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5 tips to Increase Google Adwords conversion Rate

Do you want to increase your conversion rate with some interesting Google AdWords tips? Who wouldn’t want to? Read on to find some incredible tips and hacks to increase the conversion rate of your site.

Do you want to double the Google AdWords conversion rate? Isn’t it a silly question? Anyone would love to. If you are a smart advertiser of Google AdWords, you must be concerned about two main things. First, increasing your conversion rate. And second, reducing per conversion cost. These two things are the main goals of any marketer. Rest of the things become secondary. We are going to help you in achieving both these goals. Just know that it’s not enough to have a steady subscription to one of the internet deals such as Frontier deals, or knowing the basic things about Google AdWords. You will have to be a little proactive and acquaint yourself with the technical jargon. You have to be willing to try new and different methods. Only then you will able to achieve your goals.

5 Effective Tips to Improve Google AdWords Conversion Rate

Some terms are going to be new to you such as conversion code, conversion pixel, conversion id, and so on. Know them better and consider the following tips:

Use Remarketing Intelligently as a CRO Tool

Track Conversions

Keep Testing

Improve the CTR (Click Through Rate)

Use the Negative Keywords

Let’s elaborate on them.

Use Remarketing Intelligently as a CRO Tool

Do you know that retargeting is perhaps the most effective strategy in ad display? Proper use of a tracking code can help you go back to your prospective clients. You can improve your CRO with effective use of remarketing. It also helps in persuading indecisive visitors to come back to your site. Only an effective conversion tracker tool can do the job for you. Usually, advertisers don’t consider remarketing as an effective optimization and conversion rate tool. In reality, it can save you a lot of time and money. When someone visits your site for the first time, the chances of any conversion are little. A survey tells that around 70% of the buyers abandon their shopping carts. With remarketing, you show them the same ads and tempt them to shop again.

Track Conversions

You should be well aware of how your ad campaigns are performing before you even think about increasing your conversions. You need to know the existing conversion rate. Get efficient with your conversion tracking right away. You should have a complete data of your PPC campaigns via Google AdWords. This practice will help you make a comparison of how well different campaigns are performing. If you have a single campaign, compare months for performance.

Keep Testing

Don’t be afraid to test different elements and factors on your site. And that goes, especially for your landing page. The method is called A/B testing. Two variants of your webpage will be shown to the same people. Conversions are then tracked and the version that has better engagement rate will be used as the final version for the rest of the campaign. Various elements, which are used are images, background color schemes, call-to-action tabs, font style, form fields, and so on. The design of the landing page largely influences the conversion rate of your campaign. So, don’t be reluctant to test and try.

Improve the CTR (Click-through Rate)

You can improve the conversion rate if you manage to improve the number of clicks on your ads. If people don’t click on your ads, your conversion rate will stay low. You can do the following things to improve the click-through rate:

Target the right audience

In the Ad copy, capitalize titles

Place the Ads correctly

Use the exact match keywords

Try these hacks to improve your CTR. You don’t just need impressions, you need the clicks.

Use the Negative Keywords

Do you know negative keywords can be very useful? If you don’t know already, negative keywords are those which you don’t want to use in your ads. For instance, if you don’t have job offerings for electrical engineers, the words ‘electrical engineers’ will be incorporated in a phrase as negative keywords. This is a clever way. When someone looks up ‘jobs for electrical engineers’ or ‘electrical engineer jobs’, your ad will essentially not be displayed. In easier words, your ad will not be shown when these keyword phrases are used but ads will essentially appear when you add other keywords related to jobs in the AdWords account. There are certain benefits of using negative keywords:

Firstly, the users will not be able to see these ads and hence there will be no unnecessary clicking on your PPC ads

The users don’t waste their time visiting your site, only to leave it immediately. Therefore, the quality score of your ad and bounce rate are not affected

The users don’t click your ads and you don’t have to waste your clicks

These are just a few effective tips to improve your conversion rate with Google AdWords. You can always explore tons of possibilities. If you have a subscription to one of the ISPs such as Frontier Internet, you can find a lot of enlightening and helpful material that can guide you to improve your conversion rate. Good luck with the improvement!

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The smartphone is not something like the luxurious thing to have but they are now most important in our lives after food shelter and clothing. We have gone on the stage where we cannot go wrong. Whether you will choose a flagship-level smartphone or within your budget, you will have a smartphone with the latest technology or features at least.

For having the best smartphone first you will have to choose a well-known and trusted company that can give you the phone of your dream. So here, if we ever have a look at the smartphone market, Oppo will be the name that would hit your mind for a bit of a time. The best phone ranges you will get from Oppo which is succeeding by leaps and bounds in term of providing the best quality of smartphones.

Many phones are nowadays hitting the market level, meanwhile, Oppo introduces Oppo A7 as a competitor of such famous names. So, without beating about the bush, let’s have a look at Oppo A7 review.

Oppo A7 Specifications

• Model Name: Oppo A7

• Release Date: September 2018

• Weight: 258 grams

• Waterproof: No

• Dimensions: 75.4 x 155.9 x 8.1 mm

• Features: Capacitive Multi-Touch

• Display screen: 6.2-inches IPS LCD 16M Colors

• Display Protection: 2.5 Curved Glass Display Screen

• Screen Resolution: 720 x 1520 Pixels

• Cameras: 13MP + 2MP Rear and 16MP Front Camera

• RAM: 3GB, 4GB

• Onboard Storage: 32GB Expandable Up to 256GB

• Operating system: ColorOS 5.2 Android 8.1 Oreo

• Battery: 4320mAh

Display and Design

In the history of Chinese phones, they are not so like Samsung and iPhone but had grown themselves quickly. Their designs and way of the building were not appreciable. But Chinese smartphone makers like OPPO, Vivo, and OnePlus have been making good progress in their range but this is the point where Oppo does not disappoint in any way.

As you will pick up the Oppo A7, you won’t feel like you are holding a cheap gadget or will also not find any unappreciated part for sure. While you are holding the device, you will feel the back of the phone is made of glass but it’s not actually the case, and the textured that covers the corner are made for an easy grip to your phone.

Long-lasting Battery

The battery is another prominent feature in the Oppo A7 the long battery timing has made it more adorable than that of other phones. Oppo A7 could be the phone you will love to have in your hands in 2018. Oppo A7 offers his users a long battery timing as the battery is 4320mAh that will allow you to play all your favorite things and you can also enjoy without being interrupted by the low battery notifications. Oppo A7 offers an exclusive battery timing that will last for not just hours but for days as well. It is surprisingly an amazing feature as we get habituated of charging are the phone for at least twice a day but this will help you to run your battery for days in just a single charge. A single charge of your phone would be enough to enjoy all stuff you are having in your device.


The camera is the most important factor if you are searching for any smartphone. The things you will very first check in a phone could be the camera first. Oppo A7 bring a camera of 13MP + 2MP rear and 16MP of the front camera which will make your selfies look natural and more adorable.

Release Date and Price

The Oppo A7 was introduced by Oppo back somewhere in September 2018 and officially landed on shelves in November 2018. That means audience worldwide can get their hands on one with immediate effects. The handset is available in Australian markets as well and as far as Oppo A7 Price in Australia is concerned, it caps out at AU$230 which after conversion comes to around €200.

From Plasma to LCD, and LED to touchscreen, the display screen technology has come a long way in the past two decades. Undoubtedly, mainstream companies such as Nokia, Samsung and Apple have contributed a lot towards innovative technologies to enhance the user experience. Not to forget, the invention of active-matrix organic light-emitting diode (AMOLED) displays in 2008 that is acting as the basis for next-gen devices. Building upon this technology, Samsung and LG rolled out their curved-screen smartphones in 2014. This launch has fuelled Samsung’s ambitions to release infold, outfold, rollable and stretchable AMOLED displays. Notably, Apple has patented designs of rollable smartphone which folds like an ancient scroll.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the flexible screen technology, which seems to conquer the future soon.

Flexible Display Technology...


Literally, a flexible display screen is an electronic visual display which is movable in nature. This is a type of OLED that has a flexible plastic substrate on which the electroluminescent organic semiconductor is deposited. Or, in layman’s language, a flexible screen is a display made up of flexible materials like plastic instead of traditional rigid glass. Unlike the prevalent traditional flat-screen displays that are used in the majority of electronic devices, the flexible screens will be bendable.


Better longevity: As these displays will be made out of plastic, they might offer more longevity as compared to the traditional glass.

Lightweight: As it is a known fact that plastic is lighter than glass, flexible display screens will be definitely lighter than the traditional glass displays.

Leaner dimensions: The flexible display screens have the capability to be manufactured in thinner dimensions and different shapes unlike the traditional rectangular screen.

Unbreakable: There might be a possibility to incorporate unbreakable plastic into the flexible display screens.


Inflexibility of circuit board: There are a lot of things going on with a flexible display. There are many different materials – conductors, semiconductors, insulators, substrates – that can be combined into a very thin film.

Less reliable: As there is a flexible plastic substrate on which the electroluminescent organic semiconductor is deposited, there might be incidents of accumulation of screen diodes on the foldable portion of the screen after a long span of wear and tear.



The flexible smartphones by Samsung, including Galaxy X or Galaxy F, will feature two inside panels with the foldable technology and one outside panel. On being unfolded, it will have a 7.3-inch screen. Also, the technology giant plans to roll it out at a cost ranging from $1850 to $2000. Apart from Samsung, Huawei is also rumoured to be launching smartphones with flexible screens in early 2019. Moreover, the company is said to launch these smartphones with flexible screens at a competitive price, thus giving an edge to Samsung.

While a lot of talking has been done about flexible display screens, those with a soft corner for technology can’t wait for long to bend and stretch their smartphones or have a laptop-like experience on their mobile devices!

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