of all ages that includes young kids and teens, tweens, adults and older ones.

Social media is one of the greatest inventions in the contemporary technological world and it has been popular since launched worldwide. People these days have multiple choices to use the social networking apps that suited them most including Facebook social messaging app. Facebook is one of the most regularly used instant messaging app in the world and it has users of all ages that includes young kids and teens, tweens, adults and older ones.


Moreover, Facebook social media app has plenty of state of the arts features that can enable a user to connect with the people all over the world through verbal and non –verbal communication such as messages, conversations, audio and video Voice conversations, share multimedia such as photos and videos and to send Facebook Voice messages.

Furthermore, all these tools are best for communication and to explore cultures worldwide. But over the few years, there are certainly some people who really want to spy on someone’s Facebook account due to some odd reasons.

Who really want to spy on someone’s Facebook account?

Parents are very concerned about the kids and teens activities on the messenger and they really want to know why they spend all day long on their mobile phone device and on the Facebook social networking app. Obviously, the types of features instant messenger provides to the users can put them into trouble especially young kids and teens such as stalkers, cyberbullies, sexual predators and many others.

However, young teens also use the Facebook social messaging app for blind dating and get involved in sexting and to share their personal privacy and their compromising photos and videos as well. They may long audio and video calls and also got health issues due to the Facebook obsession.

Is it possible to spy someone’s Facebook account?

A few years ago, it was not possible for anyone to track someone’s social media account such as Facebook, but today the contemporary technology has made its way to the next level and people can do surveillance on someone’s social messaging apps account including Facebook. However, you have to have a powerful cell phone spy app that enables users to spy on the target mobile phone device and as well as the instant messengers activated including Facebook. Therefore, you need to have a best cell phone monitoring app that is capable of spying on social networking apps on the target devices with a complete time stamp.



Install mobile phone spy app on the target device to monitor FB account

First and foremost, you have to subscribe for cell phone surveillance app and in return, you will get credentials such as passcode and ID and then get physical access on the target cell phone. Moreover, when you have installed it successfully then tend towards the activation process. While activation you will a by default pop –up message either you want to use it secretly or not. Choose your best option and then activate it on the target device. Furthermore, you need to use the credentials to get access to the online control panel of the phone tracking app. Now you can visit the features and all you need to do is to use the tools that can let you spy on someone’s Facebook account. Let’s take a look on the following Facebook monitoring app tools powered by cell phone spy software.

IM’s Social Media

You can use it and get access to the Facebook logs such as text messages, text conversations, audio and video calls, shared media as photos and videos and listen to the sent Voice messages.

Live Facebook screen recording

You can use this tool and can make short back to back videos of the screen when the messenger is being used by the target person. All the recorded material will automatically go to the online control panel of the cell phone tracking app. You can get access to the recorded videos of the screen along with the Facebook account activated on the device. You will easily get to know all the activities happen on the target Facebook account along with the complete time stamp.


You can use Facebook spy software and can monitor someone’s Facebook account on target device and the activities with complete time stamp. 

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From Plasma to LCD, and LED to touchscreen, the display screen technology has come a long way in the past two decades. Undoubtedly, mainstream companies such as Nokia, Samsung and Apple have contributed a lot towards innovative technologies to enhance the user experience. Not to forget, the invention of active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) displays in 2008 that is acting as the basis for next-gen devices. Building upon this technology, Samsung and LG rolled out their curved-screen smartphones in 2014. This launch has fuelled Samsung’s ambitions to release infold, outfold, rollable and stretchable AMOLED displays. Notably, Apple has patented designs of rollable smartphone which folds like an ancient scroll.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the flexible screen technology, which seems to conquer the future soon.

Flexible Display Technology...


Literally, a flexible display screen is an electronic visual display which is movable in nature. This is a type of OLED that has a flexible plastic substrate on which the electroluminescent organic semiconductor is deposited. Or, in layman’s language, a flexible screen is a display made up of flexible materials like plastic instead of traditional rigid glass. Unlike the prevalent traditional flat-screen displays that are used in the majority of electronic devices, the flexible screens will be bendable.


Better longevity: As these displays will be made out of plastic, they might offer more longevity as compared to the traditional glass.

Lightweight: As it is a known fact that plastic is lighter than glass, flexible display screens will be definitely lighter than the traditional glass displays.

Leaner dimensions: The flexible display screens have the capability to be manufactured in thinner dimensions and different shapes unlike the traditional rectangular screen.

Unbreakable: There might be a possibility to incorporate unbreakable plastic into the flexible display screens.


Inflexibility of circuit board: There are a lot of things going on with a flexible display. There are many different materials – conductors, semiconductors, insulators, substrates – that can be combined into a very thin film.

Less reliable: As there is a flexible plastic substrate on which the electroluminescent organic semiconductor is deposited, there might be incidents of accumulation of screen diodes on the foldable portion of the screen after a long span of wear and tear.



The flexible smartphones by Samsung, including Galaxy X or Galaxy F, will feature two inside panels with the foldable technology and one outside panel. On being unfolded, it will have a 7.3-inch screen. Also, the technology giant plans to roll it out at a cost ranging from $1850 to $2000. Apart from Samsung, Huawei is also rumoured to be launching smartphones with flexible screens in early 2019. Moreover, the company is said to launch these smartphones with flexible screens at a competitive price, thus giving an edge to Samsung.

While a lot of talking has been done about flexible display screens, those with a soft corner for technology can’t wait for long to bend and stretch their smartphones or have a laptop-like experience on their mobile devices!

Imagine travelling inside an ultra-fast, direct and emission-free capsule at the speed of sound and reaching your desired destination in just a matter of few minutes. Well, this can be a reality in the near future. With the current scenario where one gets stuck up in traffic delays on a daily basis, there is a need for a mode of transportation which helps you reach all the far away destinations in a short time. 

What is Hyperloop?


Here is the concept of the Hyperloop, which may be the swiftiest way to travel on the surface of the earth. Moreover, Hyperloop can be the biggest leap in transportation infrastructure. In this concept mode of transportation, passengers will be sitting in small pods which will travel at airline speeds through pressurised tubes using electric propulsion and magnetic levitation. This extraordinary concept is on the verge of becoming a reality.


Hyperloop was first conceived in 2012 by Tesla and SpaceX founder, Elon Musk, who in the same year openly released a document which set out his vision of futuristic high speed transporting mechanism that would help in transporting passenger pods swiftly pass through a half vacuum in steel tunnels, depicting the two major things that reduce the speed of current vehicles, friction and air resistance.



From beginning, Musk had always retained his statement that the prototype of hyperloop would be “open source” and he openly motivated others to get united and develop the necessary technology, independently from his involvement. This has resulted to the creation of many startups and learners have created teams for the purpose of developing different prospective of hyperloop technology with different degrees of success. Now, many big companies are making huge leaps to get hyperloop systems to fruition.

The Virgin Hyperloop One company has made huge developments as compared to other companies

This Company is on a track to achieve their bold ambition of bringing a hyperloop mechanism into operation by 2021. However, their project is slightly from Musk’s original plan.

Virgin Hyperloop One’s technology brings together two basic ideas:

• Magnetic Levitation: Magnetic levitation uses two sets of magnets; one to repel the train from the rail track and levitate it upwards and the other to shift the floating train along the rail track at great speed with decreased friction.

• Vacuum: The tubes will be having a closed atmosphere for the passenger pods to shift through. With removal of most of the air from the tunnels and making zero contact with the surface, the pods face no opposite force as they shift. Hence, the air pressures inside the tube are equivalent to flying in the sky. Being in a tunnel, the whole system is protected from all external calamities.



Virgin Hyperloop One have carried out several tests focusing on singular aspects of the system and a complete full-scale system test in May 2017. The propulsion, braking, levitation and vacuum systems are all performing well and the team have achieved a top speed of over 240 mph to date.

Where are hyper loops being built?

The 10 hyperloop projects across five countries are listed below:

• Canada - Toronto-Montreal

• US - Chicago-Columbus-Pittsburgh

• US - Cheyenne-Denver-Pueblo

• US - Miami-Orlando

• US - Dallas-Laredo-Houston

• Mexico - Mexico City-Guadalajara

• UK - Glasgow-Liverpool

• UK - Edinburgh-London

• India - Mumbai-Chennai

• India - Bengaluru-Chennai

How is Hyperloop better than other current modes of transportation?


Accessibility: Like train stations, hyperloop stations, called portals, are planned to be located within inner-city areas with easy links to existing transport infrastructure. This will be beneficial for hyperloop systems as compared to air travel, as airports are located far away from city centers. Moreover, the system is being designed with “turn up and go” principle.

Speed: If hyperloop can decrease the travel duration between cities, this will allow people to live in other parts of the city or even country.

Clean energy: A hyperloop system requires minimal power to propel pods through its tubes as the vacuum environment poses little obstruction. The systems could be powered by renewable energies such as solar and wind, offering a much effective and cleaner alternative to air travel.

Safe: The tubes will be made using thick steel and will be designed to bear changes in pressure and air leaks while keeping their structural integrity in place and stopping it from external calamities or earthquake. Moreover, hyperloop systems will be constructed on designed pylons which are elevated seismically and are able to move and move independently of one another reducing damage in the event of a major ground shift. Sensors fixed along the route would swiftly report issues to the system control centre.

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