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Great Cosplay Usage with the Red contact lenses

For more modest demands and budgets, the lenses have a uniform color. This looks clearly artificial from close up, but at first glance and from a few steps away, it still provides scared looks. I

Really red eyes do not occur in humans. Only in albinos, under certain angles, in certain light, the background of the eye appears through the pale iris and the eye appears red - but albinism is extremely rare (a human under 20,000) and complete albinism with reddish appearing eyes is even rarer. Accordingly, red contact lenses make their wearer. Whether at carnival, on Halloween or at a disco visit, red eyes attract all eyes.


From almost realistic to star pattern

For the scariest effects on a horror costume party, or for certain movie scenes with devils and / or vampires, there are red contact lenses, where the color looks almost real: different shades alternate radially, and from outside to inside, all the nuances become something brighter, just like in the iris of a real eye.

For more modest demands and budgets, the lenses have a uniform color. This looks clearly artificial from close up, but at first glance and from a few steps away, it still provides scared looks. If the red contact lenses additionally make the pupil slit-shaped, then the impression of a dangerous reptile's eye is created.

Motif lenses with spikes, colorful dots or patterns in the iris do not even try to create realistic red eyes - this is more about the finishing touch to a funny carnival costume.

Red contact lenses - you have to pay attention

If you only need red contact lenses for a specific occasion, then it is not absolutely necessary to have them adapted to the optician like all colored contact lenses. Practice inserting and removing in peace. Wear the lenses a few times for a short while to get used to the feeling of a foreign body in the eye.

If the contact lenses more often than one evening in the eye, then it is worth the walk to the optician. So you get compatible and well-fitting lenses that will not damage your eyes even in the long term or with frequent use.

The icing on the cake for every horror costume

The next Halloween party is on and you go as a demon? As a ghost?As a zombie? These costumes have one thing in common: the burning red eyes, under whose inhuman gaze everyone trembles. You can find the corresponding contact lenses with us, regardless of the color shading you are looking for.

Red contact lenses of the highest quality

All items from our shop are made to international quality standards, so there is no risk of particles of the imprinted color coming into the eye. Nevertheless, one should wear red contact lenses neither while asleep nor behind the wheel: they are purely decorative lenses intended for entertainment purposes. This also means that they should be cleaned and cared for daily as well as other lenses to prevent irritation in and on the eye.

Lenses in every color and strength

The excellent production technology is by no means reflected in the price, on the contrary: the lenses from online shop do not cost the world. If you want, they can also deliver it in your desired strength: So you can just leave the glasses, which can hardly do well with the werewolf presentation, at home.

Decide now for quality items from online shop to be the center of attention at the next party! Of course, online offer is by no means limited to red contact lenses: it is also available for violet, golden or snow-white eyes!

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