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2 Tips to Boost Telephone Sales

If you are a business owner, you can pick the phone, introduce yourself and get the sales. But not every business owner or salesperson is comfortable in making the first call to the new lead. The first thought that comes to your mind is going through telephone sales training in such situations.

2 Tips to Boost Telephone Sales

If you are a business owner, you can pick the phone, introduce yourself and get the sales. But not every business owner or salesperson is comfortable in making the first call to the new lead. They might get stuck in repeatedly calling the clients who don't respond. The first thought that comes to your mind is going through telephone sales training in such situations. But you need to go beyond that if you have to taste success:

1-Go for Productive Prospecting

It is the most challenging aspect of increasing sales for a new business who is trying to find its place in a highly competitive environment. But when done over the phone, challenges are more as you are unable to gauge the reaction of the person on the other side. Here are a few things that you may try:

· Speak Persuasively-Effective telemarketers take their own time to hone their phone voice when talking to the leads or the clients. Pay attention to your breath, tone, and articulation while improving your phone voice.

· Know the lead before calling- You must do your homework and conduct a check of the leads before doing calls. To this end, you can check the social media profiles or company websites, etc. The insights gained will help you to make customizations which directly cater to the specific needs of the lead. This personal connection will make it easy for the lead to call you back or responding to the offer.

· Have a Winning Script- It helps! We are programmed to follow lists and processes. You should try to cover all the aspect of product or services engagingly while developing the script.

2-Don't Be Afraid of Cold Calling

Many say that the era of cold-calling is over, and inbound marketing is the way to go. But there are many benefits of outbound marketing. Here are some improvements that you need:

· Develop Listening Skills- It means that you are giving the prospect time to understand what you are pitching for. You need to focus on what the prospect is saying so that you can adapt to the response and engage the customer in actual conversation.

· Be Nice- No one likes to speak to cold callers. Your calls will be handled by the assistants and who receive such calls in large numbers. Make good conversations with secretaries and be nice and courteous while introducing the brand and the services you offer.

· Research Is Key- Learn about the company background whom you are about to call. It helps in taking the personal approach and will provide insights which mean to your clients.

· Create a Sense of Urgency- When you are speaking to a client, talk in terms of their needs, and create a sense of urgency.


In spite of all this, you will need telephone sales training. It will make you confident about speaking to your clients, and you'll offer a solution which is relevant to them.

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