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How to File for Bankruptcy in NY

When faced with financial difficulty, you might consider filing for bankruptcy.


Before filing for it, you must be aware of how to file for bankruptcy in ny. Knowing it is important so that you are confident while adopting the process and for it to go smoothly. There is no need to study different materials. Instead, hire a good attorney to help you understand the process better. The attorney will also initiate the bankruptcy proceedings and see it through. Thus, contacting the attorney is the first step in filing for bankruptcy.

Which Chapter Should You Choose?

Bankruptcy proceedings are dependent on an individual’s financial status and other factors. Different types of proceedings have been provided by the law to help both, the creditors and debtors. An attorney will help you in choosing the right chapter or proceeding and filing for bankruptcy in ny:

• Chapter 7 – It can be filed by businesses or individuals with almost no assets. Unsecured debts are prioritized over secured debts. Non-exempt assets such as a second house, stocks or bonds, etc are liquidated to pay off the debts. If no non-exempt asset is left to repay remaining debts, it is discharged.

• Chapter 11 – These proceedings are exclusively for businesses. The main advantage of this type of proceeding is that it lets the business run without intervening directly in its operations. It helps in the reorganization of business by making a suitable debt repayment plan.

• Chapter 13 – Individuals who do not qualify for chapter 7 have to apply under Chapter 13. The basic difference is that here, the individual earns a significant amount and therefore, their assets are not usually liquidated. Instead, a debt repayment plan is drafted to help them repay their debts.

• Other types of proceedings include Chapter 9 and Chapter 15. Chapter 9 is for municipalities when they are bankrupt. Chapter 15 deals with cross-border cases. Cross-border cases are usually adjudicated in the debtor’s home country.

How Will The Attorney Help In Filing For Bankruptcy?

It is essential to hire the right attorney to help you in filing for bankruptcy in ny. The attorney will help you in understanding the process better and initiate the bankruptcy proceedings. With a good attorney, you can keep your valuable assets safe:

• The attorney will assess your situation quickly and choose the appropriate chapter. Quick action on behalf of the attorney will help you in absolving your debts.

• The attorney will file the petition on your behalf with necessary papers. You might have to qualify the means test and declare your non-exempt property. The attorney will guide you as to the required documents.

• A successful petition has to be submitted to the court for the initiation of proceedings. As soon as it is accepted, wage garnishment and collection efforts from the creditors’ side will be stopped.

• A debt repayment plan, suitable to your needs, will be drafted by the attorney. This has to get the approval of the court and creditors and therefore, the attorney should have good persuasion skills.

File For Bankruptcy With The Right Attorney

Thus, hiring an attorney is the answer to how to file for bankruptcy in ny. An attorney takes care of all the legal matters and sees the process through, completely. Your valuable assets will be safe and it will be ensured that most of the debts are discharged. Depending on the process, you can become debt-free within 5 months.

Professional and the right attorneys can be found on midtownbankruptcy. It is a website that connects you to the best attorney in your vicinity, especially for bankruptcy proceedings. Hire the best attorney to file for bankruptcy. Choose the right chapter, discharge debts and start new financial adventures.

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Topics within this season agendas in telecom include; Blockchain, IoT, 5G, AI, VOIP, digital transformation, telco clouds, process automation, network security, internet infrastructure strategy, telco-as-a-service, data monetization, WISPs, and a lot more. Looking to go to or exhibit at global conventions and trade shows? Here's the list:

Telco Conferences and Events in 2020:

The telecom community does not have any lack of conferences and events. If you love expanding your horizons, interested in telecom and so are keen to travel to some telecom event this year. This blog is for you.

1. GITEX Global 2020

GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition) is an annual consumer computer and electronics show, exhibition, and seminar that takes place in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Event Details:

• Date: 27 SEPT - 1 OCT 2020

• Location: Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai, UAE

Website: https://www.gitex.com/

• Cost: Free & Paid

• Attendees: 100, 000+

• Exhibitors: 4,500+

• Countries: 140+

The GITEX exhibit includes an incredibly specialized audience. The consumer participants include tech enthusiasts, IT professionals, students, and consumers in addition to traders.


In the beginning, the event occupied an in the Dubai World Trade Centre and was launched as GITE in 1981. With the launch of MacWorld at the 1988 show, GITEX (the X had been added by today) now enlarged to two halls of the exhibition center. At present, it has acquired the entire DWTC complex, currently consisting of 10 exhibition halls comprising a million feet of exhibition space.

2. MWC Barcelona 2020

The GSMA MWC series (officially called Mobile World Congress) is the world's most significant exhibition for the cellular industry and incorporates a thought-leadership conference featuring prominent executives representing global cellular operators, device manufacturers, technology suppliers, and vendors.

Event Details:

• Date: 24-27 February 2020

• Location: Fira Gran Via, Barcelona, Spain

• Website: https://www.mwcbarcelona.com/

• Cost: Paid

o Exhibition Pass - €799

o New Topic Pass - €1,699

o Silver Pass - €2,199

o Gold Pass - €2,699

o Platinum Pass - €4,999

• Attendees: N/A

• Exhibitors: Google, Facebook, Huawei, Intel, Lenovo, T-Mobile, Microsoft, Qualcomm, NTT DoCoMo, SAP, MI Nokia, Verizon, Vodafone, IBM, HP, Ericsson, Cisco, MacAfee and more.

• Keynote Speakers:

• Anne Chow, CEO, AT&T Business

• Thomas Kurian, CEO, Google Cloud

• Steve Mollenkopf, CEO, Qualcomm Inc.

• CP Gurnani, CEO and Managing Director, Tech Mahindra

• Pat Gelsinger, CEO, VMware

• And many more.


3. International Wireless Communications Expo

IWCE 2020 is the communications expo that offers lots of chances to expand your expertise and discover technologies in wireless communications.

Event Details:

• Date: March 30 – APRIL 3, 2020

• Location: Las Vegas Convention Center. Las Vegas, NV

• Website: https://www.iwceexpo.com/iwce20/Public/Enter.aspx

• Cost: Free

• Attendees: 6,500+

• Exhibitors: 400 from 57 countries

• Speakers:

• Jeffrey Johnson, CEO (Western Fire Chiefs Association)

• Bryan Wiens, Senior Product Manager, Cloud Services, InterTalk Critical Information Systems

• John Manning, Architect, Public Safety & National Security, Microsoft

• Tony Bardo, Assistant VP, Gov. Solutions, Hughes Network Systems

• And many more.


4. 5G Expo Global 2020

Founded from the enterprise technology seminar series, the 5G event is co-located affair together with Blockchain Expo, the IoT Tech Expo, Big & AI Data Expo, and cyber-security & Cloud Expo.

Event Details:

• Date: 17-18 MARCH 2020

• Venue: Olympia London, UK

• Website: https://5gexpo.net/global/

• Cost: Free

• Attendees: 26,000

• Exhibitors: 950+

• 1500+ Speakers: 56% director level and above

• Participant Organizations: Nokia, Vodafone, O2, Samsung, BBC, BT Sport, Nokia Smart Internet Lab, FC Barcelona, Accenture, Cisco, Toshiba, and more.



5. M3AAWG (48th General Meeting) - 2020

M3AAWG meetings are an exceptional opportunity to go over the most current in anti-abuse, together with professionals in a focused environment of boards and sessions.

Event Details:

• Date: February 17-20, 2020

• Location: Fairmont Hotel, San Francisco, CA

• Website: https://www.m3aawg.org/

• Cost: N/A

• Attendees: 100 – 500 delegates approx.

• Exhibitors: 10 - 50 approx.

• Keynote Speakers:

• Alex Bobotek, M3AAWG Co-Chairman, Mobile, (AT&T Lead of Messaging Anti-Abuse Architecture and Strategy)

• Michael O’Reirdan, M3AAWG Co-Chairman, Malware, (Comcast, Engineering Fellow)

• Suresh Ramasubramanian M3AAWG Member, (IBM, Architect, Antispam and Compliance at IBM's SmartCloud iNotes)

• Kevin Sullivan, M3AAWG Member, (Microsoft, Principal Security Strategist, Microsoft Global Security Strategy and Diplomacy team)

• And many more.



Response from Chinese Manufacturer’s:

Chinese phone manufacturer ZTE canceled its Mobile World Congress press conference due to travel concerns over coronavirus. Just a few hours after, LG announced that it would also be skipping MWC 2020.

GSMA, MWC's organizers, are currently following coronavirus developments closely, and they will put measures as a way to help confine any virus outbreak.

I believe they will take some strict criteria. Considering an example In GITEX 2018, to improve the registration process, identity verification technology from Mitek was used to verify the identities of the more than 100,000 attendees. Which clearly states that they are going to spend a lot more insecurity and measure to avoid mishappening this year.

So Are You Excited To Attend?

Interested in hearing industry leaders discuss subjects and sharing their use cases? There are certainly plenty of telecom events out there organized every year around the world, but it's challenging to find the perfect one!

At trade shows, you have opportunities to adopt new innovative solutions for the organization to talk with exhibitors and learn more about the potential for enterprise technology.

The list and the data are curated and brought to you by the Ideacom of central North Carolina. A nationwide telecommunications company with over 60 years of experience, dedicated to collaborating with companies to manage their core business by improving communications.

Disclaimer: This list is not all-inclusive, and Ideacom or author is not associated with any of the events listed. *Rates subject to change and provided as a courtesy only. No responsibility will be taken for inaccurate rates. The logo belongs to their respective owners, and the pictures taken are modified for use.

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