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5 Enticing Ideas For Signage At Custom Exhibition Stands

The growth and development in the recent times has introduced advancements in the printing technologies as all the printing, graphics and the exhibition signage on custom exhibition stands procedures are nowadays being done by the use of advanced hardware and software.

Through the use of these advanced tools of printing, there are several ways in which the bespoke exhibition stand signage can be made unique and impact creating.


Not only that advancements have brought about changes in the production of printings but also helped reduce the cost of printing as well, which eventually brought down the marketing and advertising expenditure of the businesses.

The Need for Exhibition Stands

With the increasing demand for exhibitions in UK, the designs of custom exhibitions stands have changed drastically from traditional to contemporary.

The need of exhibition stand is big in today’s time as many firms rely on these to promote their offering, since these are usually the cheapest way to represent a firm, market its brand and grab the attention of a large number of audience at the same time without the need of going to different regions and areas.

Since exhibition stands are of great importance but unfortunately some firms that go for incurring fewer costs or expenses are let down by the stand they use for marketing their product or service.

Below are some useful tips that can be employed to make the exhibitions standing out from all others:

Pull-up Banner Stands

These pull-up banners come in various sizes to match your specific marketing needs. Custom exhibition stands UK of different quality can be obtained in accordance with your specific need and marketing budget.

They are mostly of portrait orientation which makes them cover very little space around your stand.


Apart from the space point of view they offer an attractive medium and pattern of a display at an exhibition to attract the visitors and present any information to them in a professional manner.

You can also opt to use these stands again if you want, at some other exhibition or at an industrial show. You can even use the stand other than the shows in front of the reception desk or at the entrance of your office building.

Just to fill up any empty looking space at the office or in any corner near the entrance, these pull-up banners can be made use of very efficiently. 

They can be of such a convenience that their graphics can be altered without any need to purchase a new one; hence they are a profitable investment.

Drop down Banners

You may have come across numerous banners of different sizes and shapes usually of long dimensions hanging vertically from the high ceiling of the exhibition hall. 

This is a perfect manner in which you can broadcast your brand’s presence in the hall within tons of other exhibition stands.

The visitors are able to get easily navigated to your stand with the help of these drop-down banners. Due to their large size, they can accommodate textual content of any font size and shape.

Although they may be of huge size but are economical to be produced due to the cheaper methods of printing technology. 

Even if they have a relatively high price, they offer more value because of the long term business prospects after spending a higher price in the short term.


Light Boxes

They are a very attractive source of catching the attention of wandering visitors. They are not only catchy but also very informative. It is fairly very easy nowadays to produce high-quality images on the backlit banners, with sharp bright colors.

They offer freedom of size and shape as they can be built to suit the needs of a specific event or stand. They are guaranteed to attract a lot of visitors and offer a great return on the expenditure incurred.

3D Signage

Signages can now be made of a 3D construction due to a major breakthrough in the printing processes. 3D signs and logos can be obtained with ease and at a very low cost. 

Usually, different shapes can be cut out and also can be molded into the logos and signs of the required shape.

This is a very economical way of disguising your logo from the rest of the crowd through your bespoke exhibition. 

These 3D signs can be of great value as they can be used behind or at the front of your reception desk to create a strong impression of your company after you are done with the exhibition.

Vinyl Cut Signage

One of the most popular ways to display your company name and brand logos is the Vinyl cut. Vinyl signage is mostly used at the front of shops. 

It has a great finish with quality and durability lasting up to years if it is correctly applied. It also provides a cheap and easy solution to present the official logo of your company.

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