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Why go for Bulk SMS Reseller Packages for your Business?

As nowadays SMS provides the industries with the benefit of making connections with the customers in a better way. But it sometimes becomes very difficult for the business to afford the infrastructure to provide SMS service. Bulk SMS reseller business is designed for such businesses. They are one of the leading SMS gateways to most of the businesses and help them to get profit by providing high-quality SMS to their customers.


They help you to maintain your reseller website with the help of their web server connectivity. They provide you with SMS reseller packages so that you can make the best use of our services. They provide you with effective message units at a wholesale pricing strategy. You can provide SMS to your customers at any price that you like. Additionally, you will also have access to SMS channel support along with marketing resources. They provide a dedicated server as well as a control panel along with trouble less solution for your company. They assure you that you will never face any issue in managing your account.

Features of SMS reseller business

• No worries about the programming of own website: With the help of reseller service you can easily set your website without any trouble. These businesses provide readymade websites and hence help you to set your business in an easy way. It also provides you with an efficient solution to provide quality services to the customers. Additionally, they provide your website branded under the company name and hence the customers face no issues to set up their brand identity.

• A user-friendly web interface: They provide with easy to handle web interface. Hence it creates no problem for the companies to provide quality services to the customers.

• Set your own pricing: reseller service of such companies has been designed in such a way that they provide complete freedom to determine the best rates for their services. The user can set the price as per their preferences and can get the maximum profit margin.

• Provide your customers with SMS API: they also provide the users with SMS API and integration abilities. It enables the users to reach a maximum number of customers with the help of SMS facility automatically.

Hence Bulk SMS Reseller service helps the customers to reach a large number of customers with full potential. They provide them with the fastest communication medium to attract their customers. This facility does not require any setup cost and comes with open-ended lifetime SMS validity. You can visit https://msg91.com/ to get access to this facility. It will provide you with a reseller panel for a bulk of SMS. They also provide you with a fully supported solution that you can customize with your own brand identity. Customers can customize their reseller model according to their needs of the business and can get a transparent view of their business. it is because entire control lies in the hands of the business with the user. Additionally, their pricing strategy also allows them to meet the requirements of the market.

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Hello Mr Businessperson! What if I told you that I could reduce your sick leave by 20%? If we worked really hard maybe even 45% or even 55%?

15.4 million days were lost in the UK during 2017 to 2018 due to mental health alone. That makes up 57% of all work sick leave. Almost half (44%) of those 15.4 million days were due to workload. This data is compiled yearly by the UK’s Health and Safety Executive but is isn’t unique to the UK.

For decades the World Health Organisation has been monitoring death rates and the global trend is terrifying. Suicide is the biggest killer of men from their teenage formative years right into their 50s. Whilst the UK male suicide rate was at its lowest in 2017 (since 1981 when the UK’s Office for National Statistics started) it is still the biggest killer of men from their teens to the time they should get their bus pass. In 2017, 5,821 people ended their own lives. 4,382 (75.3%) of those were male.

The worst part? This isn’t news. It has been this way for decades. While we have all be shocked into action and the fight against medical issues like AIDS, TB and cancer, men have been killing themselves rather than live in a devolved country. A large proportion of this has a relation to work and as we discovered above, 44% is workload itself.

Since the recession of 2009, budgets in all businesses have been tightened. Sometimes processes simplified or corners cut. There are occasions where this isn’t a bad thing but sometimes removing unique services and products alienates your customers and your own staff. Making people redundant and then being surprise there is not enough people to handle your sales or service calls is embarrassing, farcical, damaging and, worryingly, not uncommon. Your customers big and small no longer regard you as a market leader – suddenly your higher prices are no longer ‘worth it’ because your service is now no better than the cheaper competitor. They think they have achieved the savings the business needs but it’s self-destructive and I’ve seen it first hand.

The businesses that have flourished in the last ten years are the ones who took a small pair of pruning shears to the ‘bush’ of their processes, services and staff and not the businesses who took a machete.

Businesses who support their staff see better sales and reliability. Happy staff do more for the business, in and out of work.

Mind, a leading mental health charity in the UK, run their own Workplace Index. Their report from 2017 showed that only 54% of staff, in an array of industries, felt their manager support their wellbeing and mental health.

Simple solutions such as offering occasional one-2-ones help focus your staff and support them. It also allows managements to see where the real issues are – the issues that actually affect your customers and your profits. Mind encourage companies to sign up to their pledge and join the battle. Big industry leaders such as Heineken and JaguarLandRover have been on board for years. Suicide is preventable. A short conversation, an occasional check-in with someone who may be struggling to cope can go a long way, and might even help save a life.

In 2015, I suffered workplace discrimination. I tried to end my own life. It has taken years to recover. It was embarrassing for the management and the brand involved as well as costly due to the legal action that followed. If you want talented staff doing their best and the sales and profits that match, you have to offer the right service to your staff. The alternative is either the staff burnout, which in my example is costly, or the staff go to your competitors.

It’s finally business savvy to care about the wellbeing of your staff.

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