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Instagram Down: Users report app is CRASHING when they try to open it

The Instagram app appears to be suffering an outage, with users in the US reporting that the Instagram Down when they try to open it on their smartphones.

Instagram down


As of 09:57 EDT (14:57 BST) according to DownDetector.com website, which controls internet outages, the internet photo-sharing and social networking service has had problems.

The outage map of the site demonstrates that the issue mostly affects customers on the United States ' East and West Coasts.

Instagram down locations

These are some of the comments given by peoples when they tried to use Instagram. Instagram down is bad as it is the major source of consuming infographic content. It has become one of the most used apps in youth.

"I click on the app and it would show my feed but a few seconds after it goes black and it crashes," one user wrote on the DownDetector forum.

 "Same, I'm trying to text a friend but it keeps crashing as soon as I open it," another user replied.

"I am not able to even open the app. It allows me to click on it and then the screen goes black," another wrote.

Many Instagram users took to Twitter to share videos of their apps crashing.

The issue coincides with a bizarre Facebook glitch that has resulted in the 'Status Update' box disappearing from users' news feeds, leaving them unable to post comments, photos or videos.

Facebook, which owns Instagram, has not yet commented on the cause of the problems.

What to do When you face this Instagram down Problem

The best way to cope with an issue is often to prevent it from occurring first. Fortunately, there are many methods to avoid the crashing of Instagram.

Clear some space

 phones are usually less effective, and when they run out of memory they cause many issues.

The reason for Instagram down can be a lack of memory so checking out how much room you have is a good starting point.

If you run low then deleting any ancient photos, songs and applications that you no longer need would be a good idea.

Be ruthless and profit your phone!

Instagram down


Updating the app

Go on your phone's app store to see whether there is an update you haven't downloaded yet as this can potentially solve the problem. Updates often deal with the bugs of older versions.

Delete and reinstall 

The removal and reinstallation of your Instagram app can often have the required impact. 

By going into your app and uninstalling it, or holding it down and putting it in the bin icon that appears, you can completely delete the app. These Methods can prevent Instagram down.

Reset your device

You can reset your phone, whether it's Android, iPhone or iPad if everything else fails.

 It's essential to remember, however, that this means you're going to lose your applications and data, but you can back up or back up your computer.

 Crosses of fingers that will make the trick!

Source: Mirror

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