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Top 5 Online Gaming Websites in India

Let’s find out the top 5 online gaming websites to get the best entertainment and fun you have ever got.


Atmegame tops the list of the best online gaming websites in India with its attractive design and an extensive range of free games for boys and girls. Its user-friendly interface and clear presentation of all major game categories on home page are enough to compel many new gamers to try their hands. Gamers get a chance to win many exciting awards every day.

With the availability of more than 5000 games in varied game genres, this responsive and mobile-friendly website has a lot to satisfy your game urges irrespective of your age and gender. Right from a wide array of racing, cricket, adventure, sports to various types of arcade, puzzle, action, fighting and multiplayer – get all to take your game fantasy to a new level.


More than 5000 free games to play. Very addictive games

Fast download and mobile user friendly site

Multiple category games like racing, action, girls, kids, cricket & more....

User can create profile & tag your liked, favorite & recently played games

User can get award while playing and doing other activity.

2. Zapak

Zapak Digital Entertainment Ltd secures the 2nd position in the list of top gaming websites of India. The website continues providing new gaming packages with various lucrative offers, discounts and special prices to players. You as a gamer have a choice between the free and paid version of the stimulating and multi-player games.

This popular India’s gaming website also maintains a strong relationship with several leading gaming brands, including POPCAP, Come2Play, Oberon, Boonty, Play fish and more. The best about the website is they focus on keep their categories updated with the latest games as per the demand and craze of gamers.


Simple and attractive design

Both free and paid versions available

3. Daily Games

Daily Games is another nice internet game portal with a good number of free online games. It is a bit different from other websites available in the country. This beautifully-developed and designed website includes some surprising features that are primarily meant to make gaming experience better.

Enjoy the freedom of buying credit anytime and storing it in your account right on this cool game website! There are several games that could transform your whole gaming experience. Its attractive design and fine game range attracts millions of users every year, which is enough to make it one of the top notch online gaming platforms.


A well-recognized gaming platform

Plenty of games available


With a lot of active users all the time, Free Online Games is another well-recognized website that has gained the immense popularity in the last few years. Visiting this website ensures you to get connected with best online games, which are easy-to-play and feature high-quality graphics, seamless gameplay and awesome audio and video effects.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert – the website has something meaningful and interesting for everyone. Browse through an extensive range of puzzle games, deluxe downloads, multiplayer card and board games, word and trivia games, poker, action as well as arcade games and much more.


Number of games for boys and girls

A fair design


It is known as one of the most engaging social networking gaming websites. With an extensive array of free games to play, Games Online is much capable of inviting all types of game lovers from varied age groups. It is credited with the achievement of connecting over 400 Indian portals together through its largest gaming platform.

The website supports both the platforms – Windows and Android. With the availability of different variety of games, it has a lot to engage and engross its users for hours. Choose from unique types of painting games, action games, card games, fun games, shooting games, puzzle, bubble, platform games and much more.


Connecting over 400 Indian portals

Different Games to engage its users

Final Thoughts:

Today human beings are bounded to live a stressful and hectic life with the pressure of work and daily life. The regular tension and stress lead many of us to the life-threatening diseases. Playing games online in moderate amount can surely help overcome this unwanted pressure by reducing the stress rate to a great extent and encourage us to enjoy our life to the fullest.

All top 5 gaming websites that we have listed above are genuine and helpful to transform even your extremely boring day. Select from any of the available options to have a lot of fun and say good bye to those gloomy hours! Feel free to share your gaming experience with us by giving your precious comments!

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