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About Flu In Early Pregnancy

PREGNANCY is typically divided into three trimester. For the best outcomes, chronic medical conditions should be treated and under good control prior to attempting planning. Smoking cessation and avoiding alcohol or illicit drugs use strongly improve a woman’s changes of having a healthy pregnancy and baby. The amount of weight that an expectant should gain during her pregnancy depends partially also on her pre pregnancy weight. As soon as any woman stops using birth control, she is able to become pregnant.


Some long term hormonal contraceptives may require a period of time for the hormonal effects to wear off. Women who are planning to become pregnant should take folic acid supplements to reduce the likelihood of neural tube defects in the fetes.


All woman should be prepared for and protected themselves from the flu. That’s because when they are expecting, normal changes to heart, lungs and immune system leave more susceptible than usual to viruses than were before. So even if one of those people who usually sails through winter without so much as a sniffle, being pregnant means more likely to get sick with a cold, flu or other illnesses. The flue which most often announces itself with fever and chills, body aches, among other symptoms, can be problematic for expectant women, potentially leading to complications which in terms require hospitalisation. That’s why it’s so important that all expectant moms get the flu shot.


Influenza is more severe and comes on more suddenly than a cold. Intense muscle aches, chills, a sore throat that generally worsens by the second or third day, headaches, general weakness and fatigue, occasionally nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea. Flu and Early Pregnancy more painful than cold sores. Symptoms of the flu generally last 2 weeks, though they can go on for longer.


It’s safe to have the flu shot while pregnant. In fact definitely one should get it. The centres for disease control and prevention recommends that all moms to be get the flu shot to keep safe during flu season. As an added bonus, getting immunized during the last trimester of pregnancy not only protects but it also helps protect baby from the flue for several months after the born. The flu vaccine provides the most protection if it is given before or early on flu season. Though it’s never 100% effective as it protects only against the influenza viruses. They are expected to cause the most problems in a particular time of a year. Still, it greatly increased the chance that escape the season flu free.


Vaccination for influenza is an essential one of pregnancy, as for prenatal, as well as postpartum care because it can result in serious illness, like a higher chance of progressing to pneumonia. In addition to hospitalisation, pregnant women with influenza are at increased risk of intensive. Flu in Early Pregnancy is effective for the baby but is has the medicines to prohibited it. Efficacy of influenza vaccination during pregnancy and recommend for treatment and postexposur chemoprophylaxis.

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