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An Overview Of PET Scan

PET scan stands for positron emission topography. This signifies an imaging test where a doctor checks for distress in your body. This scan is undertaken via radioactive ulcers. You can inhale or swallow the tracer depending upon the area of the body which is subject to examination. The tissues or organs can go on to absorb this tracer. With the aid of a PET scanner it becomes easy for a doctor to determine on how various tissues and organs are working in your body. In regions of high tracer they will collect as certain portions of human body have higher traces of radioactive substance. During the scan these areas will show up as bright spots. The scan would also be useful to determine oxygen, how the body goes on to use sugar.


As PET scan in Mumbai is an outpatient procedure on the same day you can head back from hospital. Around 2 billion PET scans are performed in the US on an annual basis

The reasons for recommendation of a PET scan?

Normally a doctor might ask you to opt for a PET scan to check out level of sugar, oxygen along with metabolism of tissues or organs. Since problems flare up at a cellular level any complex diseases can be detected. To detect cancer disorders, cancer this type of scan is normally used.


Cancer cells are known to possess a higher metabolism rate in comparison to non-cancer cells. As certain portions have higher levels of chemical activity they could flare up as bright spots in a PET scan. There are some features of a PET scan

• In determining whether the cancer has gone on to spread

• Figure out reoccurrence of cancer

• Understand whether the treatment of cancer is working

The results of the scan have to be interpreted by your doctor as chances do exist where non cancer conditions could look like cancer on a scan. Solid tumours could also fail to be observed in PET scan.

Heart problems

Via a PET scan decrease in blood flow is visible. The reason being a healthy heart is going to take in more of a tracer than an unhealthy tissue that has decreased flow of blood. Varied colours of brightness in the scan will highlight different levels of functioning. This will help a doctor and a patient to decide which the best way to move forward is.

How can you compare a PET scan to other scan types?

A PET scan figures out metabolic changes which take place in a tissue or organ. This really assumes to be important as all diseases take place at a cellular base. At this same level MRI or CT scan cannot reveal much. Any changes in your cell can be detected very early by a PET scan, though changes with MRI or CT scan take a lot of time.

CT scan relies on the use of x ray to detect images whereas MRI relies on the use of magnetic reasoning. When any of the scans is done in consortium with a PET scan it leads to image fusion. A combination of both these scans will go on to develop a three dimensional image that provides more information with a precise diagnosis.

Do you figure out any sort of risks with a PET scan?

Though you may say that PET scan involves radioactive material but the exposure to radioactive stuff is on the lesser side. It has been stated that the radiation is at a smaller level so any risk to your body is lower. Do discuss with your doctor about any possible risks. Whatever risks that can arise, it would be lower if you compare the benefits arising from the same. Mostly the tracer is incorporated with glucose to which a radioactive substance is being attached. This does make it considerably easy for a body to cut off the tracers; this is even if you have an incidence of kidney disease.

The phase of preparation for a PET scan

Even though PET scan cost in Mumbai is on the lower side there are some steps advocated for preparation of this exam. The doctor is going to guide you in a comprehensive manner on how to prepare for this exam. Discuss with them any medications, herbal supplements or even over the counter medicines that you are consuming.

Before a few days of the test you might be asked to refrain from any physical activity. Examples would be any activity like exercise preceding 24 to 48 hours of the test. Before 24 hours of the examination you might be asked to stick to a low carbohydrate low sugar diet. There is certain food or beverages that you need to avoid which are pasta, bread, cereal etc. Though you can consume nuts or fruits before the examination.

Before a few hours of the procedure you might be given anaesthesia. On the morning of the scan do not eat or drink anything. If you need to take medications drink only a few sips of water. In case if you are not availing anaesthesia you might be asked to refrain from eating or drinking anything 6 hours before the surgery. No need to chew gum or any candy at the time of surgery. At the same time as per recommendation of your doctor you might be able to consume water.

When you reach the hospital you might be asked to change over to a metal gown .Any metal gown that is in your body has to be removed as it can interfere with the test results. On the other hand if you are part of a CT scan pacemakers are a strict no.

An honest discussion with your doctor is important if you are pregnant or planning to become. This test could not be safe for your baby. Once you are breastfeeding you might have to pump in milk 24 hours before the scan. After 24 hours of the test you will not be in a position to pump in milk.

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