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Better Catering Business with Valuable Insights on Purchasing Catering Equipment

This post describes the valuable Insights must be taken cared while buying the catering equipment for your business or domestic purpose.

The catering business can be really exciting, creative and yet daunting if you know the options out there and challenges posed to the kind of catering you offer to your clients. Some decisions can go seriously wrong over a period of time if you are not careful while making them and purchase of catering equipment is one of them.


To help sort your issues regarding catering equipment, this blogs aims to offer some valuable insight that you can put to good use while deciding when to buy new catering equipment and that too how.

1. Importance of catering equipment

The business you are doing is almost entirely depends on the efficacy of your equipment, not to mention the skill and expertise that go into that. A good result can be expected out of great skills but that would still be mediocre if the equipment is not up to the task. So you must be aware of the condition in which your catering equipment is and work in order to keep them functioning excellently. Ensuring this would mean smooth client service every single time.

2. When to replace any commercial catering/foodservice equipment

Since the cost involvements are high, you need to be absolutely sure on when one of your cooking machines needs a replacement or just a thorough servicing to start working as new. Following tips can help:

• If it is needing servicing a lot, for example from twice a year to every two months

• Inefficient functioning, for example from producing 5 kg of ice, your ice machine is now only giving 2.4 kg or heating more slowly than ever

• Higher utility bills (which could be saved by using life cycle and energy cost calculator for new and old machines)

• Signs of excessive wear and tear, as in hinges, door seals, etc

• When the job of two types of equipment could be combined in one, for example, food steamer and the oven can be replaced by combo-steam oven

3. Equipment Purchase tips

If any equipment fails, it’s a loss, negatively impacting your bottom line. Purchasing it right is the first step to not let that happen (and then keeping it in top condition!). Paying too less or too much are both a potential pitfall, in which you wouldn’t want to fall headlong. Paying less and getting more is just too good to be true, so better would be to stay realistic and make a list of the functionalities you want from the equipment and brands that offer you that and then compare price.

Here are some tips to help you make a better purchase decision:

• Availability of local service backup

• Easily available spare parts

• Warranty/guarantee

• The capacity of the unit (beware of over as well as under capacity)

• Energy stars

• Sticking to your budget (which should be reasonable!)

• Equipment relevant to your specific needs

4. Old or new?

If you are new to the trade you might also have to decide on going for used or new equipment. This also entails several key points, like:

• Buying only gently used ones

• Only branded ones and don’t forget to take the operation manual (just in case!)

• No to used electric equipment since they have more parts to take care of and have higher chances to go bad

• Buy gas cooking equipment with good working condition

• Dent and scratch equipment cost you less and yet are new and good-to-go with

• Better if they are still covered in the warranty

• If the source is the one you could trust, bang on

5. Catering equipment supplier selection

A dependable equipment supplier is something you just need to have; you cannot begin your catering business or even run it successfully if you ignore this. Wondering how to go about making the selection? The tips are just below:

• Experience in the industry

• Range of the products on the offering (and of course their quality)

• Service people (team of gas fitters, shop fitters, electricians, plumbers, etc in addition to dedicated equipment service people)

• Installation and service terms

• Local reputation with the existing clients

6. Price v/s quality assessment

Equipment available in the market can be priced higher, moderately or low, depending on your budget but that is not necessarily a mark of quality. So, how to narrow down your choices by a Price v/s quality assessment? Maybe this can help:

• Focus on measurable quality standards and how well does every brand go with it and your pocket

• Enquire spare parts expense as well, since some brands go easy on first purchase but not so much with the spare parts

• Supplier reliability that we have already talked about above

• Simple to use or complicated (the latter is often expensive without you necessarily needing it)

• Frequency of service needs and availability of free services

• Know the downtime of the equipment (till the time the service expert arrives) (to keep a tab on your losses

7. Care and Maintenance

Catering Equipment needs lots of caring and maintenance for proper use. The simple and best way to get more advantages and hassle-free services for your catering equipment and refrigeration in proper maintenance. Regular maintenance includes proper cleaning, that means everything is working in good working condition. we can care and maintain our catering equipment by following measures:-

• Read the manuals properly.

• Fill the warranty cards.

• Educate and teach the staff for cleaning and cleaning purpose.

Now that most of the insights are laid bare to your eyes, chances of your faltering are next to none while making the right decision to purchase the right catering equipment for your kitchen.

We hope all the success for your catering venture!

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