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TOP brand of children's designer furniture

Who said that design is only for adults? Boosted by parents looking for practical and aesthetic children's furniture, many brands - as confidential as they are demanding - have developed around their taste for innovative, minimalist and contemporary design.

While Scandinavian publishers are naturally over represented, creative brands dedicated to children are emerging in the United States, France, Italy and the Netherlands. In addition to decorative objects, they offer baby and child beds, dressers, shelves, toy chests, wardrobes, tables, chairs and even complete bedrooms.


How to choose your child's furniture?

Do you want to create a baby or junior room? Discover the various criteria on which you lean to develop it.

Define precisely your needs. Bed, changing table, chest of drawers, wardrobe, toy box, chair ... determine your needs carefully and think about how you will use the space. An armchair can for example be practical to give baby bottles in the middle of the night. The changing table can be installed in the room, but can also find its place in the bathroom according to your needs. In short, think before you throw on your credit card.

Choose your cot and child with attention. It is he who will guarantee the serenity of your child's sleep. As much to tell you that this piece of furniture occupies a central place in parental concerns. With or without adjustable bed base? With or without removable bars? Fold able or not? You will find the criteria to choose your baby bed here, and your child bed there. To discover a selection of cots design is here.

Select stable furniture and fix it to the wall. With a child, a catastrophe is quickly arrived. Remember to fix the high furniture to prevent it from rocking, especially in old houses where floors and walls are not always plumb. You can also choose a wall- mounted changing table to save space.

Prefer the furniture with plenty of storage space. The compartments of different sizes optimize your storage by organizing it according to your needs and your habits. On the changing table, the storage will allow you for example to store care products and exchange. In the wardrobe, you can sort under, tights, T-shirts, vests, sweaters. What save time each morning.

Give importance to decoration. The decoration of the nursery is an important element, because it will allow your child to feel good in his space. Choose with your child the key elements on which you know attentive, such as frames, posters, objects or nightlight for example.

Choose non-toxic materials. Fragile, our children need an environment as healthy as possible to evolve serenely. Our furniture unfortunately contains residues more or less toxic, which should be limited. Prefer solid wood furniture and avoid the chipboard that releases formaldehyde. Ask about the products used to make the finishes. Many brands today use non-toxic lacquers or water-based paints. Choose a mattress made of natural material such as organic cotton or bamboo and favor textiles labeled.


Kid's Furniture

Always attentive to the children and their parents, the main objective of the brand is to design furniture with a timeless and contemporary style, simple and of high quality. My deal places a lot of importance on the quality of its products.

This is why the brand manufactures eco-friendly furniture from wood from eco-managed forests: each cut tree is replanted. For contemporary ranges of furniture, my deal chose MDF. The latter has remarkable qualities in terms of rendering: the surface is extremely smooth, and the touch silky.

For timeless and classic ranges, it is a solid wood that is used, noble and authentic material. It gives a lot of charm to the products.

At my deal, the safety of children is paramount! This is why the furniture manufactured by the brand meets the Australian standard NEN in terms of safety. Many quality and safety tests are carried out to guarantee the best for your children. My deal offers a wide range of best kids furniture online, furniture in collections as original and stylish as each other. This furniture is declined in purified colors, sober or alive. The ranges have a good quality of workmanship, and present pretty contemporary lines; a real pleasure for the eyes! Discover without further delay the furniture selection. Find many beds, loft beds, cots, cabinets, chests of drawers, shelves, desks, toy chests, tables, libraries or changing plans.

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