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Boost your Career with Masters in Construction Economics Degree

Masters in Construction Economics Degree


The infrastructure and built environment sector hold a significant stake in contributing to the Indian Economy. As this sector continues to push the developments in India, opting for a career in this sector will prove to be a lucrative one. Professionals like quantity surveyors and construction economists play a significant role in managing the finances and managing construction aspects for more cost-effective processes.

Due to this increased demand for such professionals, the attention paid to their education in recent times has increased too. The primary tasks to be done by quantity surveyors is to calculate and raise an estimate based on the client’s requirement. The next step is to prepare an adequate budget for each step of the construction process.

For the students who have done masters in quantity surveying, the work not just ends here. They are required to understand the broader spectrum of managing the entire project. They need to ensure that best possible quality resources to be used during the construction process. Pursuing MBA in this field from renowned institutions like RICS School of Built Environment will be highly beneficial for students for the following reasons:

Best of both worlds

Owing to best in class education, rigorous industrial training, and first-hand exposure provided by RICS SBE, these graduates turn out to become trained industry leaders. Quantity surveyors have the leverage to specialize and work exclusively for contractors or clients. It is a good fit for the people who aspire to have a balance of office-based and on-site work.

High quality of education

RICS School of Built Environment has is the hub of technological advancements and quality education in the field of the built environment. In the quantity surveyor course, students are prepared to have a thorough understanding of the process, technology, and other aspects involved in achieving project success.

Global exposure

The institution pays regards to the global issues prevalent in the built environment sector. They believe that to address these issues, it is essential to experience them first hand. Due to this reason, the institute ensures industrial training by imbibing global knowledge and conducting exchange programs, travelling studios, projects, and internships.

Excellent placement opportunities

RICS SBE provides full support to the students in their placement processes. The placement cell is engaged with over 350 renowned companies, such as Citibank, CWC LLP, Knight Frank, Turner and Townsend, Vedas Consultants, and many others. Moreover, they ensure that the students are trained for interviews before the placement season is initiated.

RICS-accredited degree

RICS SBE is backed by the leading professionals of the built environment industry - Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), UK. The body is known for promoting the highest standards of education in the fields of construction, real estate, and infrastructure. Therefore, an RICS-accredited quantity surveyor degree is a mark of excellence in the eyes of leading employers.

These were just five out of a plethora of reasons why postgraduate quantity surveyor course will yield outstanding professional opportunities for students who graduated from RICS School of Built Environment. It’s time to make the right career choice and step in the best institute.

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