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Complete Guide on How to Choose the Right Motor for Your Project

Right Motor for Your Project

It is improbable that we are surrounded by motors, from DVD players to cameras, to your phone, anywhere we go, cameras surround us. As we have a plethora of options to choose from, it is of no surprise that many of us find it challenging to pick the right motor. It is relatively easy to miss out on specific crucial parameters along the way.

So, to help you out with that we have put together specific guidelines to help you with the selection of the same.

1) Brushed and Brushless DC Motors

These DC motors are electromagnetic devices that basically with the help of magnetic fields and conductors, try to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy for rotation. You can bifurcate them into- Brushed and Brushless, as they are the most common DC motors.

-Brushed DC Motors

They have been around for quite some time now and is said to go back to the 1830s. You can easily locate them anywhere. From toy shops to household appliances, you name it, and it is there. It is one of the most simplest motors to construct and then control, and it is of no surprise that the brushed DC motor still remains as a favourite among all the professionals.

-Brushless DC Motors

Brushless DC motors are mechanically simpler than brushed ones. As commutation is achieved electrically, the sparks and noise of brushed DC motors are eliminated, enabling the current flow to switch silently and therefore allowing the motor to be driven quietly.

2) Servo Motors

If you want precision, then these are your go-to option. The feedback option that is present in a servo motor system, it is capable of sensing the difference between the desired speed and the actual speed. This way, the controller can adjust the output and then correct any drift from the target position. You can further divide servo drives into two parts- rational and continuous rotation.

Some of the servo motors advantages are as follows-

Excellent torque characteristics at high speeds-speed higher than 2000 rpm, they have high torque and are best suited for applications that have high speed and torque applications that involve dynamic load changes.

Variety - They have different sizes and torque ratings.

Inexpensive- They are very light on the pocket. Moreover, servo motors have gears that are made of plastic to keep them light and at the same time, cheap.

Stepper Motors

They are quite different from servo motor, and they move slowly and discretely. But, at the same time, they are valued for their precise position control. They have a myriad of applications like desktop printers, security cameras, and CNC milling machines.

Hence, this was a guide on how to choose the right motor for your own project.

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