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How to Beat a Hair Follicle Test with Ease?

The statistics are saying that almost every potential employee has to pass drug screening at some point before getting hired.

The statistics are saying that almost every potential employee has to pass drug screening at some point before getting hired. The most expensive method is a hair drug test, and the best things about it are low chances of altering the sample.

When it comes to hair analysis, you should have in mind that it is a common solution in casinos, airports, and other positions that require high levels of security.

Another statistical perspective is that approximately between 10% and 15%, employers are using this particular method, and the number is growing as we are speaking.

The main reason for that is because it can accurately detect the long-term drug abuse as well as patterns that will help you determine whether you should hire someone or not. By learning how to pass a hair follicle drug test, you will be able to start working, but you have to keep in mind that these methods are not that common.

Since this particular method for screening can detect the long-term drug abuse that could reach up to three months, you should have in mind that it is challenging to beat it especially by using products that may help you along the way.

Therefore, we have to say that the first step and the best way to pass it are by abstaining from consumption. However, in case you have to conduct a drug test in a matter of days, the worst thing that you can do is to panic.

You can cleanse your hair from THC without waiting for months to do it, and we will explain to you how but you have to follow every single step so that you can succeed. Let us start from the beginning:

What Is Hair Drug Test?

It is vital to understand that most companies nowadays are using blood and urine drug tests to check the recent consumption of illegal drugs that may affect productivity and safety in the workplace.

However, the hair test, when compared with others, can easily detect THC for much longer than any other type, which is the main reason for its immersive popularity. Everything happens with an idea.

A human hair tends to store a long-term history of everything you consumed from the moment it starts to sprout until you cut it off. We are not talking only about your head, but other places on your body as well such as arms, armpits and pubic hair too.

That is the main reason why you should shave entirely as a last resort in case you could not do anything else.

The process includes an administrator that will cut 1.5 inches of your hair with an idea to check out the drug abuse in the last three months because that is the most accurate size and period in which they can precisely operate.

They will take a specimen from the back of your head, so that it may not affect your appearance and hairstyle. On the other hand, if you do not have enough hair on your head, they will use different areas on your body, such as armpits or even pubic hair in some cases.

How Does THC Enter Your Hair?

As soon as you smoke a joint, the THC and other cannabinoids will enter your bloodstream. In the next few moments, the body will try to metabolize it by reducing it to byproducts and scatter it throughout the body.

Eventually, THC will find its way to your hair follicle through the bloodstream, since follicles are supplied with blood as well.

Even though THC will leave your bloodstream in a matter of hours, the body will break it down into THC-COOH, which means that some parts of this particular compound will enter the root of your hair.

Therefore, in the next five to ten days, new hair will start to grow throughout these follicles, and these samples will have cannabis metabolites inside.

Even though employers are typically conducting urinalysis or mouth swab screenings since they are the most affordable choices on the market, hair follicle drug test is an excellent way to determine the long-term drug abuse.

We cannot say the exact timeframe on how long THC will remain in your system, according to experts, you will need to wait at least three months to cleanse your hair from follicles thoroughly.

Of course, everything depends on how often and how long you have been using THC products, as well as other factors such as quality and potency of strain, your diet and metabolism, body fat percentage, how much you exercise and many more.

The main benefit of this particular type of testing is to catch frequent and heavy drug users and abusers. If you decide to use on a daily basis, you will still fail the test because these screenings are highly accurate.

How to Cleanse Your Hair Shaft?

THC will enter your hair follicles and finally be the part of your newly grown hair. However, the main problem lies in the idea that you will not be able to flush it out by drinking too much water or consuming some supplement that will help you along the way.

Therefore, the first and the most important thing you have to do is to stop with the consumption altogether. It is vital to stop consuming everything that features THC inside because blood will feed hair follicles, and you will still fail.

We recommend you to visit this site: https://www.wikihow.com/Pass-a-Hair-Follicle-Drug-Test so that you can learn how to pass a hair follicle drug test.

The next step is to find cleansing shampoo such as Aloe Rid (old formula) so that you can remove THC as well as other products such as liquid detergent, vinegar, and shampoo with salicylic acid.

You have to conduct the Macujo method of cleansing, that includes these components at least ten to fifteen times before the test so that you can pass with ease. Aloe Rid shampoo will provide you deep cleaning as well as an ability to remove toxins from hair follicles.

The main problem is that these chemicals will affect the appearance of your hair, which means that it may become dry, but you will pass the test. 

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