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5 Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas

As an online leader in gift baskets, our selection encompasses a variety of gift baskets suitable for a variety of occasions.

Making your own baby shower gift baskets are just right for those who are on a tight budget. These are versatile items to give to your friend, sister or an acquaintance. You can customize them and make them according to your budget. There are, also, ready-to-buy baby shower gift baskets that come in cheap prizes and will help you combat the stress to making one. For person’s who are DIY lovers, this article should be helpful to you. Handy and customizable, these baby shower gift baskets are the right answer for those who are seeking budget-friendly items or a unique gift basket. For a fact, there are more gift baskets to decide on. It comes in all budgets and tastes. Furthermore, making the basket yourself would answer a low budget. It’s simple and it will certify you that your baby shower gift is unique. Try these gift baskets sold at Online Gifts CANADA.

5 Baby Shower Gift Basket Ideas

1. Baby Aspen Gift Set with Keepsake Basket Five (5) Little Monkeys

The Five (5) Little Monkeys basket is a cute and gender neutral gift basket that all moms will cherish. This basket is just right for a jungle-themed baby shower or baby room. It has a soft velour blanket and a cute eight (8) inch tall plush monkey. This basket is made up of five (5) items that your baby can use. He or she can take pleasure on the plush toy from during six (6) months and more. Also, the soft velour blanket with satin trim will protect the baby to be warm from being an infant.

2. Burt's Bees Baby Better Bathtime Basket

Burt's Bees Baby Better Bathtime Basket can be enjoyed in several colors. It is made both for boys and girls. It is gender neutral and consists of bath time cotton items and other items that your baby can enjoy while taking a bath.

3. Trend Lab Seven (7) Piece Bib & Burp Feeding Basket Gift Set

This basket would be useful for babies. Any mom will like the loads of bibs and burp cloths to enjoy. The items in this basket is perfect for babies from birth up to childhood. It consists of seven (7) products for babies to enjoy.

4. Johnson's Bath Discovery Gift Set For Parents-To-Be

Today, a lot of new moms apply baby skin care products to their babies from its birth. For a fact, bath skin care products are the most advisable for baby and parents. Hence, if you are on a search for the perfect baby shower gift and on a tight budget, the Johnson's Bath Discovery Gift Set For Parents-To-Be should be the correct choice.

5. Aveeno Baby Daily Bath Time Solutions Gift Set

This basket is another choice aside from the Johnson’s gift basket. It is recommended by the pediatricians and formulated to treat the sensitive skins of babies. Inside the basket are four (4) essential skin care products. For a fact, all baby products covered in this basket are made using natural oatmeal. These products are made to moisturize even the most sensitive skin. It is said to be safe for babies experiencing allergies or those with very delicate skin.

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