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5 Things to Wear with your Jeans!

A wardrobe staple, jeans is the go-to outfit for most of the girls. You can dress up or dress down with a jeans.

A wardrobe staple, jeans is the go-to outfit for most of the girls. You can dress up or dress down with a jeans. The outfit most of us rely on, when we run out of any fashion ideas. Whether you want a casual look or looking for a more edgy look, your jeans can handle any situation. Just pair it up with the right tops and accessories and you are all set! A nice top or a good outerwear in winter is enough to up your style statement. You also need to try out trendy accessories that will be the perfect complement to your jeans. Check out five trendy things that you can pair with your jeans this winter and see the results!

Lime Green Top or Sweater

Lime green is trending right now and you can try out this color with your blue or white jeans. When the weather is not too cold, you can wear a lime green top. If you feel the chill, you can try out a lime green sweater instead. A chunky knit can be the best option for a chillier temperature.

A White Frilly Top

A white top can never go wrong with blue jeans. If it has frills on it, even better! You can pick up a top with ruffled sleeves for a more dramatic effect. Throw over a jacket if there is a nip in the temperature. Boots or pumps can be the right shoes to wear with this combo.

Layered Necklaces

Up your fashion game with layered necklaces paired with your jeans. Give a glam touch with these necklaces. If you prefer a simple style, you can pick up single chains and layer them up. Coin necklaces in layers are also quite a hit among fashionistas.

A PVC Footwear

Invest in a pair of PVC boots or sandals this season and style it up with your favorite jeans. This trendy footwear is a must-have for every fashion girl. This transparent material adds to your style statement without going over-the-top.

Logo Bags

Logomania is still going strong as we get ready for winters. Keep up with this trend as you pair your jeans with logo bags. Shop for bags from brands like Fendi, Gucci, Laura Biagiotti, Prada and more.

Additional Tip: Wear Chain Belts

Apart from these five things, you can also pair up your jeans with another accessory to glam up your look in an instant. Chain belts are on trend and they can turn a simple look into a glam one without any effort. There are simple chain belts if you do not want to go too glam. If you prefer a bold look, pick up some chunky chain belts with interlocked chains. Choose from golden or silver colored chain belts to pair up with your jeans. A short top, sweater or jacket is recommended so that the chain belts are visible.

So, stay ahead in the fashion game as you style up your jeans with these 5 trendy fashion pieces. Inspired from


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