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9 Top Most Benefit Of Portable Exhibition Stand

As we all know that exhibition stands are a great way to get your business out there and get it noticed. If we talk about the exhibition stand design then there are various things that need to be considered such as different styles, colors, pattern, display, etc.

There are endless styles available in the market and they are continually evolving in term of creativity and innovativeness.

However, often when it comes to design exhibition stands the key features can ultimately be their portability and ease of use. 


Portable exhibition stand designs, remain a true classic design and also offer high-level flexibility. 

Here we take a quick look at what makes this exhibition stands such a great option.

1. Great Design

The pop-up exhibition stands are the best choice for marketing purposes, offer you to represent your brand. Various stand builders offer whitespace to design a great range of custom graphics displays perfect for promoting your business.

2. Easy to Store

These kinds of stands can be easily placed in any corner of your house or workplace, meaning you don’t have to worry about looking for any extra storage space in which to house them in between uses.

3. Durable

Portable exhibition stands are designed to be durable and are built from high-quality materials, so you can rest assured that they will be both strong and long-lasting.

4. Save Money For Long Run

Limited budget is a common problem for small and medium-sized business owners. Modular exhibition stands to help your company save a lot of money on installation and dismantle costs. 

Further, you will not have to face any hassles while transporting them. You can utilize this saved money in your budget for some other important functions.

5. Highly Versatile

Don’t let the small size of portable displays fool you. These durable, flexible and cost-effective portable displays cannot only convey your brand image but can also communicate your brand message with stellar graphic design effectively. 

They can be used at job fairs and executive seminars, conferences, corporate meetings, and product launches.

6. Reasonable

They are less expensive than custom exhibits. While a large custom trade show exhibit can cost anywhere from $25,000 to $50,000 depending on the basis of design and configuration, a portable trade show display will not burn a hole in your pocket. This shows that they are really cost-effective.

7. Can Be Easily Transported

The transportation costs are dependent on various factors. Amongst all, one of the most influential factors is the size of your exhibit. 

No matter if it’s a freight company or a courier service, the cost of transporting large structures is always high. 

Portable displays can be easily transported at a comparatively low price. You can eliminate the transportation cost by carrying it in your own vehicle.

8. Good For Small Booth

If you know that there will be less number of employees on the booth – a large exhibit might look like a bit odd, so go for a small booth. 

Also, if space is large, it will become difficult for the employees to attend to all visitors. Portable displays can help end such issues. Their compact size is perfect for small booths.

9. Easy Access

Perhaps the most obvious reason why companies opt for open exhibition stand designs is the ease of access, which makes them more attractive for attendees. 

While a stand that is only open on one side may cause a queue to form, or result in people’s view of certain parts of the display is blocked, open designs are accessible from all sides.

This means that visitors are able to walk through the display and look at the products or displays in their own time. 

Of course, some of the key challenges to this type of stand design include having enough staff and making sure those you have been attentive enough to cross from one side of the display to another to meet the needs of visitors.


Portable trade show displays are also typically a lot lighter than custom exhibits. They also offer you the flexibility to adapt your display from one show to another quickly and easily. 

Their installation saves a lot of time, thereby allowing you to focus on other important tasks that need to be completed prior to when the show begins.

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