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7 Best Fruits to Eat in Summers

Summers are here in full form and so one has to keep themselves nourished and hydrated to the core. As the sun is having no mercy one should keep themselves cool and should never lose their energy.


Fruits are very much hydrating and they keep one healthy and nourished. Having a fruit on an everyday basis can actually help one a lot to have a healthy lifestyle. Summer do has some special fruits. It one wants to send happy anniversary fruit hampers to someone, then these are the fruits which they can add to the list.


They cool down one and they are low in calorie. They have also high fibre content along with high antioxidant and water content and so they can control the blood pressure level in a human body. They are a good source of potassium, and a good source of vitamin A, C and K. One can have some freshly cut cucumbers any time of the day and they can fill up the stomach well.


They can sure indigestion issues, migraine problems and breathing problems. This is a great fruit which works as an anti-ageing agent. They are low on saturated fat along with sodium and cholesterol. One can dip some frozen grapes in a bowl of yogurt during a hot afternoon and it is a healthy way to keep stomach filled and body hydrated.


They are very good for the bones and they also help in reducing the body weight. They can regulate the nerves and muscles and prevents the cell damage along with cardiovascular diseases. They are a good source of Vitamin A, C and potassium. One can munch on some cold watermelon slices any time of the day or can go for watermelon juice with some ice cubes to stay hydrated.


They can help in curbing all types of cancer and they also protect one from Alzheimer’s. They are good for reducing cholesterol and boosts up the immunity system. They have a lot of fibre which helps to make the indigestion process easier. One can slice an apple and have it with the cereal bowl early in the morning for a heavy breakfast.


They boost immunity, keep the skin wrinkle free and reduce inflammation. They are said to be very good and healthy for a pregnant lady. They have high Vitamin C and good for maintaining proper hormone levels in the body. Raw and cold strawberry with cream is a great dessert option.

Star fruit or Carambola

They can treat eye sores, cures headaches, hangovers and skin rashes that happen from prickly heat. They contain Vitamin C, potassium and copper. One can mix fresh star fruit pieces with mustard oil and salt to make a healthy snack out of it.


They are very good for diabetes, hormonal function and increase the concentration power. They have potassium, vitamin A, manganese and copper and a lot of dietary fibre. One can munch on guava with some chilli powder on it.

For fruit baskets delivery UK for anniversary one can make a proper basket of the all the fruits mentioned above and send.

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