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Method Of Testing Performance Of Laboratory Pass-Through Desiccators

The role of a pass through desiccator is very important in cleanrooms and labs. In fact in any laboratory where humidity and air pressure matters in production and environment control, there pass through desiccators must be used. And they are common too. Two commonly used makes of pass-through desiccators are PVC made and Stainless Steel...

The role of a pass through desiccator is very important in cleanrooms and labs. In fact in any laboratory where humidity and air pressure matters in production and environment control, there pass through desiccators must be used.

And they are common too. Two commonly used makes of pass-through desiccators are PVC made and Stainless Steel Desiccator Cabinets made.

Before you go for testing the performance of pass-through desiccators

Time to time testing of pass-through desiccators is important. If the instruments channelizing transfers between two rooms or compartments in a cleanroom does not gets tested for their ideal conditions, then items transferred may have altered humidity, or air leaking with them may alter environment of the compartment in cleanroom. To test the pass-throughs, you must first therefore know what exactly the instruments is supposed to help you at.

Why test pass-through desiccators

The role of the pass through Plastic Desiccator Cabinets is to give passage or channel between two different rooms or chambers, so that the air pressure, , and humidity levels of the controlled room stays the same and does not get altered due to multiple numbers of transfer of items inside and outside the room. There are two doors on either side of the instrument. When one door is opened to place an item inside the shelves of the storage box, then another door stay auto shut and can't be opened. And when this door is closed, then only the door on the other side can be opened to take out the item. This functionality ensures total control in retaining the controlled settings of the cleanroom.

Therefore, if the pass-through desiccators has to be tested for right performance, then:

  • The humidity of the item being transferred must be checked after transfer, and the humidity of the air inside the pass-through storage box must be checked.
  • The doors must not open together. Hence the door lock must be checked. When one door stays open another should stay auto locked. No force should be able to open the another closed door in any way.
  • There are gaskets on the doors to seal the doors air tight. From time to time these gaskets also need to be checked for their tightness.
  • The SDPVC coating or portion of the door panels must be checked that they are intact. These panels reduce the threat and chances of electrostatic
  • Look for any signs of corrosion or rust in a stainless steel pass-through desiccator.

When you check these things you actually check for the performance of the pass-through desiccator. However, you may need professional assistance in making all these checks.

Getting professional help

If you believe, you would need professional assistance to test the performance of any kind of pass-through desiccator you have, then you may call for testing professionals. They would come to the lab, test it, and give detailed report and certify it for being okay, or suggest needed repairs or replacements. This way also you may pass on the responsibility of testing to experts and stay sure that you are maintaining the optimum conditions in your cleanroom.



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