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Top 5 reasons why freelancing is trending more now than ever

Reasons for freelance jobs becoming a trend now

Freelancing is changing the workspace and it wouldn’t be wrong to quote it as the “future of work”. Unlike their cubicle counterparts, a freelancer works in the comfort of his home with greater autonomy of doing work. Though, being your own boss comes with a set of challenges, but your hard work can help you go a long way in the freelancing world.

As the workspaces evolve, most important trend we see in employment today is increasing use of freelance services. Here are 5 reasons why freelancing is currently trending more now than ever:

1. Companies are on the lookout to hire freelancers

According to the Freelance Union data, the global market for freelancers is in excess of $1.5 trillion, of which India’s independent workforce is at 15 million in number. Capitalizing on that, companies want to hire more freelancers, reducing their overall costs and their full-time head counts. It also helps companies to flexi time staff through various work projects.

2. Freelancers are more in-line with the market trends

Full time employees are likely to have a tendency of being laid-back and comfortable with their work, making them less susceptible to change. Freelancers on the other hand, are more in-line with the market trends and changes. The scheduled flexibility sets them apart for the 9-5 hamster wheel, making them more adaptive and dynamic.



3. Millennials want flexibility

The age of millennia needs more flexibility and better work-life balance. While freelancing helps you escape the dread of a senior breathing down their neck, it requires you to maintain a balance between moving out of the comfort zone while still being in it at the same time. The younger generation have data at their fingertips, which makes them more empowered with immediacy, novelty, and world access to knowledge, say experts at Connecting All India (CAI).

4. Freelance salaries have no bar

When you choose the projects you can directly work on, your earnings become proportional to the work you deliver. By rightfully marketing yourself, freelancers can create a presence across multiple networks, branding and prompting themselves. It helps provide them more exposure and credibility, with salary being no bar if you market yourself right.

5. Go alpha mode at work

Industry experts at CAI say that freelancing is all about going alpha mode at work. It helps you become multi-skilled, gain expertise in different areas of play. You can let your creativity flow, and with the sense of ownership that comes along, it will make you more dedicated to your work.  

Freelance jobs have picked a great deal of momentum in India lately. In a survey by Quartz India, a staggering 92% of the respondents swore by it. If you think its worth your efforts, immerse yourself fully into freelancing and be ready to enjoy its limitless benefits.

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