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The Demographic Quotient Often Ignored

Men are usually the silent victims of ignorance about health issues. They are also the pallbearers of society and oft the unsung heroes. Whether be it as their personal choice or the pressure of work, something makes them ignore their own health.


So, it often goes unnoticed that a very important system of their body is getting damaged, until the symptoms or the pain from it is too much to ignore. Yes, the prostate glands in males are often quite not looked after as well they should be by most men.

The onset and symptoms and usual problems

The most common and first symptom which makes own realize the problem of an enlarged prostate is that of frequent urination. Leakage and s trickling pace of urination can also be early signs. An enlarged prostate is due to the formation of a non- cancerous mass at the base of the urine carrying pipe from the kidney to the exit point via the penis. The problem is usually ignored at first because the heaviness of prostate glands is not given much importance. It doesn’t trouble one much until the urination problem changes to incontinence.

In search of remedies

One may first think that a mass out of place must be symptoms of cancer. No, first one doesn’t get affected by cancer, however, there are chances that it may develop into cancer. That is a different issue of treatment altogether. What a normal person will face is an uneasiness due to the enlarged prostate. Now, what may be okay for a man in his younger days, might not be the same for an older male and vice-versa. Hence, the doctor needs to be consulted in the first place and any further decisions are needed to be taken. Once a plan is reached, treatment can be taken up. Usually, medicines may work, however, there will be side effects. Hence, ayurvedic medicines for prostate is often a sought after option.

The dilemma a patient faces

Whether to carry on with an enlarged prostate and the problems it brings along or go ahead and remove the mass with surgery, is what a person faces. He has to really decide about this. Although the consulting doctor is always there to help you with the pro’s and cons of any decision, it remains ultimately the onus of the patient to think, which way to take – that of operation or trying medication or just leaving it as it is.

The cost-effectiveness of any treatment

As highlighted earlier, what is okay for an older man, is not the same for a younger man. The enlargement will occur naturally due to age, but if it is seen in a younger person, it indicates disease. What does one do in that position? Obviously, we need to weigh in all the benefits and problems of any solution and go along with that. Most effective ayurvedic medicine for prostate is a side- effect free and cost – effective one, too, so as to consider.

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