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The power distribution and power management in Industrial automation

Power distribution and Power management in Industrial automation


Industrial units heavily rely on the efficient flow of electricity for production and management operations to flow smoothly. The power supplied to all the different units differs as per the power availability in the system. The current power distribution system can dismiss the power into different circuits as per the requirement. This system makes sure that every single factor that protects it, is taken into consideration so that the fluctuation of machines can be avoided. Moreover, for a system which has multiple operations, any kind of delay can hamper the process.

This advanced system is used to monitor and track the power consumption and the electricity leakage in the circuit. Owing to these insights, people who are responsible for the machines can operate them in a manner that power consumption can be fully optimised. However, one of the significant factors affecting the uninterrupted power flow can be-

Strategically placed transformers




a host of other electrical equipment

In addition to this technology, smart panels are also there to help you figure out the minutest overload or power shortage in the said system. Hence, when you install the industrial power management system by companies like Schneider Electric India, the business scales exponentially. Some of the benefits that come along with the company are:

Manageability - The entire system can be easily monitored under a single unit. The operations can easily be controlled remotely.

Network management capability - It is a fully feature loaded network management interface. It is a fully feature loaded network management interface. It offers smart management control with the help of Web, Telnet and SNMP.

Current Monitoring - It aggregates the value of current that is drawn per power unit and then makes sure that there is no leakage.

Modular design - It is designed in a way that it fits all the high-tech industrial office spaces. It is an efficient monitoring system that reduces the risks involved and maintenance cost of the machinery due to self-diagnosing and field-replaceable modules.

Protection - The system protects the machinery from any fluctuation. As sudden power deficiency can result in future breakdowns of any machinery or a component.

Safety - The electric power management system prioritises the safety of the machine operator and different components. A system like this makes sure that the main touch points are isolated with a positive locking mechanism. It, therefore, reduces the chances of any accidental disconnection.

Tool less installation of breakers - A company like Schneider Electric India, their machinery can be installed without using any tools or any other equipment.

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