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DPL India – A Top Ladies Wear Manufacturers in India

We, DPL India are one of the well-known women clothing manufacturer and exporter of ladies garments at low cost. We manufacture highly fashionable ladies dresses such as Skirts, Blouses, Tops, Pants, Coordinated Groups etc. with quality fabrics made with designer prints. We can produce the ladies garments for different age of group of people with wide options in various shades. We, DPL India have manufacturing capacity to produce 36,000 pcs per month without compromising with quality and deliver the order in well-timed manner. We have advance sewing machines and well-trained work force with wide-spread covered area for manufacturing and supplying the women garments to US, Canada, UK and to other European nations through various modes of transportation across the world. Get in touch with us for Call Our Customer Support: +91-9810007521




I am work for Fashion Designers at designed products ltd. DPL India is one of a leading garment manufacturer and exporter of women dresses.

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Saree is the most popular attire worn all around the globe. Indian women wear saree on a daily basis and on special occasions and festivals. This attire is loved by each and every Indian woman and she has a collection of all the different types of sarees in her wardrobe. This six to seven-meter long attire is paired with a petticoat and blouse and it comes in many different fabrics like cotton, rayon, silk, georgette, chiffon, etc. There are some frequently asked questions about sarees.

1. How to wear sarees in different styles

There are many different ways in which a saree can be draped. Your overall look in a saree depends on your style of draping a saree. Some of the common styles to drape sarees are,

Open Pallu style: It is the most simple and common style of draping a saree. Tuck the saree and pleat it properly and pin the pallu at the shoulder without pleating it. It is a simple and elegant style that is suitable for designer sarees as it can showcase the pallu properly.

Nivi style: It is the basic draping style In this the pallu is pleated and pin-up at the shoulder giving a clean look from the front. The saree is draped in fitting resembling the perfect posture. It is best for any occasion and party.

Mermaid style: This style resembles a mermaid tail from the bottom. It is also called fishtail. You can take an open pallu or a pleated pallu at your convenience. You get a nice flare look from the bottom and a fitted look at thighs.

Butterfly style: It is a beautiful style like a butterfly. In this pattern, the pallu is pleated in such a way that it creates an asymmetrical hanging on the back and it resembles the wings of a butterfly. The style makes you look slimmer and taller.

Belt style: In this style, the saree is worn with a front pleated pallu pattern and a broad golden or silver belt is tied around the waist above the saree. This is one of the modern ways of wearing saree.

2. How to style saree according to body type

The main question asked regarding saree is that how to drape a saree according to body type. Characteristic of a saree is that it looks beautiful on each and every type of woman whether she is tall or short. But there are some styles that look good on a particular body type.

If you are tall and slim with rectangular shapes body or hourglass body then style your saree in open pallu or pleated style. You will also look great in a mermaid style as due to the tall figure you can properly resemble the entire look. That will help you look attractive and stylish.

If you are medium height and bubbly then any style would look good on you but avoid to wear open pallu, instead drape a pleated pallu to get an entirely gorgeous look. Butterfly style will look great on you.

3. Which sarees are best for summers

In hot and humid weather light fabrics are mostly preferred. Summer fabrics have some special characteristics such as

Cotton saree: It is a natural product and because of that way it is designed and manufactured into clothing, it has many advantages, such as its ability to control moisture and insulate. It provides comfort and it is also hypoallergenic, weatherproof and is a durable fabric.

Georgette saree: This fabric gives the saree an extremely playful appeal. When it is made of polyester and nylon it becomes one of the lightest fabrics you can possibly wear. The soft texture makes it delightful to wear and drape, particularly during the season of summer when everything else feels too hot.

Chiffon saree: It is a lightweight plain-woven fabric with a mesh-like weave that gives it a transparent appearance. Sheer fabrics are always a great choice for the summer and chiffon can be used in so many different ways to offer a splash of elegance while ensuring the heat doesn't overwhelm the wearer.

4. Which are the traditional Indian sarees

Sarees are known to be the traditional attire of India. Each Indian state has its own traditional saree with some significance like,

Banarasi from Uttar Pradesh

Kanjivaram from Tamil Nadu

Kasavu from Kerala

Paithani from Maharashtra

Bandhini from Gujarat

Chanderi from Madhya Pradesh

Muga from Assam

Leheriya from Rajasthan and many more.

5. Which are the accessories to pair with saree

You can wear many accessories with saree.

Bangles: They are the most beautiful and attractive accessories. They give an attractive look to your hands and completes your traditional look.

Nosering: Many women wear nose rings with saree, it makes your face look more pretty and adorable and you look absolutely stunning.

Earrings: Always pair bold and big earrings with saree. If you are wearing saree in a modern style then wear big earrings and avoid wearing a necklace, it will make you look more glamorous.

Necklace: If you are wearing a pleated saree then wear two necklaces. A choker necklace with a long necklace on traditional sarees will look very beautiful.

Maangtika: It is going to give you a really classy look. You may have seen celebs wearing a big maang tikka and ditch big earrings and necklaces.

Heels: Wear heels with your saree to get an attractive look as heels give a nice flare to the bottom of the saree.

6. How to wash designer sarees

Some silk sarees, especially the heavy thread count ones, are traditionally washed at home. Plain georgettes, satins and blended fabrics are also washable. Gently wash the saree with gentle detergent and soft hands. There are special detergents that are specially made for some delicate sarees. Use a good detergent to wash your designer sarees.

7. What are the Best Hairstyles for sarees

Some of the popular hairstyles that are paired with sarees are a

Messy bun: When you are wearing a saree the best hairstyle is to make a bun, it goes very well with the outfit.

Half-up curls: Curly hairs look amazing. Make a puff in the front and left some hairs open at the back.

Loose curls: A perfect style for short hairs. Just keep your hair open and keep loose curls in front that will give you a gorgeous look.

Fishtail braid: Side puff and fishtail braid is a nice combination with saree. It will give you a proper traditional look and it looks best on silk sarees.

8. What are the different styles of the pallu

Some of the styles in which pallu can be draped are

Open pallu: A simple style in which the pallu is pin-up on the shoulder and is kept open without pleat.

Pleated pallu: Tight pleats are made and placed on the left shoulder giving a slim look to the wearer.

Pleated Bengali style pallu: In this style, one-shoulder consists of the pleated style and on another shoulder, the end corner of the pallu is pin-up making a U-shape.

Gujarati style pallu: In this style, a front pleated pallu is taken that makes a U-shape at the back and then it is tucked at the waist.

9. What are handloom sarees

Handloom sarees are a traditional textile art of Bangladesh and India. The production of handloom sarees is important for economic development in rural India. Completion of a single saree takes two to three days of work. Several regions have their own traditions of handloom sarees in different designs and patterns. They are made in fabrics like silk and cotton.

10. How to reuse old sarees

Don't want to throw your old sarees, just try something creative with your old sarees if they are torn, faded or not worth wearing.

Lampshades: You can make lamp shapes with your old saree. Cut the embroidered or designer part of the appropriate length of the lampshade and place it above the shade. This will give you colorful lights and you can decorate your lamp in a unique way.

Pillow Covers: If your saree is torn up then make pillow covers from it. Pair it with matching bed sheets and make your room glow.

Curtain: You can make a beautiful curtain from your saree. Your saree will be reused and your home will also look amazing and colorful. 

In an epoch of stories and posts, who does not like to be online with the current fashion trends? Obviously, we all love to be in vogue. The fashion industry is one of the most dynamic industries. Every year or we can say every day has something mesmerizing to offer us. The perfect definition of style can be "style is not what we buy. It is something that reflects who we are."

With such dynamics, finding our perfect style attire is like moving heaven and earth. Thankfully! We are blessed with custom hoodies and jackets. The custom hoodies are a love for both men and women since ages. Due to its versatility has become a style statement for everyone.

What is it that makes the custom hoodies so popular?

Here are a few reasons that contribute to the popularity of varsity or commonly known as letterman jackets.

Design it your way

One of the biggest challenges we face when it comes to style is finding an outfit that reflects our personality as well as meets our fashion fantasies. Custom varsity jackets flee all our worries by offering us complete freedom of designing it our way. Besides just customizing the size, each hoodie can be designed with special likes in colour, letter, and so on.

Never out of vogue

Hoodies are in the fashion industry for ages, and its popularity is only rising each day. Custom hoodies are unique among all the other fashion options.

The moment we decide to choose hoodies, we will have a garden full of design choices, that we can design according to the current fashion trends.

Blend with any outfit

Custom hoodies are so versatile that they can beautifully go with our current outfit. For example, if we have an old tee or jeans or anything for which we haven't found any perfect matching, we can close our eyes and our finger on hoodies without a doubt.

Looking for an outfit for a weekend party? Office party? Or a date? The custom hoodie will flawlessly fit fashion aesthetics for all occasions and events.


The most popular reason for the popularity of hoodies is that they provide us with the utmost comfort. Custom hoodies can be designed from various materials. We can choose the type of material we are comfortable in and which suit our body type.

Choose the premium material wisely so that the hoodies can perfectly shimmer its beauty.

For custom hoodies in Australia, contact Custom Varsity Apparel.

Brief about Custom Varsity Apparel

The hoodies of Custom Varsity Apparel are fully customizable. They use the highest quality material to design the hoodies for us.

The team is passionate about designing the most unique custom hoodies for all fashion enthusiasts.

The expert understands all our specifications in detail so that they can design the hoodie that completely satisfies our fashion aesthetics and desires. Make it for a team, group, club, school, or to shine individual personality Custom Varsity Apparel is for all.


Custom hoodies are an outstanding fashion investment. They come in different designs, styles, materials, and most importantly they can be customized. With custom hoodies, you can have you have your own fashion statement. Style your fashion statement with your personalized custom hoodies. For premium quality custom hoodies Australia, look no further than Custom Varsity Apparel. They will give no chance of disappointment in enhancing our fashion outfit with appealing designs and comfy material. What are you waiting for? Get your custom hoodie ready from the finest hoodie company and slay the year. 

Wholesale clothing can be sought from many different places like wholesale manufacturers, wholesale distributors, trade shows, and online eCommerce stores. Manufacturers who produce products also sell girl’s clothing in wholesale. The wholesale distributors supply wholesale boutique clothing as well by first getting them in bulk from the manufacturers. Besides this, there are also several eCommerce stores online which can also become your source for boutique clothing.


Buying from Wholesale Boutique Clothing Store

A boutique clothing store is different from a normal one in many ways. It is a store that contains fashionable, unique clothes that are hard to find elsewhere. They do not have a wide range of clothing options, instead of stock more specialized and fashionable wear. This is the best place for those searching for unique kids clothes in wholesale. A wholesale boutique clothing store is will have a wide range of fashionable clothes for kids.

This includes special clothes during various festivals like Halloween, Christmas, and other festive occasions. A wholesale boutique clothing store may also be selling branded clothes however there will be a difference between the usual products of the brand. A boutique store can request a brand to create a special range of clothes that is exclusive to their store and as per the theme or style of their store.

Factors to Consider when Selecting Wholesale Boutique

●There is the option of sourcing your wholesale clothes from overseas; hence the first decision to make is whether to buy locally or from an international store.

●There is the added worry of doing extensive research for quality if selecting an overseas store.

●Opting for a domestic supplier will means it will take lesser time to deliver the products reducing the chance of errors and making returns easier if necessary.

●The product you buy from an overseas store can also create a custom issue and be rejected.

●It is almost impossible to contact the overseas manufacturer in case of an issue and if they are not contactable over the phone. Personally visiting a store in a foreign country is not likely to be feasible for most people.

●Dealing with overseas stores means having to deal with a foreign language and even a different culture; There greater chances of errors in this case.

●There are several online directories that will list many online stores to buy girl’s clothing in wholesale.

●Simply using a search engine like Google or Yahoo to look for wholesale boutique clothing will also generate many relevant results.

●You can also consider a referral made by an acquaintance and explore the stores they suggest.

●Social Media is used in a big way by many people as well as businesses. Thus, this is a good source to find a good store as well. It is also possible to check reviews from other buyers too.

●The world of shopping for girl’s clothing in wholesale has been completely been revamped due to the advent of the booming e-commerce industry. Online stores offer you the convenience of purchasing products from your home itself and at any time of the day.

●Online stores have several tools that make shopping easier; this includes product comparison for style, quality, and price. It also includes flexible delivery options and payment methods.

●There are a number of deals and offers on online stores which makes them more appealing.

●Shopping from an eCommerce store means one can view all the clothing options with ease on their screen; there is usually more variety as well.

●Opting to shop online means there will be no crowds and no annoying salesperson to bother you either.

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