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How To Get Rid of Cat Fleas Safely

There are many ways for controlling & preventing fleas on cats. Here's the nice, the dangerous and also the ugly ways of preventing and treating fleas in cats.

Fleas will make for mayhem on cats inflicting discomfort, severe skin conditions, hypersensitive reactions, parasites (tapeworms), anemia and even death within the worst cases if left untreated. Therefore it’s necessary to guard your cat against fleas. However, it’s conjointly necessary to grasp the hazards of some insect management product on the market these days. After reading this article, you’ll become intimate with the various insect treatment choices, a number of the health consequences related to them, and you’ll learn ways that to produce your cat with the safest attainable insect treatments and precautions on the market. Here’s the nice, the dangerous and also the ugly ways of preventing and treating fleas in cats.


Bathing your cat

Keep in mind that cats square measure exhausting to wash reception, and once doubtful, you ought to ne'er place yourself (or your cat) in danger of hurt. If you can’t bathe your cat, request immediate veterinary attention so that they will wash your cat to get rid of the topical spot-on medication. Note that since the insect and tick medication is exceptionally oily, it'll not return off if you are solely mistreatment water or a cat shampoo alone. Your cat ought to be bathed with a light liquid dish soap explicitly used to clean the dishes within the sink like Dawn.

When doubtful, ne'er apply a product to your pet while not rigorously reading the merchandise label. If you’re undecided, discuss with your doctor initial. Also, check that you recognize the correct weight of your pet before you apply any medication; pet homeowners typically mistakenly “guess” their pet’s weight, leading to under-dosing or a lot of ordinarily, overdosing with pills.

When doubtful, check with your doctor regarding the safest kind of insect and tick medications to use on your cats and dogs. If you own each species, you ought to separate your dog from his friend cat till the spot-on product is dried therefore you'll forestall chemical exposure to your cat.


Another danger of fleas and ticks for cats is an infestation of the house and available transmission of unwellness to humans through sharing lebensraum. Many of us believe that indoor cats square measure somehow proof against fleas and ticks. However, this is often not true. Fleas and ticks will enter homes on visiting pets and people's garments. Fleas and ticks can search out your cat to feed and live. Once an insect is on your cat, it stays and can turn out 30-50 eggs inside twenty-four hours. These eggs square measure the consistency of sand and can fall off the cat, land within the carpet or bedding Associate in Nursing become an adult insect in fourteen to three hundred and sixty-five days relying upon the environmental conditions. It's simple to grasp however the house will become quickly troubled with fleas.

Depending upon the stage of the tick eggs, larvae, nymph, and adult, it'll feed and either climb off the cat for ensuing molt molting is, however, ticked move from one stage of development into the following scene or if at the adult stage, the tick can turn out eggs which will contaminate the house. Ticks primarily transmit unwellness within the nymph and adult stages. Lyme and chain of mountains rickettsial disease square measure merely some of the diseases transmitted by ticks. Fleas carry the plague and cat scratch fever.

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