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Odiyan: Upcoming Supernatural Action Thriller of Mohanlal Gets The Widest Release For a Malayalam Film

One of Malayalam cinema's biggest superstars, Mohanlal, will be seen next in one of the biggest films of his career, Odiyan

One of Malayalam cinema's biggest superstars, Mohanlal, will be seen next in one of the biggest films of his career, Odiyan. The movie has been grabbing headlines ever since it has been announced. From the title to its theme to those captivating promos, Odiyan has caught the fancy of the Malayalam movie viewers and is all set to recreate the same box office magic of Pulimurugan going by the pre-release hype. Can Odiyan turn out to be Mohanlal as well as Malayalam Cinema's highest grossing film?

Well, the makers are doing everything to make sure that this feat is achieved. As per a report in The News Minute, Odiyan is getting about 3000-4000 screens worldwide making it the first Malayalam movie to have the widest release. The exhibitors might be encouraged by the fact that Pulimurugan turned out to be a Rs 100 crore grosser and Odiyan is also made on the same scale. Also, South movies are doing some really good business overseas these days, with some prime recent examples being Tamil films Sarkar, 96 and Telugu film Geeta Govindham. Odiyan will release on December 14. 

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According to the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary, a “zombie” is defined as “someone who moves around as if unconscious and being controlled by someone else”. Another definition according to stories and movie is “a dead person brought back to life without the ability to speak or move easily”.

Now when you see the world around you today can you relate to the above definition? Can you see your own life in action? Can you see how people are rushing around doing their daily chores? You get up in the morning, have breakfast, catch a bus or train, or drive to work. When you come home in the evening, you have your dinner, put up your feet, watch TV and then go to bed.

If you are a housewife with children, you have your own routine for the day. If you are a husband, you have your own routine too. Then if you are a student, you have a different routine. No matter which role you play or what job you do there will be some routine involved.

As one can see, the world is turning us all into zombies. Do you think the educational system we have is helping us to think clearly? If you think so, I am afraid you are wrong. You do not realise that it is, in fact, conditioning us to believe in a particular way. It teaches us what to think, not how to think.

It means that if you have a good memory and regurgitate all the information they want, you will pass the exam. If you do not produce what the establishment expects from you, you fail.

Yes, even if you are a professional with lots of degrees behind your name, it does not mean you cannot be a zombie. In fact, professionals are more likely to be zombies because they are stuck in a groove of their own making. They think bureaucratic control is the way to raise standards This is a false perception. To raise standards in any profession one has to have an ethical approach. It is the only way to instil positive behaviour and attitude in the individual. How else can we develop a sense of responsibility towards our fellow beings? Bureaucracy numbs your mind, makes you insensitive, and thus turns you into a zombie.

This is because we live in a hypnotic world. Our thinking process is hypnotic. We use words and sentences to express our thoughts and feelings to communicate. But we do not realise that these words and phrases directly influence our subconscious mind. So we do not understand that we are hypnotising ourselves.

If you look at the world around you, you will find everything you see or hear is hypnotic. The media including the Newspapers, TV and radio, are all trying to influence you. The computer and mobile phone industry are all hypnotic. They are out there to keep you mesmerised and entertained all day long. They are manipulating you.

In a recent newspaper report (Brisbane, Courier-Mail 21/09/2018), a former Google manager has accused the company of “manipulating human nature”. He said that their No.1 goal was to keep people plugged into its services. He also claimed governments around the world had given the tech industry “a free pass on regulation”.

Is this not a disorder of perception? Whichever media you turn to, you must accept the fact that they are there because you want them there. You want to be informed and entertained. You allow them to exploit yourself.

Surely it is for you to decide when to switch off the TV, the Computer or the Cell Phone if it does not suit you. If you have lost that ability of decision making are you not turning into a zombie?

Again in the same newspaper and same date, there was a report titled “We’re not in control of our career, social life, or meals”. It says one in five of us don’t know what we’ll be cooking most days. One in four said they were not on top of their careers, social lives or running a household. Two-thirds said they would be embarrassed if unexpected guests popped round as their homes are a mess. Half of the people surveyed did not plan ahead, and 40 per cent did not make any inroads on their to-do lists. Two-thirds admitted they regularly have to rewash clothes because they forget to take them out of the machine. And so the survey report goes on.

What a society we are turning into? It seems we are losing the ability to think for ourselves and nobody cares. Of course, the government is happy that you cannot think for yourself. Social welfare is the tool the government uses to make you dependent. Politicians are thus glad buying votes from you. So when people vote, they vote for the type of government they deserve, not what the country deserves.

Mental illness is a disorder of perception. It is increasing in every society in the world today because our perceptions are being distorted continuously. Can we depend on the government to clear up our perceptions? Can we depend on the scientists to clear up our perceptions? If you think the medical profession might help us in this direction, please think again. This profession has a duty to look after the physical and mental health of people. Yet when it comes to mental health, they cannot even clear up their own perceptions. They have their own mental health problems. How can the blind lead the blind?

In the right mind, no doctor should play politics as it is a game of distorting people’s perceptions. To pursue this path is bad for mental health and is unethical behaviour. The medical profession should be independent of politics. They should expose politics. At present all they do is categorise you and prescribe medications for you.

So unless you wake up and think for yourself, can you see that the world is turning you into a zombie? Learn to understand your own mind and how you feel. Gain some insight and self-knowledge, so you know how you operate in your mind. The words you use in your mind have a powerful hypnotic effect. They have a direct impact on your subconscious mind. Learn how to manipulate the subconscious mind to make you feel better.

If you follow someone, no matter how great or wise, you will always be a follower. It is the same thing when you are travelling in a car. If you always occupy the passenger seat and let someone else drive the car, you will never learn to drive. It is only when you take the driver’s seat and start driving yourself that you can learn to become an expert driver.

Awareness dehypnotises you. Read “The Enchanted Time Traveller–A Book of Self-knowledge and the Subconscious Mind” to awaken your mind. Please become aware. Do not turn into a zombie. Visit the website: http://theenchantedtimetraveller.com.au/ 

A great MC will actually make the distinction for a smooth running and interesting conference. For those people who do this routinely, we acknowledge that a lot is at stake in making certain that the organizers of the conference get terrific feedback and sufficient buzz is produced in anticipation of future conferences.


For the record, a lot of these notes likewise apply to those who are charged with hosting Always Days and Awards also, but for now, let's simply concentrate on conferences.

Comprehending the Brief

Method prior to a host steps on phase, there needs to be an understanding of both the style and result of the conference. The majority of conference organizers have particular instructions they wish to take their audience and to be reasonable in some cases brand-new organizers do not comprehend it along with they believe they do. Whether it be a business, scholastic organization or a TEDx organizer. The function of the host is to be warned of their results and recommend how finest they can harmonize those results.

An Emcee Singapore must satisfy or have at least 2 calls or face to face conferences (and a number of e-mail actions) with the organizers prior to the occasion. Among other things, those conferences need to consist of timings, use of media, the anticipated gown code, function of the host and obviously the pronunciation of delegate or speaker names.

The clearness on the function

Having actually been asked to host a variety of conferences I have actually constantly looked for clearness on the function. It is something to reveal speakers and entertainers on a program and an entire other ability to moderate panels. In some cases, Emcee host Singapore are likewise asked to run breakout sessions on our competence or perhaps training a few of the speakers who have actually not had much experience presenting. It is necessary to comprehend if these are what needed in addition to opening the conference, presenting speakers, entertainers and panels and liquidating the conference.

Getting a sense of context

When organizers have actually employed comics or TELEVISION speakers to host conferences I constantly raise a little eyebrow. Not due to the fact that they are bad, to be reasonable most I have actually seen are great, however not getting a sense of the context of the audience. It is something to joke about a market as a whole and another thing to joke at particular members of the conference. Specifically, if they are not in on the joke. Second of all, it hurts to see speakers at conferences who have no concept of the language or culture of the audience to whom they exist. Asking the organizers what you ought to know or what topics or language you must prevent are of vital value.


Among the first thing, I do at a conference is to talk with the group handling AV. I discussed this in my piece about speaking however believe it is similarly essential when being a host. Understanding that the AV group has all the appropriate details prior to hand on music, presentation software, videos or teleprompters is crucial. Not just does it guarantee you have a connection with the group who will make this relocation efficiently however enables you to be innovative in this area if anything unfortunate takes place technically.

Understanding the Programme

The function of the host is to guarantee that the day goes to the schedule. Understanding the program schedule and being versatile sufficient to make changes for state late-running speakers, or overrunning products is why you are employed. It is your task as a host to guarantee that all individuals know their time and the triggers you will utilize to make sure that things are brought online. To make certain that participants know break times and for how long they are. To make sure that cautions are revealed prior to sessions begin once again. To provide instructions for breakout sessions and to handle timings on panels or other multi-person occasions on phase.

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