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Tips to Safely Cutting Down Dead Trees

Almost every person loves trees because they are the excellent natural species providing the green community and several other benefits.

With the help of the tree, the humans can able to get fresh air, flowers, fruits and everything. The trees are actually the assets which will also increase your home value and as well as improve your mood. The long living trees ultimately come to an end and dead at a moment. When there is a dead tree in your yard or garden, you should need to immediately and safely remove it from your place.

Cutting down the dead trees:

Cutting down the dead trees is not an easier task and you should need to make use of the proper techniques and tools to safely cut down it on your home or commercial property. Everyone has to remember that safety is always the first concern when you are going to cut down the dead tree. Even before you are collecting the necessary tools to cut your trees, first of all you should need to consider all the safety measures to tackle this project. First, the tree cutters have to ensure that by felling down a tree you will not cause any damages or harm to yourself or any other animals or people. For this purpose, you should have a carefully devised plan and avoid unnecessary potential damages to other trees or nearby structures. You should also do the tree cutting process only with the help of the partner and don’t do it alone at any time. The following are the recommended tools and supplies required to cut down the trees. They include,

 Hearing protection

 Hard hat

 Work gloves

 Eye protection

 Boots fire extinguisher

 Saw gas and bar oil

 Single blade axe

 First aid kit

 Wedges

 Plum line

 Chain saw

 Chain

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 While choosing the chainsaw to cut down the dead tree, you should make sure whether a chain saw is in the good condition. In order to ensure maximum safety, you have to check whether a chain saw is working properly or not. It means that checking the brake of the chain, sharpness of the chain, bar in the diameter of the tree to be cut and also the saw dogs are attached to the saw housing. If you have found that your chain saw is not working properly or damaged, then you have to immediately stop cutting a tree and try for another option.

Make a right plan and think about a particular tree:

Don’t just go to the dead tree and start cutting. Before starting the cutting procedure, you have to make a right plan which includes felling to lead. It means that you should need to cut down the tree in the correct direction. At the same time, you have to make sure there are no structures or other things around the diameter and height of the tree. The tree cutters should keep your eye out for the potential widow makers because they are considered to be the tree fragments that will potentially fall and make the serious injuries.

Considering the weather condition is also very important when you are going to cut down the dead tree. If there are gusting winds, it can cause a tree to tip only in the wrong direction. So, your entire plan will be collapsed and this is why it is highly crucial to consider the best weather condition for the tree cutting procedure. You have to be safe at all and you can also call the professional help if you can’t fall down a dead tree due to various reasons. 

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